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A Proposal on ’What Are the Current Ways Different Digital Platforms and Companies Use in Making Our Digital World Safer.


Technology in the current world has become a key element of life amongst all people globally. In the current era, most things are done digitally, leaving a digital mark. For instance, Anderson & Jiang (2018) quantify that most individuals navigate different digital platforms to embrace appropriate rapport with other people worldwide. Therefore, the pace of improvement in high technology is impressive and has gradually enhanced how human beings perform various daily activities. However, as technological advancement occurs, there is a need for a safer digital space to exist to aid in safeguarding privacy in the current evolving world. The need to embrace privacy and personal safety, especially in our information, plays a crucial role in maintaining one’s autonomy and preserving personal data. In today’s era, people store several personal data over the internet without understanding the security pertaining such sites. For example, via Google, one can attain other people’s names, phone numbers, and other basic information about people. From this perspective, technological advancement has embraced easy access to our privacy. Still, on the other hand, it acts as a shield that protects us from cybercrimes, including financial fraud and identity theft. Therefore, the research will analyze various ways that are vital in making our digital world safer.

The Statement of the need

Many people across the world use different technological platforms for various aims. A considerable technological influence on the safety of people’s information is raising a point of concern to invest in keeping our personal data to keep us safe. However, as technology keeps advancing in the current era, Kerry et al. (2018), quantify that there is an increasing challenge in safeguarding privacy for the users of these technologies. In this regard, the evolution in technology has enabled many people to store personal data over the internet. As a result, such information usually gets breached and sometimes misused in various dimensions. This embraces a want for privacy, which is an enormous need for the users of these technologies. Therefore, this kind of research will analyze various ways that are vital in making our digital world safer. Additionally, most companies and technological platforms are also finding it challenging to maintain compliance and composite that sophisticated authorities have embraced. Therefore, this research will portray various effective ways that different digital platforms and organizations can emphasize safeguarding our personal data and how the current technology can be the foundation to embrace a friendlier and safer digital space.

Research Rationale

Consumers of the current technologies gain more from navigating different digital platforms. In this context, connecting via various technologies portrays the high obligation for an easy and good life in society. Most digital platforms and Companies have to work appropriately concerning the issue of effective information protection techniques to compromise a strong trust among the technology users. Therefore, there is a need for digital organizations and companies to embrace this research to aid in implementing various ways that are vital in making our digital world safer.

Moreover, the examined outcomes in this research will help educate most digital users on safeguarding their personal data in a safe digital space.

The Opportunity with the current evolving technology

With its advancements, the current technology acts as a basis of expectation in the journey to safeguard our privacy. From this perspective, implementations of various tools, artificial intelligence, and learning machines will aid in protecting us from cyber crimes, including financial fraud and identity theft. For instance, this research will analyze current tools such as blockchain to aid in offering an apparent ledger to embrace transactions, even though encryption acts as a digital treasure house, maintaining our information safe from illegal access.

Conversely, the research will portray how the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will also boost our privacy by empowering threat detection and fraud prevention in the current digital world. The analysis will cover different Privacy-focused inventions such as symmetric encryption and zero-knowledge proofs, which are regarded as an extra shield of security, creating an effective way of strong privacy protection, especially in personal information stored over the internet.

However, with the current advancements in technology, there is a greater chance to enhance an ‘identity manager.” The need for this identity manager is to generate a shielding veil practically on our personal data. Therefore, this study will analyze this kind of identity to make sure that the personal information of the real users of technologies do not distribute across the digital sphere.


Anderson, M., & Jiang, J. (2018). Teens, social media & technology 2018. Pew Research Center31(2018), 1673-1689.

Kerry, C. (2018). Why Protecting privacy is a losing game today– change the game. Brookings.



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