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Abortion Should Not Be Legalized

Abortion should not be legalized as it has disadvantages that outweigh its advantages. The risk of the act as one can die affects the victims’ health; it is expensive, distress and stigma and can lead to the inability to conceive; incomplete abortion requires surgical abortion. Its only advantage is that one can skip his responsibilities during the baby’s growth.

Abortion can lead to death. Abortion has a risk that one can lose their life due to loss of blood and severe pain. One can die due to a bad prescription of the dosage used for the abortion. We have experienced individuals who have lost their lives to abortion because they don’t want to take responsibility (Schiffer, Pakter& Clahr,2020). Unsafe abortion has led to many deaths in today’s population due to silly reasoning that they don’t have to take responsibility. On the other side, a newborn is a blessing from God. It is said that 4.7-13.2%of maternal death can be attributed to unsafe abortion (Schiffer, Pakter& Clahr,2020). Abortion is an act that can lead to death.

Abortion can also affect one’s future health conditions in case unsafe abortion. Unsafe abortion can lead to infections, bleeding, uterine perforation, damage to the genital tract and internal organs due to inserting dangerous objects into the vagina or anus, and incomplete abortion (Ariyad, Masyhar,2020). This disease continues to be a problem for the future of the individuals who practice abortion. Complications of unsafe abortions cost health systems in developing countries us$553million per year for post-abortion treatments (Ariyad, Masyhar,2020). People should be educated on the effects of abortion on health issues to solve the case of diseases due to abortions. Therefore, the act of abortion affects the individual future health conditions.

The act of abortion is expensive. Some of the methods used for abortion are very costly as it requires high-level experience, and therefore one has to pay a lot of money. Unsafe abortion leads to health issues that require a lot of money for treatment (Lattof et a.l, (2020). Individuals who practice abortions need to get good care as they lose a lot of energy and blood during the act (Lattof et a.l, (2020). To regain the energy and blood lost, money has to be used to regain them; hence extra money is needed. The individuals who conduct abortion charge a higher amount as the act is illegal, and as for anything that can arise, they can be reached out to.

Distress and stigma are mental diseases developed as a result of abortion. When one carries out an abortion, it is considered an ungodly act; therefore, individuals tend to develop the condition of distress and stigma (Ariyad, Masyhar,2020). Individuals who have practiced abortion lives with stress. They have done killings as abortion is killing. A person who has ever carried abortion always looks guilty as they think that the other people know their actions. These individuals live unworthy life due to their ungodly actions (Ariyad, Masyhar,2020). Abortions have led to distress and stigma, which affect their future lives.

Abortion can as well lead to a lack of children in the future. Abortion processes interfere with the womb where the child is reared, and if this womb is destroyed due to abortion, an individual will lack children (Adib-rad et a.l,2019). Due to unsafe abortions done, the woman may also have his womb removed. Thus, the individual will not conceive. In this case, people need to be aware of how abortion can lead to future inability to conceive. Many individuals lack to conceive because of unsafe abortions and blame their actions (Adib-rad et a.l,2019). Government should also arrest and charge the individuals who practice this.

Incomplete abortion requires an additional surgical abortion. If abortion is not successful, there is a need to go for surgery which is very risky as one can lose his life. The surgery is painful, and one loses a lot of blood, and thus it requires a lot of finance for the victim to be taken care of (Lattof et a.l, (2020). Rather than surgery, one could have chosen to give birth to the children because this leads to more mental harm and greatly affects the victim’s health conditions (Lattof et a.l, (2020). The act of abortion should be banned because it is a painful act and costs someone.

On the other hand, the only advantage of abortion is that one keeps off the role of being responsible. This act is mainly done by the youths as they fear taking responsibility on their own. Most of the individuals who do abortions are learning, and therefore abortion is their only escape plan from taking early responsibility and going on with their education (Schiffer, Pakter& Clahr,2020). By this, many could have lost their future in early responsibility, and with the help of abortion, they can move on with their studying life (Schiffer, Pakter& Clahr,2020). However, it has a very minimal advantage compared to its many disadvantages.

Abortion is an act that should be banned, for it has more disadvantages than advantages. Abortion may affect the individual by; causing deaths; it causes distress and stigma; it may lead to the inability to conceive, the act is expensive, and it may affect the victims’ health conditions. Its only advantage is only helping one skip responsibilities. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages; therefore, abortion should be illegal.


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