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The Holiday by Sophie Myer

Generally Myers The Holiday can help us learn the Malay culture for centuries through this literature. As a result, detailed preservation is required. The Malay cultural landscape must be improved—an ethnic group in Southeast Asia. Through stories, Culture can be preserved and understood by outsiders as a form of cultural literacy. However, the significance of this event cannot be overstated. Malaysia’s future generations will benefit from a complete understanding of Malay tradition, customs, and culture which they can be able to relate to literature. Ancestry and racial origins Sustainability is dependent on the environment, the economy, and society. Literature is frequently used in Malay culture to discuss society and economics. The following section shows adaptation of Myers The Holiday the story to Malaysian setting. For the Malay people, Malay culture is a way of life. In the landscape context, the human race’s relationship with the natural world is emphasized. Sustaining the Malay way of life is possible. We examined traditional values, and cultural significance of the Malay landscape Stakeholders are urged to use their available resources effectively. To minimize environmental impact and create designs that are adaptable to a range of needs, future development should consider Malay literary texts as a source of inspiration. A long-term sustainable approach to cultural landscapes may also contribute to social diversity (Hassan, et al.,2013). The Malay cultural landscape is rich in activities. A more vibrant environment could be created by diverse people and designs inspired by Malay literature. a higher standard of living and a more secure environment

Myers’s story can express the nature of life that people go through and the culture in Malaysia. Sheep and goat meat are relatively popular in Malaysian diets compared to many other Asian markets, despite being consumed in much smaller quantities than chicken, fish, seafood, and beef. Customers are willing to pay a higher price for lamb because it is regarded as a superior cut of meat. Malaysia has a higher consumption of sheep and goat meat, which makes sheep’s very popular. Myers’s story rotates about the sheep and can be very understood in Malaysia. Furthermore, the notion of women being given Domestic roles is highly countered by Myer, whereby the writer expresses the protagonist performing other duties such as looking after or grazing the sheep.

Myer’s story also expresses Rural educational disparity. For the most part, studies examining the effects of school location in developing countries have found that students in rural areas have lower levels of academic achievement. Perhaps there aren’t enough options for higher education in the area. For instance, a school’s infrastructure might include high-quality instructional materials and a sufficient number of teachers. Most developing countries’ working conditions are above average in urban schools, significantly more effective (Krumpak, 2018). The vast majority of urban-rural school research in developing countries appears to be focused on. No such discrepancy exists in educational quality, and effectiveness despite disparities in physical resources is not the only consideration. More investigation into the relationship between urban and rural areas needs to be done. This is expressed through every learning how to help the ewe deliver and uses the knowledge acquired in school whereby the head is supposed to come out first during delivery.

The story also expresses more on the gender roles. This can be used concerning the Malaysian setting. These are roles given to men in society while women perform most household duties. Extended family is common in rural and agricultural areas due to the increasing reliance on the nuclear family in modern industrialized Malaysia. It is common for Malaysian men to marry young women to ensure that they have enough time to have many children. In rural and agricultural areas, extended family members are common. This tradition is becoming more difficult to uphold in modern industrialized Malaysia due to the increasing reliance on the nuclear family. Malaysian men frequently marry young women to ensure that they have enough time to have many children.

The story can be used to show the effect of Urbanization in Malaysia. This relates to how it changes the people’s perspectives in the urban setting towards the people in rural areas. Myers talks about a behavior whereby the urban raised children view themselves as weak and lesser strong than the rural area children (Mohd Said et al.,2014). This is expressed by Everly, who does not believe she can help the ewe deliver as she sees herself as very weak compared to Jenny, her cousin. She believed she wasn’t supposed to be here amid whoop and also on the golden beaches of Sydney’s North shore for six magnificent days of school holiday with her mates. Regrettably, her mom and dad have been arguing, and they did not want her to get involved or listen to them.

In conclusion, The book can show the nature of Malaysian Families and living situations. The transition to an urban society is frequently accompanied by a decline in the family’s status and the prevalence of nontraditional family institutions and new households. Non – traditional families lack two parents and children. One reason behind this trend is that “living arrangements” have become more diverse. This term refers to the different ways in which individuals in a city society come together to form collective units in academic literature. For example, in traditional form, the family were extended, which is now mostly practiced in rural area. However, Evelyn is taken to her cousin’s home due to conflicts.


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