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A Link Between Past Memories and Present Emotional Well-Being

In the modern world, AI has assumed an integral part of human life. It has taken the role of thinking, interpreting, and even reasoning in situations that a human being was supposed to be reasoning. Human nature is being crowned to the AI as scientists, technologists, and even business persons support the innovation in the name of making “work easier.” We are at a point where our characters’ inherent traits and nature have wholly controlled technology. The connection that comes with interpersonal links is fading as new machines emerge daily. When we let technology surmise human actions, our nature, being, and essence will be defunct soon.

To prevent technological dominance in our ordinary lives, we need to prioritize emotional wellbeing in everything we do. It is believed that efficient and effective response to technology is a product of our emotional wellbeing. The current emotional wellbeing of a person is an upshot of their growth and developmental life, whereby the experiences faced during these two phases are stored in a ‘memory bank’ only to induce effects later in life. Therefore, the memories influence the present emotional wellbeing. The various ways we have been brought about during our childhood life are the determinants of adulthood behaviors. Also, acknowledging the current societal problems, especially those that complement AI and modern technology, rely on our emotional wellbeing. Lastly, the way we should raise children not to be swayed and remain assertive amidst technological blows depends on what degree our memories are healthy

As per many psychological pieces of research, our emotions have been found not to affect our actions. Instead, our actions are seen as primary responses right from the cellular level. For example, in both vertebrates and invertebrates, a cell can move, feed, spread diseases, grow, and perform other actions under biochemical influences (LeDoux, 2012). Focusing on vertebrates still, the basic plan of their brain is conserved from the molecular level. That means the basic tendencies which were acquired during growth and developmental periods are preserved. It is now the basic tendencies that define the average human being and consequently define our actions.

According to psychologists such as Erick Erickson, there are eight developmental stages before fully becoming a complete adult. Every stage is referred to as a “psychological crisis” since a developing child has to find solutions to the problems of the present stage before satisfactorily negotiating the preceding stage. Learning how to make resolutions and becoming familiar with satisfactory learning of the next are prerequisites, just like in the architectural world (McLeod, 2013). The foundation must be properly laid to support the first, second, and preceding floors in any architectural work.

At this point, the central question is how all of the above can arise in our present lives. The most cardinal answer to this question is “memory.” Memory is inevitable. It is part and parcel of a human being. The best thing to do is modify memory by creating healthy memories that will later trigger healthy emotions. Our children need to be our first clients when teaching about healthy and conducive memories to achieve this. They need to be trained in this crucial concept because their generation will provide a means to survive and adapt to this world amidst all the technological advancements.


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