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Understanding the Influence of Culture on Communication

Societal conventions imbue an essential element within our universal community, substantially swaying our interactions and connections with others. Mulling over my encounters, I can undoubtedly discern how societal conventions have impacted my ability to convey with individuals from diverse backgrounds, deliberately and unwittingly. A singular episode specifically endures in my recollection, encompassing encountering a person from Nigeria and navigating the intricacies of their social background.

I recall initially encountering an individual of Nigerian descent. This illuminating encounter broadened my understanding of their cultural conventions and how these practices manifest in discourse. Upon conversing with this person, I discerned the significance of demonstrating deference and empathy when referencing their clan and its internal pecking order (Anderson, 2021). Grasping the consequence of these elements within Nigerian culture, I was compelled to probe about their tribe and how its hierarchical configuration swayed their behavior.

The exchange proceeded to be enlightening and intriguing. I attained insight into their convictions, traditions, and community workings by courteously posing queries about their clan. It was captivating to discern how their clan’s vertical structure delineated responsibilities, requirements, and affiliations between its constituents(Giuliano & Nunn, 2021). This insight shed light on the knotty web of links and anticipations that impacted their daily being. This instance proved my verbal chops required being moldable and sympathetic to societal bifurcations. Interacting with personalities from multifarious ancestral foundations, it developed transparent that a singular tactic to conferring would not avail. Preferably, it was essential to be broad-minded, well-mannered, and fascinated, recognizing that civilized divergences might have a consequential bearing on communication templates.

In addition, this occurrence showed the importance of cultural awareness in facilitating effective communication. Whilst conversing with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, I discerned the necessity of cultural sensitivity and comprehension. I could conduct discussions with enhanced comfort and empathy by proactively seeking knowledge regarding their cultures, traditions, and social standards (Giuliano & Nunn, 2021). This perception not only assisted me in bonding with people more profoundly but also aided me in averting unintentional misconceptions or misinterpretations.

“Culture sway in communication transcends conscious ken. Latent inclinations and notions can likewise impinge on our affiliations, often unbeknownst. Through self-scrutiny and rumination, I’ve gleaned insight into the dormant biases I may harbor and how they color my exchanges with those from alien cultures (Anderson, 2021). By acknowledging and ardently endeavoring to surmount these biases, I aspire to propel inclusive and deferent colloquy that spans cultural divides.”

Through conversing and gaining insight into their culture, I grasped that effective communication serves as a powerful means to foster empathy, dismantle misconceptions, and build understanding. Talking with someone from Nigeria afforded me personal growth and deeper cultural knowledge. Chatting, I saw communication acts as a cultural bridge. By asking probing questions, truly listening, and engaging in meaningful discussion, I could help cultivate an open and harmonious environment where diverse viewpoints are valued (Giuliano & Nunn, 2021). This encounter reaffirmed my belief that communication possesses the ability to span cultural divides and forge bonds that celebrate our shared humanity.

Ultimately, conversing with someone of Nigerian descent highlighted how influential cultural differences can be in connecting with others. This experience reinforced why displaying sensitivity, curiosity, and adaptability is crucial when engaging with those from diverse cultural backgrounds. Forming meaningful bonds and closing divides may be achieved by endeavoring to understand and embrace their norms, traditions, and etiquette. In navigating today’s global landscape, I aim to cultivate intercultural proficiency and value the richness that cultural diversity adds to our communicative interactions.


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Giuliano, P., & Nunn, N. (2021). Understanding cultural persistence and change. The Review of Economic Studies88(4), 1541-1581.


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