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Annotated Bibliography: The Importance of Project Management

Atout, M. M. (2020). Importance of Project Management Implications in Construction Industry Projects. BULMIM Journal of Management and Research, 5(1), 17-27.

The resource was authored by Mamoon Mousa Atout, an assistant professor at the “American University in the Emirates”. He is also a senior specialist at the institution with a Ph.D. in engineering and project management. This implies that his article is well researched and informed to provide sufficient information on the significance and role of project management. Successful project management in the construction sector incorporates a qualified project implementation team as it forms the foundation of success. Therefore, project managers ought to feature specific skills for successful project completion, taking into account the budget and time limitations.

The author evaluates the significance of project management in the construction industry while completion largely depends on the management team and stakeholders. The resource provides significant insights into the importance of project management and various factors that determine the project success. It informs the significance of the team leader and their relationship with the team and stakeholders in ensuring the project is successful. The study is applicable in project management irrespective of the sector, as it details various factors taken into account to ensure the project meets the deadlines and the allocated budget.

An, N., Qiang, M., Wen, Q., Jiang, H., & Xia, B. (2019). Contribution of project managers’ capability to project ending performance under stressful conditions. European Management Journal, 37(2), 198-209.

The article was authored by An, Qiang, Wen, Jiang, and Xia at the Tsinghua University in China. They have sufficient knowledge of hydro science, engineering, and project management, cementing their credentials. The article focuses on the phase of the project ending where the project manager is tasked with executing strategic steps, which plays a vital role in efficiently completing a project. At the completion phase, various issues such as future path, efficiency, and work summary may lead to family conflicts that are likely to elevate the pressure of project managers. The stressors impact various aspects of the manager, which can be psychological, behavioral, or physiological, and hence their performance.

The authors involved 214 project managers in developing their findings and concluded that ending phase stressors are crucial to completing a project. This is because the managers lead a team and are coordinators among the stakeholders to ensure successful completion. The study provides significant insights into the importance of project management at every project phase. It further provides suggestions concerning managing a project for organizations that undertake projects. Finally, the article’s findings can be applied to project managers to understand various stressors they are likely to encounter during the completion phase of a project and how to navigate through them.

Abdulrahman, B., & Abdal, K. (2019). The Role of Project Management in the success of Small Businesses. International Journal of Scientific Research and Management, 7(07).

The study was authored by Abdulrahman and Abdal, “technical finance and accounting professionals at Erbil Polytechnic University”. At the university, they are tasked with economics and management, where they have written a plethora of other articles, hence the qualification to address the topic. According to the authors, large corporations grow from being small enterprises which makes it vital to comprehend the importance of project management, even at the low level. The authors highlight the significance and impacts of project management on completing a project under a small business enterprise. There are vital factors that determine the successful implementation and achieving the set target within the given timelines. In addition, they incorporate the historical development of project management and its significance in small businesses.

An enterprise needs to have a project management structure to effectively and efficiently monitor how they utilize their resources. The study provides significant insights into the importance of project management for organizations undertaking projects. It applies to all organizations, from small to large corporates, to incorporate a project management framework, to efficiently monitor budget allocations and time.

Andersen, E. S., & Grude, K. V. (2018). Our tribute to Rodney–and the importance of goal-directed project management. International Journal of Project Management, 36(1), 227-230.

The study was conducted by Andersen and Grude, scholars from Norway attached to different institutions. They feature sufficient knowledge in project management and boost several other articles. In the article, the authors cement the assertions developed by Turner in his book, “Goal Directed Project Management .”They provide sufficient insights into the concepts incorporated in the book while deriving arguments from other authors to cement their stand. Significant ideals derived from the book focus on “top-down planning”, which highlights the significance of a project, the goals, and how the goals are achieved. Project planning and implementation are faced with a number of issues, and understanding them can facilitate an easier management process. The article informs the research topic as it provides significant insights into the importance of project management which is crucial in achieving the set objectives. It cements the significance of focusing on the project’s goals while ensuring tasks are completed appropriately. Further, it is applicable in project-based organizations to comprehend the process and its significance in achieving the stated mission.

Dociu (Anchidin), M. M. (2018). The Importance of Human Resources in Project Management. Knowledge Horizons.Economics, 10(3), 8-14.

The author is a professor at the “University of Craiova in Romania’s doctoral school of economic sciences”. He boosts sufficient experience in economic sciences owing to instructing period at the university. The author focuses on the significance of human resource management and its impact on the management of a project successfully. Based on the arguments presented, the author retaliates that the management of a project and the human resource should focus on the selection, management, and training to achieve the competitive edge. Incorporating behavioral systems on top of technical systems by the project managers, the projects are likely to be completed while adhering to human resource provision. The article informs the research topic by stressing the significance of project management and the overall mindset of the organization and stakeholders involved in a project. Further, it is applicable in project-oriented organizations to incorporate behavioral and technical systems to comprehend human interaction to facilitate the implementation process.

Larsson, J., Eriksson, P. E., & Pesämaa, O. (2018). The importance of hard project management and team motivation for construction project performance. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business.

The article’s authors are renowned for their work in the construction sector and enormous contribution through their various studies. They are instructors in the “construction management and building technology” division at the “Lulea University of Technology” in Sweden. The article assesses the significance of hard project management in the construction industry. It evaluates the role of team motivation as well as strict control in ensuring the project is managed effectively. A significant role of project management is dealing with conflicts, and the authors denote that incorporating team motivation enhances the implementation process. The motivation of a team in ensuring increased performance yields positive results.

Team motivation is crucial in achieving the desired results when implementing a project. Hard project management may yield either positive or negative impacts, although incorporating team motivation is likely to thwart negative impacts. This informs the research topic on the significance of incorporating motivation and hard tactics in ensuring the project deliverables are achieved. Furthermore, the project managers can apply the study results during the project management process to ensure their objectives are met.

Mainga, W. (2017). Examining project learning, project management competencies, and project efficiency in project-based firms (PBFs). International Journal of Managing Projects in Business.

The author is a researcher and an associate professor and boosts incredible experience in business research, training, and development. This retaliates his qualification in addressing project management at an advanced level. The resource incorporates research and survey to evaluate the significance of project managers’ overall project efficiency and competencies that invoke successful project implementation. The study integrated a statistical evaluation of the high order dimensions relationship with efficiency correlation and their impacts on effectiveness in determining the efficiency of a project. The author denotes pressures the project managers encounter in the completion of their projects, when they may overlook the project goals for the completion of the tasks. The study contributes to the research topic, as knowledge transfer during a project is essential in ensuring the project is effectively and efficiently implemented. The author’s analysis allows for the comprehension of the relation between various dynamic competencies and the success of a project. Project managers can derive insights from the study to evaluate various relationships that impact the process of management in achieving the set goals.

Martens, M. L., & Carvalho, M. M. (2017). Key factors of sustainability in project management context: A survey exploring the project managers’ perspective. International Journal of Project Management, 35(6), 1084-1102.

The authors are associate professors at the University of São Paulo in Brazil, with extensive experience in production engineering. They have considerably contributed to other studies in manufacturing and production where the framework for project management is largely applicable. The study evaluated various sustainability variables in project management, taking triple bottom lines perspectives into account. The article incorporated project managers to evaluate factors that are vital in ensuring the sustainability of a project. Project managers ought to comprehend the sustainability of their projects, taking into account resource-saving, environmental policies, competitive edge, and the management of the stakeholders. The article informs the research topic in that it reveals the importance of project managers and their role in ensuring projects sustainability. The variables faced by each sector differ, so the research can be incorporated in various sectors to determine the underlying factors for project managers. It also informs the challenges faced at the end of the project implementation and can aid the managers in mitigating them for a desirable outcome.

Meng, X., & Boyd, P. (2017). The role of the project manager in relationship management. International Journal of Project Management, 35(5), 717-728.

Meng is a professor at Queen’s University Belfast in the United Kingdom, while Boyd belongs to Lagan Construction Group. Both authors are well experienced in the construction sector, where project management is critical to the achievement of the objectives. The authors evaluated the role of communication and relationship management in project management. The increase in attaining a competitive edge invoked the role of relationship management which is essential in ensuring a project is successfully implemented. Relationship management was evaluated to determine the significance of communication, revealing that traditional measures are increasingly becoming obsolete with constant communication fronted to nurture relationships by the management. Excellent communication and trust positively impact the project during project implementation, offering a route towards success and a competitive edge. The article informs the significance of project management, where the development of relationships through constant communication yields the desired results. The study can be incorporated by organizations and project managers who seek to have a competitive edge in project management.

Shafiq, M., Zhang, Q., Akbar, M. A., Khan, A. A., Hussain, S., Amin, F. E., … & Soofi, A. A. (2018). Effect of project management in requirements engineering and requirements change management processes for global software development. IEEE Access, 6, 25747-25763.

All involved authors are scholars in various tertiary institutions with high-level experience in communication, computer science, business, and management sciences. The article evaluates the significance of project management with the requirement engineering and requirement change management process—the rapidly expanding software development industry retaliating the significance of a framework for achieving project management goals. The study stresses the significance of innovative teams in project management due to the revolution in software development. The significance of the teams, as the authors highlight, relies on the impacts of communication, working relationship, and the success of the projects. As such, project managers need to address vividly complex issues at the inception of a project for easier and effective adaptation of the incorporated framework. Project managers can apply the study, especially in software development, as a well-developed framework can draw the line between a successful and unsuccessful project. “Requirements engineering” and “requirements change management processes” are essential in a global software development environment.


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