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Assessing and Analyzing Personality


Personality refers to the unique behaviors and traits that have a pattern in an individual and distinguish them from others. They are behaviors that other people notice in us when they interact and communicate with us (Anglim et al., 2020). Personality plays a significant role in the daily life of an individual. In addition, personality can be influenced by experiences, individual goals, and educational backgrounds (Roberts & Yoon, 2022). The Indigo TriMetrix DNA assessment tool helps individuals be aware of their skills, behaviors, and motivators that play a vital role in their personal and professional lives. This essay examines my DISC style, skill, driving forces, and motivators and their impacts on my personal and professional development. It also examines their impacts on my aspiring career, the traits of my success, and an action plan on how I will improve my weakest personality.


  • DISC Style

According to my Indigo TriMetrix DNA assessment, my DISC style includes, Steadiness- High (64%), Dominance- High (53%), influencing factor- High (52%), and my compliance at-Low (45%). My assessment suggests that the steadiness style being the highest means that I am loyal, patient, and understanding. These characteristics depict an individual who values interactions and bonds with others. I have always been a loyal person who is committed and faithful to my peers, friends, and family members. I am always there for them; they can count on me anytime. As a patient person, I am always composed and relaxed, specifically in frustrating circumstances. A patient person can identify and understand that there are things that are beyond our control, and that mindset allows them to navigate life easily. In addition, an understanding person is kindhearted and empathetic. I view things with an open mind and always avoid criticizing and judging people. I try to be there for people I care about emotionally and physically as much as possible.

  • Skills

The results state that my top three skills are mentoring and coaching, conceptual thinking, and decision-making.

Mentoring and coaching: I have worked as a teacher for two years and was a mentor and coach to most students. I was responsible for preparing and teaching lessons, setting the assessments, and marking students’ work. Basically, it meant that I spent most of the hours with these students. My mentoring and coaching skills helped me to inspire them to be more confident and always speak up for themselves. I was able to give the weak students a chance for enhancement and positively reinforce them when they improve (Hussey & Campbell-Meier, 2021). Additionally, with my coaching skills, I was able to teach them always to view their mistakes as learning opportunities.

Conceptual thinking: As an administrative assistant, one of my responsibilities was to provide numerous management services for delivering seamless operations and achieving the company’s goals. As a conceptual thinker, I could identify patterns in the organization and use them to provide management services that had an important impact on the company’s goals and objectives. I could also easily understand a situation by identifying connections and finding a solution to them. In addition, as a person who monitored and controlled inventory and handled logistics, as a conceptual thinker, I could observe and analyze data to develop new strategies.

Working as a teacher, decision-making was a significant skill that helped me in those two years. Students need guidance, and sometimes, you have to make decisions for them as a teacher. My decision-making skills helped me to analyze the current situation, gauge the impacts of the decisions and make informed decisions that will benefit all students. I was able to solve problems that occurred among students when they could not find a solution. In addition, students are sensitive people; decision decision-making skills allowed me to ask necessary questions, gather more information,

  • Driving forces and motivators

They refer to both the internal and external factors that encourage and stimulate people to perform actions, change or maintain certain conducts. The TriMetrix assessment suggests that my driving forces and motivators are Altruistic, commanding, objective, and receptive.

As an altruistic person, I care about the happiness of other people, and that drives me to do my work perfectly. As a teacher, it is essential to prioritize the needs of students by being empathetic and compassionate towards them. During my teaching years, I went out of my way and encouraged them to be better people and to help the community. Being altruistic helped me to communicate with my parents simultaneously. In addition, students can be stubborn; as a commanding person, it helped me to take charge, provide order and guide them effectively. I was also able to distribute tasks to them and supervise them.

I have worked as a human resource officer for one year. I was responsible for promoting equality and diversity as part of the company’s culture. Being an objective person helped me to view situations with fairness. I made decisions after doing my research to ensure that the decision was not biased. I was also responsible for liaising with various individuals involved in policy areas. Being objective allowed me to know the difference between facts and my opinions when making decisions concerning policies that must be implemented and followed.

Additionally, one of my duty as a human resource officer was to assist in recruiting staff and developing job descriptions. As a receptive individual, I was open-minded to recruiting staff members with different ideas and perspectives. I created a work environment that encouraged collaboration and teamwork.


Awareness of my Indigo assessment results will guide my future personal and professional life and work performances. My driving forces and motivators have allowed me to understand my values, strengths, beliefs, and weaknesses. By knowing them, I can address my weaknesses and improve on them to improve my life. Self-awareness will help me to make effective decisions and be accountable for my actions in different circumstances. I am now able to adapt quickly by being able to recognize my reactions and patterns. It will help to develop my confidence and authenticity. By understanding my skills and driving forces, I can confidently align what I do with my true self. In addition, self-awareness will help me pay more attention to my top three skills and work on improving them for better results.

  • The Things I will do differently and the ones to improve upon

I want to change my approach to solving problems and conflict management. Usually, I like to be innovative when it comes to my approach to solving problems. In addition, I could improve at conflict management, and it is something I am willing to do differently. I will improve upon my Resiliency and interpersonal skills.

My two strongest personalities are open-mindedness and empathy. I love working and learning in a peaceful environment. As an empathetic person, I am a good listener and can provide emotional support when needed. In workplaces, I can build strong bonds with my workmates through trust and being there for them. Being open-minded has helped me to view the world differently. It has worked as an advantage in workplaces because I am able to take new ideas and perspectives from others into consideration. However, the weakest area of my personality is being unsystematic.


In the future, I aspire to be a senior human resource/ Administrative officer with a well-established and reputed organization. My roles will be talent acquisition, engaging with employees, policy development, employee training, and dealing with compensations (Amrutha & Geetha, 2020). As a patient, receptive and assertive personality, a senior human resource officer will help me to build solid connections with staff and stakeholders. Patience will enable me to listen and understand each employee’s needs with empathy. These traits will enable me to communicate effectively as an HR. My receptive trait will enable me to view situations from different perspectives before making informed decisions when it comes to strategic planning. In addition, my traits will allow me to be patient during employee training, guide them, and support them where necessary.

  • The traits likely to be the key to my success

I believe open-mindedness and patients are traits likely to be the key to my success. This is because, being an open-minded person, I am open to listening and considering other people’s perspectives and ideas. I will be actively researching to challenge my opinions to enhance my professional growth and be inclusive. Patients will enable me to be willing to learn new skills in the office and build strong relationships, which includes networking and earning trust from my colleagues. In addition, patience will enable me to adapt quickly in the workplace.

  • Traits I will work on and how I will do so

I will work on my Resiliency and problem-solving traits. I will work on my resilience by getting connected with friends, professionals, and colleagues that can guide and support me. I will try and learn from experience, be hopeful, and value each day. For problem-solving, I will


 An action plan

  • I will identify and analyze my resilience and problem-solving traits: The best way to solve a problem is by identifying the problem (Wright et al., 2019). I will review the circumstances that made me realize I am not good at problem-solving and being resilient.
  • I will identify the root causes: After identifying the problem, I will figure out what is causing my poor problem-solving trait. In addition, I will find multiple solutions that can help me be good at Resiliency and problem-solving.
  • I will look for different viewpoints: I will connect and interact with my peers and colleagues from different backgrounds and with different experiences to get an understanding of how they solve problems and manage their resilience.
  • Evaluate feedback and Implement: I will evaluate each and every person’s feedback; after that, I will analyze and see which ones are beneficial for my improvements. I will continuously implement and seek out ways to enhance how I solve problems and my resilience.


Everyone is unique and relatively expected to remain like that across different circumstances. Each person has their DISC style, their strengths, drives, and motivators that they use to maneuver throughout their personal and professional life. These different characteristics are significant to their growth and development. Our different traits impact our career life, and there is always a chance to improve upon them. It is essential for one to identify their strengths and use them as tools to enhance their career life. In addition, it is vital to be aware of one’s weaknesses and improve on them.


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