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Canada’s Immigration Policies and Economic Utility

For this analysis, topic 6 of Harald Bauder’s book, “Economic Utility”, was chosen as the foundation. In this chapter, Bauder (2011) explores the relationship between Canadian immigration policies and economic development. The author contends that economic factors are the primary material interest and driving force behind Canada’s immigration laws and that public and media discussions reflect this relationship. The author looks at the economic side of the media argument over Canadian immigration reform, paying close attention to the political and financial backdrop of the discussion. He also details how the media portrays immigration as having economic benefits and how journalistic practice in this area is dialectical.

Various news stories have addressed this topic over the years. Firstly, a 2019 story by Reuters titled “Canada’s immigration policies boost economic growth, report finds” is one of the news stories basing its focus on the selected chapter of Bauder’s book. ( Reuters is a news and media organization that delivers the information, financial market data, research, and analytics through newspapers, television networks, and online media outlets. It has a huge staff of journalists and correspondents worldwide and is renowned for its objective and impartial reporting. It is well regarded in the media sector for its excellent reporting and editing standards and has received numerous journalism honours.

Canada’s policies on immigration are designed to stimulate economic development and growth by attracting highly skilled and educated immigrants who contribute to the economy through innovation and job creation (Bauder, 2011). According to the Reuters article, immigration policies have contributed to Canada’s economic growth by helping to address labor market shortages and increase the number of workers in the country. It further suggests that Canada should continue to attract and retain highly skilled immigrants to support economic growth (Reuters, 2019). The news report emphasizes, in general, a major point addressed in the chapter on how immigration laws might benefit economic growth.

Secondly, The Guardian examines the role of Canada’s immigration policies in weathering the global economic downturn in their 2015 news story titled “Canada’s immigration policies praised for boosting economic growth”. ( The Guardian is a British daily newspaper known for its progressive and liberal stance and activism in social and political sectors. It is also known for its investigative journalism and has won several prestigious awards for its reporting. The newspaper provides both a print edition in the UK and a digital edition that is available everywhere.

During the recession, Canada continued to attract highly skilled and educated immigrants who could contribute to the economy through innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation. They also helped to fill labor shortages in critical sectors of the economy, increasing productivity and competitiveness (Bauder, 2011). The Guardian (2015) notes that Canada’s immigration policies have helped the country avoid some of the economic challenges faced by other countries during the global economic downturn, as immigration has helped to maintain economic growth and address labor market shortages. The article also provides statistics from Statistics Canada that show how immigrants’ economic contributions to the nation have grown over time, highlighting how crucial immigration is to Canada’s economic development and progress.

Finally, a story by CBC News in 2018 titled “Canada’s immigration policies under scrutiny as economic concerns rise” gives a differing opinion on the effect of immigration policies on the economy. ( CBC News is the news division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It provides news and coverage on various topics, including politics, business, health, science, technology, arts, and sports, both within Canada and internationally. on platforms such as television, radio, and online.

While Canada’s immigration policies are designed to boost economic growth, they have also raised some economic concerns. Some critics argue that immigrants not selected under economic considerations underperform the economy and burden the country’s welfare system (Bauder, 2011). The story by CBC News highlights the debate around the economic benefits and costs of immigration. It argues that the influx of low-skilled immigrants is putting pressure on Canada’s welfare system and depressing wages for Canadian workers (CBC News, 2018). The article also mentions that some contend that because family members might need to gain the requisite skills to contribute to the economy, an emphasis on family reunification may only sometimes result in economic advantages. These worries support the idea that if immigration laws are not carefully handled, they could have a detrimental effect on the economy.

In conclusion, there are numerous components to the relationship between Canadian immigration laws and economic growth. Economic factors significantly influence Canada’s immigration laws, as portrayed in chapter 6 of Harald Bauder’s book “Immigration Dialectic: Imagining Community, Economy, and Nation.” This relationship is further demonstrated by the news articles highlighted in this discussion, where the media analyzes the economic implications of Canadian immigration laws and how they affect the nation’s economic growth and development. Ultimately, Canada’s immigration policies have significantly contributed to the nation’s economic growth and easing of labor market shortages, highlighting the significance of a carefully designed and effectively implemented immigration policy in fostering economic progress.

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