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Business Management – Smart Wing

Smart Wing is a private company established in 2021. The company offers printing services, including t-shirts, home appliances, and different office equipment. It is based on a partnership and aimed to provide first-class printing solutions to its clients. Besides, the company offers its clients several printing selections and pricing packages to help it tailor, print, and sell its products at a good profit. Currently, the company has seven employees who help run its operations.

Like other companies around the world, Smart Wing Company experiences challenges that affect its operations. However, one of the most significant challenges faced in monitoring performances. Usually, it is essential to utilize the best performance indicators that offer an organization an intuition on its performance. In line with the study by Sahasrabudhe et al. (2019), Smart Wing Company lacks the expertise to devise a key performance indicator, avoid significant pitfalls, and how best t communicate metrics that lead to the generation of informed decisions. The company typically depends on simple finance indicators that clog up the corporate reporting channels.

Decision-making is the generation of selections by recognizing a verdict, gathering information, and assessing the possible alternate resolutions to a problem. There are critical stages in decision-making, and utilizing a systematic process might help an individual make more thoughtful, considerate decisions by unifying pertinent information and defining another possibility. The first stage is always to identify the problem. Before making a decision, it is always important to clearly understand the nature of the decision. After identifying the problem, the gathering of relevant information should be conducted. This entails collecting some pertinent information that might help solve the problem. The stage involves both the interior and exterior errands. The third stage is to identify possible alternatives. In data collection, one will always encounter several possible paths of action that might offer the best decision.

The fourth stage is to weigh the evidence available. This entails identifying whether the need established in the first step can be attained or resolved by using each alternative. Laird et al. (2018) argue that individuals must draw on their statistics and sentiments to envisage what it might be if they conducted each choice till the end. After this, the next stage is to select among alternatives. Once the individuals have considered all the signal, they should then select the best option to address the issue of concern. One can, however, select more than one alternative. After selecting other options, taking action is the next critical stage in the decision-making progression. This entails implementing the chosen alternative. Finally, the last step is to review the decision and its consequences. It involves considering the outcomes of the decisions and evaluating whether it has resolved the need or not. One can repeat the process if the decision chosen has not addressed the need identified.

We expect the intelligent wing company to develop into an international company for ten years, with an accumulated net worth. The company might even opt to partner with different sports clubs in the printing of their sportswear and also sponsor some local teams. This can only be achieved through addressing the issue of performance monitoring. Some of the solutions to the problem include maintaining a balanced approach and automation of operations.


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Sahasrabudhe, M., Panwar, M., & Chaudhari, S. (2019, September). Application performance monitoring and prediction. In 2013 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Computing and Control (ISPCC) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.


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