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How Would You Compare the Artistic Representations of the Paleolithic Period to the Neolithic Period

Art refers to anything that triggers human beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and ideas. People may be forced to make different types of art according to the ideas and thoughts they have in their minds. In history, we learn that early people used to make art of different kinds. Today, people also make art of different kinds relating to their thoughts and beliefs. The early way of making art and today’s forms of doing art. The aim of writing this paper is to describe the comparison between Paleolithic and Neolithic art presentations.

Paleolithic art refers to the form of communication before the existence of written stories. In this period, stories were taught through visible arts and communications. Oral traditions were the first type of communication used in the early times. During the Paleolithic times, people known as cavemen, who were also referred to as hunters, used to draw pictures of animals on the walls of the caves, which were used as signs of a certain scene or activity that occurred(Clottes, 2020). For instance, if a hunter witnessed the event, the drawings would be art of animals, symbols, and hunters to ensure that the message is fully communicated to the other people. In addition, materials that were used in painting caves were found in local places, like the minerals found underground, to provide a clear presentation of that particular occasion as it occurred.

On the other hand, Neolithic art can be defined as the form of art that developed during the Neolithic human era in evolution. The developments associated with this era of human history include the creation of the formation of settlements and the start of the farming practice. Neolithic work of art comprises pottery. This era was also characterized by the use of stone tools that were shaped through grinding and polishing (Jones, 2020). Tools made in this era were mostly meant to help in responsibilities such as farming and other activities performed during this life era, although they were very impressive in their appearance. In the Neolithic era, there were fixed locations where paintings could be made. Structures known as megaliths were made as religious symbols which were believed to have spiritual significance. Again, these structures were used to symbolize a big honor to supernatural beings. Some sculptures were made of stones, although others were made of clay and reeds. Lastly, most of the materials used in art-making during this era were stones, reeds, and clay. We can also conclude that the Neolithic era in human living was made for the development of settlements and farming activities, which made a great improvement in the living of human beings.


In summary, we have defined art as anything that triggers human beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and ideas. We have further discussed Paleolithic art, whereby we have found that human beings in this era used stories and visual arts as a way of communicating events. Additionally, we have also discussed the Neolithic art representation during this time of human living. We have found that people in this era used well-ground and polished. Finally, we have found that the tools made during this era were useful in helping in performing chores such as farming. The above discussion, therefore, forms the differences between the art presentations of the two eras of human living.


Clottes, J. (2020). What is Paleolithic art? Cave paintings and the dawn of human creativity. University of Chicago Press.

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