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The Future We’re Building


Elon Musk, serial entrepreneur, CEO of Tesla Motors and product architect, and CEO/CTO of SpaceX, explores some of his unique views on the future in this interview. Examples include Tesla’s (the Boring Company) plans to dig LA tunnels, which would reduce travel time dramatically, Tesla’s latest proposal for a future with solar roofs on all homes, and SpaceX’s motivation to develop a future for Mars, all of which pale in comparison to TED Head of Curator Chris’s astounding inspiration. Tesla’s product design and development, including the all-electric Tesla Roadster, the Model S and Model X, and Supercharger stations for motor vehicle charging, has been under Musk’s supervision from the company’s inception. The Solar City solar energy systems, of which Musk is the non-executive chairman, are used at certain charging stations. For over two decades, the transition to a renewable energy economy, in which autonomous motors play a critical part, has been at the forefront of public policy discussions.

Boring Tunnels

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled plans to create a Hyperloop tube that will link Washington, DC as well as New York City in July 2017. The planned tunnel would be built on the basis of the company’s “Loop” idea, in which people or cars would be transported on electric skates. The Boring Company is a company that builds utility and transportation tunnels in cities in order to minimize congestion and reduce transportation costs. Too far, the sole tunnel built in Hawthorne, California, is a 1, 14-mile (2, 25-kilometer) test tunnel outside the SpaceX headquarters, which cost a total of ten million dollars to build. Garrett and colleagues, Europe 2020. To accomplish this, a 3D network of tunnels will be constructed, with the entrance and exit points of the tunnels being integrated into the city’s fabric as much as possible. Its purpose is to create a vacuum underneath the Los Angeles skyline. The approach and exit to the traffic network, he said, could only be coupled with two spaces by utilizing a lift, and the automobile is then skated, with no restriction on the car’s speed. He stated: They are building it for a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour, which is around 130 miles per hour or approximately 130 kilometers per hour. Any arbitrary number of tunnels may be used to reach any arbitrary number of levels. It is necessary to cut the cost by a factor of two or more of the entire tunnel diameter in order to achieve this.


The Hyperloop is a concept for high-speed cross-city transportation developed by Elon Musk, the inventor of Space X and Tesla. He refers to it as a “fifth mode” of transportation, alongside automobiles, ships, boats, and trains, and his travel pods are contained inside metal tubes. Following the construction of the Large Hadron Collider, the Hyperloop will essentially serve as the world’s biggest vacuum chamber. By volume, by volume, by volume. It is the intention of the Boring Company to dig tunnels in metropolitan areas that will be used to transport vehicles through electric high-speed rails.” According to The Boring Company, increasing tunneling speed while simultaneously lowering costs by ten or more factors (in the case of congested automobile tunnels) is the key to doing this operation. Musk said that the technique will enable him to build the cost-effective tunneling required for his concept of a multi-level road tunnel system in large metropolitan areas. The strategy’s primary emphasis is on smaller tunnels, stronger boring machines, and concurrent digging and lining. He predicts that the three-pronged approach will increase the economics of subterranean structures by a factor of a hundred. Musk advocates for what he describes as a “pretty easy sequence of actions” to update tunnel technology while gaining sufficient construction cost savings to allow for the expansion of the 3D road tunnel network design.

Moreover, he believes that multilane road tunnels are unnecessary. Instead of moving automobiles, the plan was to transport them via smaller single-way tunnels equipped with electric transfer platforms, often known as “car skates,” to their destination. Musk is also considering the construction of tunnel machinery for the installation of the liner throughout the course of the excavation. He believes that he can do more with the equipment’s muscle than he really can.

Solar Glass Roof

Musk reveals that solar shingles will be installed, as well as an integrated battery. Musk said that the new shingles looked far better than their previous roof, produced electricity, and lasted significantly longer than their previous roofing materials. Solar panels collect the sun’s energy and use it to recharge the batteries at home. The fight plant then provides power to the homes in the area. Its goal is to accelerate the world’s shift to renewable energy sources. The most essential thing to remember is that it must be beautiful, reasonably priced, and flawlessly integrated. According to, each shingle is equipped with a high-performance solar cell. This cell is responsible for supplying the specified energy. In order to increase the hardness of the shingle, tempered glass is used to protect the cell. Between the cell and the screen, there is a colorful louver film that enhances the appearance of the shingle while having no effect on the cell’s performance. If the shingles are completed, they will capture solar energy that may be used immediately or stored in batteries. The battery contributes to the overall power of the home. If you wish to have greater capacity, you may also purchase more batteries. To achieve this level of capacity, only the world’s largest factory capable of doubling the world’s lithium-ion battery supply, such as Giga Factory, can be built.

Space-X and Mars

SpaceX Mars is a research and development initiative initiated by Elon Musk and SpaceX with the goal of someday promoting Mars settlement. Musk’s SpaceX designs for a Starship were first announced in 2016. 165 feet (50 meters) above sea level is the altitude at which the mission will attempt to launch a spacecraft for deep-space missions to the moon, Mars, and other destinations on a huge lift. It may be reused for both the Spaceship and the Super Heavy Booster that propels it. By 2026, his company’s products and services will be available to individuals on Mars.” He has a lot of faith in the future. (A. Elon Musk’s Oliver, to be precise.) The project will begin with the building of a reusable hybrid for the projectile craft now under production in South Texas for use on Mars, which will be transported by a SpaceX Starship vessel. Starting in 2022, SpaceX intends to employ Starship for moon missions and point-to-point travels around the world, as well as other missions. One reason is that Musk founded Space X with the goal of reaching Mars and has now made significant progress toward that goal. The rocket’s thrust speed is now about four times greater than that of the Saturn 5 moon rocket. He thinks that this will have the appearance of a rowboat for the future spaceship he envisions.

Technology Improvement

All growing technologies have increased the efficiency of humans, and as a result, software is superior at executing worldly duties and learning how to make mankind a better place. I am optimistic that people will learn to adjust in order to strike a balance between humanity and what the future inspires. Over the years, technology has transformed the way we make and procure our food, using apps, robotics, data, and processing technologies to enhance the human experience in the process. Technology has made a major difference in people’s lives all across the globe, but none is more important than technical advancements in medicine. Electronic medical records (EMRs) are a significant advancement in the world of medicine. Health information technology offers the door to a plethora of experimental and testing methods, enabling healthcare professionals to be more imaginative as well as inspired than ever before. Despite the fact that the telecommunications start-up business is experiencing a significant decline, digital software and solutions are still being adopted at a rapid pace. The next decade is predicted to see the continuation or perhaps acceleration of technical advancements, fierce rivalry, and the expansion of new markets.


Finally, the firm Boring has the potential to transform tunnels; nevertheless, urban transportation and the tunneling sector will alter much more as a result of this innovation. Following the current from Tesla as well as SpaceX, Musk discusses the excavation of his new project and his ambition to establish a future on Mars in his latest speech. He also wishes to imagine a future in which automobiles are electric, weather-resistant, and capable of driving themselves, which may unavoidably become a reality. At the moment, the Boring Company is engaged in active structures or long-term planning. All of these would result in a future that is more technologically advanced and saves time.


TED. (2017, May 3). Elon Musk: The future we’re building — and boring | TED. YouTube.


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