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Why Depression in Gay Teens Causes Suicide

In recent days there have been rampant deaths of depressed teens who are gay (Whitemore&Smith,2018). These deaths are not a result of natural death but due to suicide. Their death increase has various diverse effects on society which may be direct (Eliason,2010). Therefore, this study on nine gay teens shall help us understand why depression in them causes suicide. There are different natural causes of death, but is suicide one of them?

Moreover, is it preventable? The deaths are preventable whenever the depression cause is established (King&Vidourek,2012).In this area, we shall help educate prevent preventable causes of depression in gay teens and also lower the rate of suicide(Labarbera,1996). Fortunately, we will have the opportunity to learn about depression issues that affect teen gays, why they result in suicide, and provide relevant solutions as to why individuals in this group feel that committing suicide is the best way to deal with such situations (Walling,1993).

Unfortunately, depression has its genesis in many instances, which may be caused by the society around them (Eliason,2010). There are various ways in which depression may be facilitated among the people with these gay teens live. In many cases, society tends to reject people who are said to be gay. Rejection makes these teens feel that they are not loved and that anything they do is rejected, making them feel unfit and depressed, ending up committing suicide. Therefore they will desperately suffer since they lack effective communication channels for their grievances, forcing some of them to kill themselves. It is a challenge to the people surrounding such people to show love and compassion to them. Luckily, this act shall ensure that they feel free to express their feelings and ideas. Also, Society counselors should be able to treat the information given to them with confidentiality to gain trust; it shall also ensure that they feel free and may end up changing what they do(King& Vidourek,2012).

Depression strategies for gay teens are not understood and developed since they result in mental health problems among gay teens that may facilitate suicide. Proper funding should be issued to institutions that deal with gay teen research and studies (Whitemore& Smith,2018). This shall ensure enough ideas on how to deal with them and a declaration of depression as a disease. Also, laws protecting gay teens should be implemented to prevent them from all kinds of frustrations that make them depressed. These laws shall ensure that they prevent or lower the rate of bullying and victimization, lowering depression.

Meanwhile, all stakeholders should know that depression in gay teens causes suicide. That understanding shall ensure all depressed teens are handled with care and love. This will ensure that the chances of depression causing death among teen gays are minimized. Also, all relevant authorities should be made effective and teen-friendly to ensure they are easily accessible to gay teens (Labarbera,1996). Parental guidance must also be availed to all teens in such situations. It shall help reduce the number of teens involved in such behaviors. Therefore society and parents should not neglect their guidance roles to their young generation. Also, the affected ones should be appropriately advised on the impacts of such practices so that they may curb the practice.


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