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Career Planning for Five Years


As frightening as it may appear, career planning five years in the future allows me to match my dreams with realistic goals for job success. Because I have a clear plan for my professional future, I am better able to seize any new possibilities that come my way.

Career Objectives

I intend to secure employment as a university lecturer within five years of earning my PhD in economics from a Canadian university. As a result, I’m going to add two columns to the career document.

Potential Goals Skills, strengths and experiences related to work
Ø Work way up the corporate ladder.

Ø Accomplish a goal.

Ø Attend a conference as a presenter.

Ø Organize a group effort.

Ø Public speaking.

Ø Empathy.

Ø Last quarter, I was chosen to participate in a small group project.

Ø Business management and health administration classes.

To accomplish my objective of lecturing, I will update my resume with applicable credentials and apply for open positions in business management and health administration. As is the case with many others, my first year of teaching will be focused on a single objective: survival. Although I was skeptical of what I had gotten myself into, it will enable me to meet so many incredible students who will motivate me. And it will be discovered that I have an unnatural affinity for strategic planning, which will motivate me to stick around sufficiently to make it to the middle lecture and actually accomplish something worthwhile. With scant awareness of the operations of a school outside of my department, I will set out to learn more by collaborating on a range of projects with a range of colleagues. Recognizing that teaching and learning were my passions, I intend to spend considerable time pushing the others of my department to experiment with any weird new ideas I discover or create.

Current Lecture Payment in Canada

Given the present payment for a lecture, obtaining the job will drive me to continue building my firm. This is accomplished by hiring a specialist capable of effectively managing my company’s data, allowing me to see how the business is performing. Working as a lecturer in Vancouver will benefit me. This is because Vancouver is a great location for international students, with a low cost of living and a diverse cultural landscape. The country is characterized by breathtaking natural scenery and an abundance of outdoor recreation such as skiing, hiking, and canoeing.

Promotional Opportunities for Career Growth

There are a number of diverse positions within the area of education that are separate from the traditional classroom teaching. Among them are reading, STEAM, and curriculum specialists, as well as educational assistance specialists. A specialized position exists to help both teachers and pupils, regardless of the exact responsibilities assigned to the post. For me, the promotion opportunity I’m pursuing is in the area of literacy and trauma: Educator of the literate – Literacy specialist certification, which provides educators with an in-depth study of literacy teaching, learning, and leadership, allows me to examine literacy challenges pertaining to elementary, middle, and college students. Literacy specialists, in many situations, focus on helping students who are having difficulty reading. Practicing trauma-informed care– Trauma-informed leadership is a focus area that aims to train teachers who are knowledgeable about how trauma affects students’ learning and behavior, as well as the proper interactions and reactions to students who have been affected by trauma. As a bonus, my department’s head of department invites qualified employees to apply for promotion to the post they’re applying for. After my second year of service, I plan to apply for a post in research and scholarship. Because I’ve met the requirements, I’m interested in these two positions. It is important to me that college administrators understand how research and academic activities may help them run and manage their institutions. Using the inaugural session titled “creating a research ethos” in collaboration with QAA representatives, I will urge participants to integrate institutional goals and governmental policies with plans for research and scholarship. Aims for the university’s research and scholarship will be defined in my third year of service, following the workshops in which many stated their future goals for seeking for financing, building research networks/collaborations or communicating the findings of their previous study.


I am aiming to do the following in my five yours in Canada:

Goals Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Financial Pay off the Company and School loan Buy more stock for my company Increase monthly savings
Career Junior Team manager Team Manager Senior Project Manager Regional Project Manage
Professional development Certified Associate in business management and health administration Business management and health administration Professional Certification
Travel Asia Australia
Education Graduate with PHD in Economics Add certification of research and scholarship Add certification

In the Vancouver area, the annual salary for a Lecturer is CA$69,805. Our proprietary Total Pay Estimate algorithm, which is based on data obtained directly from employees, yielded this median salary estimate. The average yearly salary is $69,805 in Canada (Banerjee et al., 2021). There is no yearly raise in salary. Cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing are all possible sources of additional compensation. Values within the “Most Likely Range” of all available salary data for this role are represented by the phrase “Most Likely”.

It is also 1.15 times more expensive to live in British Columbia than the national average. The cost of living in British Columbia was ranked third. This means that the average British Columbian’s take-home pay after taxes is $3067-, or 1.7-months’ worth of spending (Banerjee et al., 2021).

Cost of living                                One person                                Family of 4
Total with rent $1841 $4275
Without rent $732 $2291
Rent & Utilities $1109 $1984
Food $514 $1336
Transport $93.5 $245
Monthly salary after tax $3067

The drawbacks of working in the area include the fact that my annual compensation is not increased. One of the advantages I will appreciate is the pleasant working atmosphere, but it’s also important to evaluate the workplace’s conditions.

Cost of Carrying my business

A business’ costs include, but are not limited to: labor costs (including wages of directors or officials), rent, interest on borrowed capital, inflation, selling costs, credit loss costs, and the cost of all licenses, taxes, and advertising. Forms 1040 and 1120S are two examples. Schedule K-1 of Form 1120. Wage verification Gross Earnings Carrying a company’s expenses (including depreciation) (Form, 2019). For the purposes of calculating an applicant’s net income, depreciation and salary obtained from the corporation are included. Because of the aforementioned factors, conducting business in the Philippines while based in Canada will be prohibitively expensive for me.

Canada’s Cost of Education in Indian Rupees

The table below summarizes the financial requirements for studying in Canada. These are estimated expenditures; the actual cost of studying in Canada will vary according to the university/college and lifestyle I choose.

Expense Type Cost (INR)
IELTS/ TOEFL (One time) 14,700
Purchase of GIC (One time) 5,59,103
Tuition fees (Total fees) 10,00,000- 35,00,000
Application Fee (One time) 11,000
Application for Study Permit (One time) 8,000
Visa Procedure (One time) 4,500
Flight Tickets (One way) 1,00,000
Living expenses (yearly) 5,00,000
Health insurance (yearly) 50,000

As a result, I’ll have to put in more time learning than working on my business, because the money I spend on studying is more. As a CEO in my organization, I’ll then appoint people to assist me while I’m in session. Also, I’ll manage my calendar so that, say, a company meeting, which is scheduled for the evening, does not conflict with my study time.

Recommendation and Conclusion

In contrast to personality, which is a fixed set of features, behaviour is an expression of those characteristics in varied contexts and situations. I am able to change my personality qualities, despite the fact that they tend to remain the same. My personality, for example, isn’t particularly career-oriented. This might show up in the way I interact with the people around me at work. As a result, I’m able to adapt my behaviour to better fit the needs of my teams since I’m more content. When I modify my behaviour, my personality can change as well as my relationships with others.

Harmony in the workplace promotes a more pleasant working environment. It’s critical to innovation, teamwork, and employee satisfaction. Seven times more likely to be fully committed to their work if they had a best buddy in the workplace. As a start, it isn’t always simple to pull off. Colleague friction is a significant cost in the workplace. For a secondary reason, this is because every company has a diverse workforce. The company’s success is fueled by the unique perspectives of its employees.

In addition, mistakes made by my employees can cost my business money. It can waste valuable time and result in a slew of errors that could have been avoided. In the end, this hurts the bottom line of the company. It is estimated that a terrible hire costs a corporation 30 percent of the person’s yearly salary to replace that employee. Because of this, a terrible hiring can be rehabilitated by behavioral modification. Employees can be steered in the proper way through a change in attitude, behavior, and output.

Individuals and social groups benefit from multiple processes that coexisting over time to create a better match between their qualities and the environment, resulting in less stress and increased pleasure, retention, and productivity. Many new employees, for example, have hopes and expectations that they will fit in and do well in their new roles. Workplaces, on the other hand, impose their own unique requirements, and employees’ goals, expectations, and aspirations may be met or thwarted in unexpected ways. However, in some companies, excessive time demands, lack of control over work, and workplace bullying behavior all contribute to higher job stress for employees.


Banerjee, A., McGregor, M., Ponder, S., & Longhurst, A. (2021). Long-Term Care Facility Workers’ Perceptions of the Impact of Subcontracting on their Conditions of Work and the Quality of Care: A Qualitative Study in British Columbia. Canadian Journal on Aging/La Revue canadienne du vieillissement, 1-9.

Form, I. I. (2019). Instructions for Form 8949.


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