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A Reflection of Gifted Hands Movie

The movie is about a neurosurgeon by the name Ben Carson. After completing his studies, Ben Carson was accepted as a resident at John Hopkins. Although Ben Carson is an excellent student, his leader thinks his attitude is not good. As a resident, he has to work under the supervision of a physician. A patient was brought to the hospital, and he was expected to do surgery, but his physician was absent. The lead physician summoned him for doing the surgery without supervision. The man he operated on survived, and this shows that Ben Carson values patients. Restrictions of health care professionals, especially nurse practitioners, are common. The regulations limit health care professionals from delivering quality services to patients. Although the restrictions are meant to protect the patients, sometimes the absence of a supervising physician can delay the delivery of services. During surgery, the health care providers work as a team with Ben Carson (Fethi & Marshall, 2018). It is a true reflection of what happens in the health care setting. Health care providers work in collaboration to facilitate quality care.

As a neurosurgeon, Ben was denied an opportunity to help his wife. Dr. Benjamin Carson was greatly affected by the loss of his child. The loss of loved ones affects the productivity of health care providers. Dr. Ben Carson was the first person to separate conjoined twins. During the surgery, Dr. Ben Carson worked with a team of health care providers. The health care providers helped Dr. Ben Carson in monitoring the conjoined twins’ vital signs during surgery. There are instances that health care providers take the risk to save a life. No one had ever tried the procedure that Dr. Ben Carson did to separate the twins. Inter-disciplinary collaboration is essential in the health care setting. Although health care providers can be the best, they need the help of others to deliver quality services efficiently. Collaboration was displayed during the separation of the conjoined twins.

Before the surgery, a team of health care providers rehearsed the procedures because it was delicate. After the successful surgery of the conjoined twins, Dr. Ben Carson became famous. Although Dr. Ben Carson and his team did excellent work, the effects of the surgery on the twins’ future lives were unknown. A Surgeon must have the courage to face whatever comes their way to save patients. There are several uncertainties in the career paths of surgeons, which range from the patient’s response to surgery and the long-term effects of the procedure. Dr. Ben Carson faced a few uncertainties, but he had to find strength as a surgeon to make the right choices to save his patients’ lives. For instance, when Dr. Ben Carson was a resident, he had to choose between saving the patient’s life and career because his supervising physician was absent.

At the end of the film, Ben Carson is celebrated for performing a successful surgery with his team. The same happens in hospitals; doctors are recognized when they provide excellent services. Health care providers always take the risk to save patients’ lives. There are instances that the unexpected happens and it affects the health care providers’ productivity at work. The health care setting is very demanding, and sometimes those in leadership can discourage the health care providers. For instance, Dr. Ben Carson’s leader continuously pinpoints his attitude, but it did not stop him from being a good neurosurgeon. The leadership and management of a hospital determine whether providers remain productive. Poor leadership can lead to high staff turnover due to job dissatisfaction. It is worth noting that the health care profession requires a lot of collaboration for a health care facility to deliver excellent services. The movie displays what happens in hospitals daily.


Fethi, K., & Marshall, H. W. (2018). Flipping movies for dynamic engagement. In Innovations in Flipping the Language Classroom, 185-202.


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