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AACN Essentials Informatics Self-Assessment

Areas where my Knowledge Needs Improvement

One area where I need to improve my knowledge is adding a course in the FSNM (Fundamental Abilities for Nurse Managers) is an introduction online course for nurses pursuing a leadership promotion opportunity or who really need to renew their management skills. Managers and nurses alike can benefit from a variety of resources geared to help them succeed. I also feel that I need to improve my leadership skills. A focused approach to leadership development helps employees improve their knowledge and abilities in the areas of human resources, finance, quality, and safety, as well as leadership (Lacerenza et al., 2018). Leadership lesson immerses students in real-world scenarios while incorporating interactive components that foster learning and growth. AACN’s up-to-date, active, and self-paced education is tailored specifically for nurses, so it fits into any learner’s hectic schedule. Our unique modular design, which awards CE hours for passing each module exam, allows students to earn money as they learn.

Acute and critical care nurses continue to play an important role in the organization’s goal of a healthcare system that is centered on the needs of patients and their families. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) has already celebrated 50 years of existence and service by commemorating the contributions of nurses past, present, and future to the advancement of high-acuity and critical care nursing. When delivering clinical health and prevention promotion treatments and/or services for people, family, communities, and aggregates/clinical populations, develop patient-centered and culturally sensitive strategies. Applying nursing theory and other scientific principles will advance equitable and effective prevention services and support inhabitants health policy (Schoon & Krumwiede, 2022). Develop education programs, communication techniques, and treatments that are culturally and ethnically appropriate by using clinical preventative and population health ideas.

Additional Questions Related to Nursing and AACN Essentials

One question is concerning the significance of AACN. AACN is the largest platform for academic nursing and serves as the organization that represents academic nursing. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is an organization that works to define quality standards for nursing practice. The organization provides assistance to schools in the implementation of these standards and impacts the registered nurses to improve the quality of healthcare. The organization also helps promote support from the public for nurse practitioner education, research, and practicing. Although the certification of critical care nurses was the primary emphasis during the early stages of development of the Synergy Model, the designers of the model were aware of its potential for wider applicability to nursing practice. Because the demands of the patient that are outlined in the model may be applied to any encounter between a patient and a nurse.

The second question is about the best model to apply in AACN. Currently, the Synergy Model is being utilized not only as the cornerstone of AACN certificates but also as a model for professional practice, a foundation for nursing school curricula, and a paradigm for professional progression. All of these applications are now in use. When there is sufficient personnel, there is a better chance that the individual features of the patient and the nurse will be well aligned (Nania et al., 2021). The Synergy Model transforms staffing practices by moving them beyond the potential mismatches that emerge from rigid solutions, such as fixed staffing ratios, and more towards staffing plans that respect the dynamic variability that exists among chronically and chronically ill patients.


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