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The Sun Does Shine

The tale illustrates how freedom is fought for through an escape on death row, which makes it more attractive to readers. Complicated as it may sound, it would be easy to give up when found guilty of charges like murder; however, for Hinton giving up was not an option. He chose to see life on the bright side and even got to make friends and fight for freedom even when challenging circumstances befell him. The Sun Does Shine is an enticing book that gives readers many reasons to be optimistic due to its effective communication of the message recommended for everyone in Society.

The message of the book

The sun Does Shine illustrates how important it is to relay hope in matters regarding life. In many instances, Hinton had all the reasons to give up; however, the manner he chose to see life illustrates the issuance of hope. The environment to which Hinton was subjected points out severe torture; however, a ray of hope was created during these dark moments. The story acts as a restoration of faith where human beings cultivate goodness. In addition, freedom is taken away from Hinton; however, the power he possesses in his imagination takes him through the whole time he is vindicated till he is released.

Effectiveness in communicating its message

The book is effective in communicating its message in the styles it employs and its characters. The use of humor to relay information and themes such as racism and optimism, among others, makes the book effective in communication. Racism, poverty, pain, affliction, and the justice system have been carefully employed. On death row, Hinton explains how he managed to survive and how his anger and predicted hopelessness transformed. The situation changes immediately after he gets to terms with his current position and even thinks of an escape idea. His escape idea takes effect to the extent of using it with his fellow inmates.

Critique of the book

Crime is associated with a ray of activities having investigations accompanying it and court proceedings being the core. However, a mystery arises in cases where solving these criminal cases and justice have not been met. In other cases, opportunities create themselves, and new chapters of life evolve. Some court representatives in the legal justice system ensure justice is served, whereas diligence overlaps with selfish interests in other cases. The Judge concluded that black individuals were not as innocent as they claimed (Hinton and Hardin 48). All evidence against Hinton was provided to ensure he stayed behind bars. This included individuals who hated him; therefore, anything possible was to be done to ensure he would stay behind bars. The Judge took two hours to give a judgment which was death, considering all evidence and testimonials given in court. Hinton accepted this reality for the next couple of years served in jail.

The death sentence offered in the justice system is unfair since, despite the extremeness of a crime, the death penalty should not be the option. In Hinton’s case, the accusation of murder resulted in a death sentence even without determining his innocence. On death row, other prisoners were different from him, which made him realize how unfortunate the court ruling was. The condition of the death row was enough to convince him that his death sentence was taking effect (Hinton and Hardin 88). Harsh conditions accompanied him, like having meals during odd hours, lack of privacy during very hot or cold showers, and back-breaking jobs. Death row could not be withstood at any time due to its complete definition of torture. Since judgment had already been issued, nothing could be done other than accept the situation.

From many stories heard about prison, a consistent support system proves to be the only way prisoners get to serve their time. For Hinton, his mother was his only support system; however, his siblings distanced themselves. None of his family members came to see him; thus, loneliness kicked in when he was sentenced. His friends believed he was guilty, which made the situation worse. The attorney he was assigned made his case challenging to obtain justice. A court representative who is accustomed to huge salaries is less motivated when asked to take up a case for free which was the case (Hinton and Hardin 104). Therefore, Hinton’s lawyer contributed to his jail sentence since he lacked motivation. Hinton’s determination to obtain justice made his stand firm in representing himself in court. A balance was created between staying positive and respecting the victims, reiterating his stand.

Once an individual’s innocent life has been robbed, it is impossible to regain it. The consequences of any crime should not be a death sentence. Regardless of the many differences among the inmates, death row remained common to all of them. All inmates fought to survive despite their jail terms (Hinton and Hardin17). However, through his association with several books, Hinton found a way could get freedom while on death row. Due to his power in imagination, he drafts an escape way though not out of jail. At least the thought of him being out of death row lightened his spirits. His fantasies of the life he would love to live out of death row were the escape way he used, and this saved him from the reality he was facing. He employed this tactic to help the other inmates escape death row through frequent club gatherings. Contending each other ideas on the books they had read was a form of freedom for the other inmates.

Why would the book be recommended?

The book would be recommended to all individuals in Society, offering a chance to learn how the legal justice system is conducted and how important it is to support prisoners. It would also relay the forms of punishments prisoners go through, which will help transform individuals to avoid such punishments. In addition, the book will give voice to the voiceless and show how important it is to remain bold despite the circumstances.

In conclusion, The Sun Does Shine illustrates the core at which optimism is relevant in Society today. The only crime Hinton is vindicated of is his race which makes him face thirty-years imprisonment. He is close to facing his death; however, his optimism makes him see life differently. As a result, freedom is found, and life is molded on death row. Alabama was determined to do away with him and those of his color; however, nothing stopped him from believing in justice despite how long it took. Finally, the book illustrates how the legal justice system is corrupt, with the hope that the truth will always prevail. The book is relevant since it enlightens humans on the simple matters that might make or destroy lives.

Work Cited

Hinton, Anthony Ray, and Lara Love Hardin. The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row (Oprah’s Book Club Summer 2019 Selection). St. Martin’s Press, 2019, pp. 6–210.


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