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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

An emotional and gripping tale of redemption and betrayal, “The Kite Runner,” had me moved and thrilled consequently. Khaled Hosseini tells the story of Hassan and Amir, friends who lived like brothers and were also good at flying kites. The closest friends lived in Kabul, Afghanistan, and this year, they will put all the possible efforts to win the local tournament of flying kites – a popular game for passing the time in Kabul. Additionally, this is one hope of Amir to win the love of his father. But, on the other hand, war erupts in Afghanistan just like the way kites battle in the sky, and the country turns out to be a dangerous place. A 12-year-old Afghan boy named Amir reveals how he betrayed his friend Hassan; we see Amir turn against Hassan because of his fears and guilt to gain his father’s (Baba’s acceptance).

Often, when war erupts in an area, people are forced to make significant sacrifices, and the young Amir ends up betraying his young Amir, an action that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Amir is forced to flee to America with his father, and “The Kite Runner” turns out to be a quest for Amir for redemption – redressing all the injustices he committed during his childhood in Kabul (Hosseini 13). The tale is hardly ever dull and fast-paced. Still, it is also introduced to the life of the Afghan world – which is fascinating, strange, and yet extraordinarily acquainted all consequently. Amir himself turns out to be a writer, and he redirects on his experiences in the tale as though his life was a creative writing piece.

On the other hand, I think the best bit as far as “The Kite Runner” is concerned is its sense of justice and fate, of good incapacitating foul in the end, despite all probabilities. Without taking the ending out of the picture, Amir goes back to Afghanistan and makes a very diverse set of sacrifices in the mission of righting the wrongs he had committed during his childhood (Hosseini 10). My favorite part of this book is the final chapter. It is the one I have found out to be even moving when I am rereading it. The message behind the very ending can be interpreted by diverse readers differently. On the other hand, I feel that it offers a slight sense of hope as far as the future of its characters is concerned and maybe for the country involved in the war.

In summing up, “The Kite Runner” explores the themes of family, friendship, good and evil, and class. It is fascinating to learn about Kabul’s life before the emergence of the Taliban that made the country in war. The ambiguity in the behavior of Amir is also captivating – he oppresses Hassan although he profoundly loves him. In a way, Amir’s depiction by the author identifies the unpremeditated unkindness of kids who soak up society’s arrogance towards minorities continues to feel very real. The author is ambiguous in the way he portrays Muslims’ culture and never provides answers that are not complex. Hossein criticizes particular cruelties and biases in the people who fled to the United States, including how they treated women and specifically the eventual wife of Amir. “The Kite Runner” explores essential themes and problems, but it never condescends or lectures. The book is illuminating and emotional – a combination particular to most excellent reads – among which it undoubtedly has a place.

Work Cited

Hosseini, Khaled. The kite runner. Penguin, 2003.


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