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Value Proposition in Patient Care

Today’s business environment is highly competitive. As such, it places a premium on health care institutions’ capacity to deliver value-added services (VAS) to their customers at the lowest cost possible. Health professionals must be better positioned to better understand their clients’ requirements and achieve those clients’ aspirations. This paper provides insight into how Paradise Hospital can design a strategy for meeting its patients’ expectations and needs and define a mechanism for pointing out functional areas where introducing new services would contribute to the facility’s service value improvement.

Value-added services may be an option that may be utilized in conjunction with basic services provided to patients at no extra charge or for a set cost by health care providers. Value-added services differ per institution and are used to strengthen relationships with customers or to generate more money. In health care, the primary goal of value-added services is to enhance the facility’s overall condition while still delivering high-quality treatment (Cowart and Olson, 1). To be precise, the primary objective of value-added services in this instance is to improve the delivery of care services to patients. If patients get high-quality treatment and their wants and wishes are met, they will return for future medical care requirements. Health care professionals may give a variety of value-added services to their patients.

Free weight reduction assistance and consultation – doctors and nurses may counsel patients on building a healthy eating plan. A nutritionist, on the other hand, may support and encourage patients to adopt better eating habits to lose weight. These are excellent examples of value-added services that a health institution might provide patients for free to demonstrate their appreciation. According to Loh et al., Physicians and patients may choose from a variety of value-added services, including patient lifestyle management, adherence and disease management programs, and patient education program(1).

There are various reasons why it is critical to offer value to patient care, and many experts disagree. Numerous providers of health care feel that adding value may boost the value. If the quality of patient care is enhanced, it is feasible that the same patients may seek services in the future. Due to a hospital’s reputation, more persons will seek medical assistance at the institution. According to Olya et al., providing value to a patient’s services decreases delay and improves recovery duration. Using an electronic health record system to capture patient information and diagnose patients helps expedite the process of providing care and eliminate treatment delays (4).

To enhance Paradise Hospital’s service values, one needs to first identify the institution’s most critical areas with the express purpose of increasing patient care. Human resource management, customer service, and financial services are the three primary functional areas of Paradise Hospital. To learn more about the functional areas of Paradise Hospital, one can visit the hospital’s website, which contains information on the hospital’s structure and services, as well as its financial status. One can also arrange a tour of the health institution to observe the organizational structure, meet the management and employees, and get a detailed explanation of what the hospital does in each functional area, as well as any additional information necessary to identify areas for improvement.

Human resource management guarantees that the organization’s operations, coordination, and collaboration function well, and most significantly, that hospital employees are satisfied with their working conditions. Additionally, human resource management is responsible for recruiting and training new personnel. Customer service is another critical component of the hospital’s operations. Among the services given include responding to patient enquiries regarding health concerns and organizing medical visits. This functional area establishes the foundation for the organization’s interaction with external stakeholders. Financial Services is critical to the hospital’s operation. Financial services personnel study numerous financial issues of the facility. Financial Services’ major mission is to guarantee that the hospital meets its financial objectives both now and in the future, as well as to keep stakeholders informed about the hospital’s overall performance.

Having the aforementioned functional categories would significantly contribute to Paradise Hospital’s success. In terms of human resources, it may secure the employment of only experienced and certified medical specialists. Without a solid and efficient customer service department, there is no question that the institution would be in shambles. Meeting the needs and expectations of patients demonstrates excellent Customer Service and adds significant value to the hospital (Cowart and Olson, 1). Financial services is one area that is important to both workers and stakeholders. Financial services will guarantee that all personnel are reimbursed and rewarded for their efforts and will communicate the hospital’s performance to stakeholders.

As the hospital’s new hospital administrator, I have been tasked with the responsibility of increasing the hospital’s service value. Although the hospital’s primary emphasis is on patients and their health, it may affect their families and loved ones. By including certain areas, we can expand the value of Paradise Hospital, which will provide several resources and support services to assist patients and their loved ones through this trying time. By building a Social Work Department, Cancer Prevention Center, Health Education Center Cancer and Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, and Health Education Center Cancer, Paradise Hospital may better serve patients and families while also achieving a beneficial result.

A positive added value for Paradise Hospital would be establishing a Cancer Prevention Center. The departments might provide a variety of services to assist patients and their families in learning how to lower their risk of developing cancer or how to deal with cancer in those who have already been diagnosed. When cancer is curable, they can explain and conduct any necessary operations. Provide cancer screening checks to individuals depending on their age, gender, and illness risk. Additionally, Paradise Hospital may provide diagnostic evaluation services, risk assessment, and risk mitigation. This proposal will increase the value of services offered at Paradise Hospital since there are very few hospitals that provide both education and screening in addition to delivering such care services.

Cardiovascular Acute Care Unit (CCU) specifically for adult cardiac patients requiring intensive care and hemodynamic (blood flow) monitoring. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is the top cause of mortality for people in America. Approximately 610,000 Americans succumb to heart disease each year, costing the U.S. around $207 billion in health care services, drugs, and lost productivity (McSweeney et al., 3). As a result, establishing a cardiac critical care unit with 24-hour monitoring services would attract a large number of patients for check-ups and diagnoses.

A social work department would be an additional service. This department would assist patients and families experiencing financial, psychological, or social difficulties. As an extra service, Paradise Hospital can identify individuals and their situations, as well as alleviate any obstacles that may impede the patient’s recuperation. Finally, by introducing a Health Education Center, patients and families will better understand physical, environmental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual health. Additionally, it would assist patients and their families in devising therapies tailored to their specific aims and aspirations. Additionally, it provides several printings of books and brochures on various medical health topics.

In conclusion, while the hospital has numerous functional departments, some of which overlap, each is staffed by a diverse group of healthcare professionals who perform a variety of tasks to provide superior customer service and care to its patients, as well as to improve the health care facility. To be effective, a hospital must meet all of the patients’ requirements and expectations via the provision of high-quality services. Thus, Paradise Hospital’s value proposition inpatient care can be enhanced by incorporating a patient-centered environment and high-quality services for patients and their families, such as a Social Work Department, a Cancer Prevention Center, Health Education Center, and Cardiology Unit, which are currently missing in almost all hospitals.

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