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The Abortion Issue

Fisher, Barbara, et al. “A Cognitive Approach to Patient-Centered Abortion Care.” The New Civil War: The Psychology, Culture, and Politics of Abortion., 1998, pp. 301–328.

The psychosocial aspects of abortion are covered by Fisher et al. in counseling patients before, during, and right after the procedure. This article These authors present a cognitive theory-based approach to patient-centered care. They apply a theory while providing pre- and postabortion counseling to women who want a first-trimester abortion under local anesthetic. It also serves as the foundation for encouraging interactions between personnel and patients during the abortion procedure. This article is credible because it is provided by the American Psychology Associations’ peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Peer reviews help APA journals make decisions about which manuscripts to publish. In my research essay, this article will help me peruse the abortion counseling literature. I can effectively understand the fundamental cognitive strategies that should be applied during counseling. Fisher et al.’s article will further allow me to discuss therapy techniques for women who have experienced abuse or are struggling due to their religious convictions.

Gruber, J., et al. “Abortion Legalization and Child Living Circumstances: Who Is the ‘Marginal Child’?” The Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 114, no. 1, 1 Feb. 1999, pp. 263–291.

Through a selection effect, Gruber et al. investigate how increased access to abortion affects children’s average living conditions. These authors advocate for varying the state-by-state legalization dates for abortion. Some negative consequences significantly decreased for cohorts born after abortion became legal. Gruber et al. discovered that the marginal child would have had a 40–60% higher likelihood of living in a single-parent household, being poor, receiving welfare, and dying as an infant. This article has a personal identification code ( which makes it credible. I intend to use this article in my research to address the most contentious public policy issues of abortion facing citizens today. It will help me understand how a woman’s decision to carry a pregnancy to term may be influenced by her abortion status.

Josephine, Sahaya. “Abortion: A Public Health Issue.” BMJ, vol. 324, no. Suppl S2, 2002, p. 020218.

Josephine explores the possibility of both induced and spontaneous abortions. She explains that miscarriage is a common phrase for accidental pregnancies, and termination or, less frequently, abortion is used for induced pregnancies. Any pregnancy that is ended at fewer than 24 weeks (in Britain) or under 500 g (according to the World Health Organization) qualifies as a termination of pregnancy or induced abortion. The article’s inclusion of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) system makes it credible. In my study, this article will play a crucial role in helping me examine the historical data about abortion. I will be able to understand the evolution of various Abortion Acts and make an informed decision about the procedure. Josephine demonstrates that induced abortion has been practiced since the time of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Abortion was prohibited in Britain in the 19th century, and many women suffered and lost their lives.

Nixon, L et al. “‘Regret,’ ‘Risk,’ and ‘Murder’: An Analysis of Abortion Stigma in the News.” Contraception, vol. 94, no. 4, 1 Oct. 2016, p. 399.,

Nixon et al. contend that abortion frequently grabs media attention. However, they investigate whether such headlines undermine or support efforts to delegitimize the abortion situation. The article reveals that the Sea Change Program and Berkeley Media Studies Group are working together to examine and pinpoint media portrayals of abortion stigma and explore solutions. This source is credible because it comes from a published international reproductive health journal. It will help me analyze the impact of using stigmatization frames and language about abortion. According to research by Nixon et al., news coverage of abortion in the United States paints a false picture and may contribute to its associated stigmatization.

O’Connor, Karen. “Defining the Abortion Issue and Getting on the Public Agenda.” No Neutral Ground? 2020, pp. 17–33.

O’Connor investigates how the abortion issue was brought to the public’s attention after it first became a private matter. Legislators in Connecticut had no idea what problems their decision to make it illegal to give a woman any form of deadly chemical to induce an abortion would have in the future. However, when a state government decided to make some abortions illegal, the outcome was sealed. O’Connor shows three other states swiftly enacted abortion bans after Connecticut, a state with a sizable Catholic population, did so per the Roman Catholic Church’s new position. This source is credible because it is obtained from a reliable book (ISBN 97804290038860). O’Connor’s research will help me explain the state’s efforts to outlaw abortions after the Civil War. I understand that the American Medical Association, a recently created organization, played a significant role in the influential anti-abortion movement that inspired these initiatives.


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