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The Green New Energy Deal

Conceptualized by Howie Hawkins and instilled into power by Jill Stein, the Green New deal proposes to minimize climate change through a socially inclusive approach. The Green New Deal is a proposed bill that aims to solve the ongoing climatic crisis in the US. Since its inception, the Green energy bill has been labeled an alternative to fossil fuels. The Green New Deal aims at making policies aimed at having a clean energy future. It seeks to convert the ongoing climatic crisis to reduce cab. Its precepts are a significant definition of economic and human rights’ role and law. The deal proposes the ban of fossil fuels and aims at providing immediate alternatives to create economic and socially viable environments. The main goal of this new law is to reduce carbon emissions by zero by 2030. The Green new deal central tenets revolve around reducing carbon emissions to zero by instilling tough and strict penalties on organizations playing an active role in promoting their usage such as oil companies. Through concerted efforts with independent states, Congress has merged the old grayed into new clean energy bills that boost viable and socially inclusive environments.

The bill aims at fastening the transition of fuels to cleaner energy minimizing financial risk and environmental hazards by not utilizing funds. One of the central themes is reducing the long-standing wars between oil giants and reducing the emissions of greenhouses. Its primary goal is to restore the economy while using sustainable measures to halt climate change. In the preliminary stages, the deal aims to create employment opportunities through nonrenewable projects that promote green economy. In its flagship project, the agreement aims to help corporates and organizations transition to clean renewable energy sources by 2030. Under this new system, corporates will run and operate in solar-powered, hydrogen, and electric-powered innovation to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The Green new deal employs a democratic approach to compensate all workers and communities affected by climate change and mass migration to green energy (Bloomfield & Steward, 2020).All employees and workers affected by the decreased fossil and coal usage will be fully compensated and recorded as beneficiaries in the new energy projects. As part of its policy to decarbonize the globe, the Green new deal has set up rigid strategies to create a smart electricity grid system. These electric systems will be fueled by non-renewable sources like solar, hydroelectric, wind, and hydrogen to produce clean and reliable energy. In the same vein, it aims to distribute energy sources equally amongst all communities, workers, and the public.

The conceptualization and drafting of the Green new deal focused on eradicating the destruction and extensive depletion of the resources and infrastructure to produce energy, such as drilling for oils, natural gas, coal, and tar. Despite sophisticated technologies, these natural gases destroy the enviroments and release greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer. As part of the Paris agreement to reduce the global plan to reduce greenhouse gases emissions by 45% and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the Green new deal steers the US in the right direction (Jakob, 2020).

In my purview, this bill will solve the ongoing climate changes worldwide. This Green new deal serves as the first step towards alleviating the economic and financial burden caused by global warming. Implementing new and sustainable energy sources will help corporates meet the energy demand while preserving the environment. It is the Government’s responsibility to promote clean and sustainable energy production. This new bill will help governments worldwide join hands to reduce global pollution. Under the Green new deal companies, corporate will have to implement new forms of renewable and sustainable energy. In this light of approach, people will transition from using fossil fuels and adopt more environmentally friendly practices such as electric or solar-powered cars instead of petroleum-run ones. This can significantly contribute to the emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Drawing insights from the Paris Agreement aims to reduce coal consumption by 2050 to achieve the global climate goals. However, this green new energy deal serves as the firm foundation for achieving the plan. Therefore, legislation of this bill will positively impact the enviroments, economy, and financial goals but will likely lead to the loss of millions of jobs which simultaneously leads to loss of billions in revenue. However, policymakers are adamant that implementing new alternative energy sources will create a balance between global climate and economic stability (Aronoff, et al., 2019). This Green new deal serves as a firm foundation in the fight against climate change due to the fast rise of greenhouse gases. This bill aims to provide a clean, affordable and secure future of energy.

In surmise, the Green new deal was conceptualized in Europe, and seeks to achieve the Economic bill of rights while sustaining a socially inclusive environment. Given the unprecedented climatic changes, there is a need to implement the Green new deal to ease the transition from renewable energy sources to a green economy.


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