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Strategic Planning and Development

Strategic planning is an essential tool for directing health organizations. It provides a framework for how an organization intends to improve in its desired future. For example, a comprehensive, integrated healthcare system can formulate a strategy at several levels, such as business, category, organizational, and operational. The Augusta university medical center central and essential role as strategic manager of each unit is to facilitate the planning process. The strategic planning process is structured and fully integrates with the short-term and long-term goals of the organization. In addition, it initiates a decision-making process that governs the activities and structure of the organization by identifying current organizational aspects. The organization should have an app to eliminate confusion while applying strategies. Strategic planning in health care facilities is fundamental to understanding institutional progress, development, and the provision of adequate and quality services. Strategic planning empowers healthcare facilities to assess different and rapidly changing conditions affected by various components. Understanding the critical processes in health care organizations is essential in establishing short-term and long-term goals, implementation, and evaluation of the evaluation process. This paper outlines the current events of the Augusta university medical center.

Difference between Strategic Management, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning, and Managing Strategic Momentum

Strategic management is referred as the process of managing an organization’s assets with the critical purpose of accomplishing its purposes and goals. This includes creating objectives, and assessment of the competition, evaluating an organizations external and internal environment, assessing the tactics and strategies and ensuring the management gears such plans through the organization (Mercer et al., 2018). There are several perspectives of strategic management in healthcare organizations. The prescriptive approach institutes how approaches and policies requiring to be reinstated, while the descriptive approach focuses on how the organization can execute the set in place methods (Mercer et al., 2018). These prescriptive and descriptive approaches schools of thought are different in the sense of whether the strategies are developed or not through systematic procedures.

There are three characterizations in strategic management: strategic thinking, planning, and momentum management. Strategic thinking is a capacity that permits organizations to involve profound thought to take care of perplexing issues and plan for what is to come. These abilities are fundamental for accomplishing business objectives, defeating deterrents, and confronting difficulties – mainly when it requires weeks, months, or even a long time to finish. Strategic planning incorporates fundamental examination abilities that assist an association with accomplishing its objectives (Mercer et al., 2018). The Augusta college clinical focus ought to have the option to dissect different thoughts and the portion of interior assets. This underlying examination is fundamental in making a technique that lines up with the current truth. The second stage in essential administration is momentum management.

Momentum Management is the association’s managerial capacity used to define boundaries, center around power and assets, and refine Augusta college’s clinical focus on reacting to evolving conditions (Mercer et al., 2018). It is a significant undertaking that produces meaningful choices and activities that shape and guide an association, who it works for, how it treats, why it centers around the future (Mercer et al., 2018). Successful vital arranging implies where the Augusta college clinical focus is and the means expected to advance and succeed.

A fundamental reason for the board is to keep up with vital energy. This incorporates beating dormancy and accomplishing genuine work to accomplish explicit objectives. It depends on coordinating the dynamic cycles and their outcomes. Successful administration is a learning interaction given vital reasoning, vital preparation, and assessment of solid execution. The way to deal with a technique is to recognize arising examples and assist them with causing what is going on (Mercer et al., 2018). Adjusting to the climate and educational plan advancement distinguishes and incorporates basic techniques for adapting to the world. The Augusta healthcare focus might wind up with a startling procedure because of the surge of occasions and conditions. This is the advancement of arising methodology.

One Specific Analytical Tool Suitable for Use as an Adaptive Strategy

Porter’s five-force framework considers buyers, retailers, suppliers, current competition, and the competitive threat of replacement products. The main idea is that the company can be more profitable by understanding how five forces affect the competitive environment. Porter’s five-force model provides a comprehensive view of the competitive environment and is very helpful in understanding the competitive environment. Five Forces analysis is regularly used to distinguish industry designs to decide a business system. The Porter model can be utilized in any area of the economy to comprehend the degree of contest inside the business and improve the organization’s drawn-out productivity. The number and strength of contending corporate contenders, potential new market members, providers, clients, and substitutes items impact the organization’s benefits. Examining the Five Forces can direct a business technique to increment cutthroat benefit.

An Example of How the Selected Analytical Tool Will Be Used to Support the Strategic Proposal

Porter Five-Force Model is principally founded on the idea that five powers choose the movement and strength of business competition. The five forces help choose which strength lies in the business venture environment in Healthcare organizations consistently utilize Porter’s five powers to perceive that new administrations or items can benefit. With mastery in which the strength lies, the idea additionally can choose districts of power, upgrade shortcomings, and avoid botches. The five forces are:

  1. Supplier capability. This involves looking at how smooth it is for providers to elevate prices. This is pushed by: the variety of providers of vital inputs, the range in their product or service; length relative to provider capability; and the value of switching from one provider to another.
  2. Consumer capability. This involves checking how smooth it is for clients to decrease prices. This is pushed by the variety of customers within the marketplace, the significance of every consumer within the industry, and the varying charges from one provider to another. If an enterprise has potential customers, it could generally run out of names.
  3. Competition. The principal driving force is the variety and capacity of competition with inside the marketplace. Many competition offers seamless merchandise and services and will lessen the marketplace attraction.
  4. Threat of change. Similar merchandise at the marketplace will increase the probability of clients switching to different gadgets because of growing prices. This reduces each provider capability and marketplace attraction.
  5. Threat of recent entrants. Profitable markets entice new entrants, which removes earnings. Unless incumbents have sturdy and long-time period access barriers, along with patents, a slight economy, mortgage requirements, or authority’s policies, profits will drop to a degree of competition.

Internal and Three External Factors That Could Become Barriers to the Success of the Proposed Strategic Plan

Regarding the Augusta university medical center, the main internal factor which could affect the achievement of the proposed strategic plan entails the absence of diversity in the workplace. The Augusta university medical center is not sufficiently diverse because its growth A few working organizations might experience issues regarding assisting different representatives with coordinating. Helping employees feel associated and significant is a significant piece of assisting them in making smooth progress in the workplace. On the off chance that associations don’t have the suitable projects to help with an assortment of preparing, they cannot help as expected coordinate a renewed individual into the workplace. Many degrees of joining are required, including correspondence and issues connected with The Augusta college clinical focus working environment value like compensation value, work commitments, and the sky is the limit from there.

Lack of leadership in The Augusta university medical center means the organization will remain behind under the current development. Being a leader requires developing a strategy and clearly articulating the idea so that the whole group understands the goal. The Augusta university medical leaders should encourage team members to join a new idea and implement new strategies when an idea is put forward. Even if the leaders do all of this well, they still need to be consistent facilitators, project managers, and evaluators of strategic implementation. Without motivation, new strategies fall behind as workers return to their normal ways of doing things. Before implementing a new strategy, The Augusta university medical leaders should look at available resources. For example, a new customer retention system can help a team perform more efficiently from sales through delivery. Some strategies require a large staff. Without you, seeing a new strategy work effectively has potential problems. Lack of resources can affect marketing, talent acquisition, and new distribution programs.


  • Solution The Possible Barriers to Implementing My Proposed Strategic Plan

The Augusta university medical center leaders need to educate themselves on the best leadership practices to be successful. Leaders who successfully manage organizational changes by quickly adapting to a new culture are more likely to succeed. The Augusta university medical center leaders must always strive to improve their leadership skills. Self-assessment is a necessary process between leaders and their knowledge—this self-assessment is a leader’s primary assessment of their competence and ability to lead employees to productivity. Self-assessment is an essential and good skill for leaders to lead employees better. Therefore, self-assessment has shown how leaders deal with their responsibilities and interact well with employees. Creating a diverse work environment can bring a few benefits to your business to overcome barriers to diversity. Also, when employees are aware of the different characteristics and backgrounds, they can easily find ways to use these different strengths to achieve the same goal. Employees who can appreciate a variety of shared experiences with colleagues can encourage broader collaboration.

  • The specific segment of the market that my organization’s strategic plan will target

Strategic planning in health care organizations involves creating goals and setting goals that the organization considers long-term. With these goals and objectives in mind, The Augusta university medical center can create a plan to achieve them. Longevity brings opportunities for older adults and their families and communities. The Augusta university medical center can successfully innovate in these opportunities and gain business growth. They better understand the market volatility and diversity of older adults as consumers and view them as assets rather than a burden on society. Although there are no older “normal” consumers, other features and tangible facts may be more common, including family and community, purchasing information, product and packaging marketing, food and nutrition, and health. The longevity of life is affected by health and emphasizes the importance of healthy, age-related behaviors such as nutrition and active lifestyle.

The most effective approach to marketing my strategic plan

With advances in technology, changes in government regulations, and intensifying competition, healthcare providers face the major challenge of separating services from other facilities. A solid marketing strategy allows providers to reach patients unaware of these important services. Healthcare marketers develop strategic planning processes to enable providers to make better marketing decisions and increase the value of their marketing budgets. Marketing objectives include raising awareness, getting people to try the product, providing information, retaining loyal customers, increasing product use, and identifying potential customers. And it involves educating potential customers about what it takes to “co-create” the services offered. Use catchy slogans to raise product awareness. Individuals typically use informative advertising because they don’t buy the product or support nonprofits until they understand what it does and profits from. In this way, informative advertising can arouse interest in the product.

Social media has become an influential and indispensable platform that can be used as social media and as a great way to sell your products digitally. The power of social media is amazing because you can reach a large number of people within seconds of posting an ad. This will reduce costs and allow potential viewers to access your ads through these social media ads. With its many online users, Augusta University Medical Centre should not miss marketing opportunities in these digital forums to reach the maximum number of potential buyers compared to printed and television marketing. To reach your target audience at the most effective price, it’s important to use the most used customer platform. Nothing beats a social networking site where most users spend most of their time day and night. Augusta University Medical Center is a social media business and needs to leverage these customer practices to help generate valuable leads. These social media channels enable organizations to attract the right information to the right customers at the right time and to show their products and services to potential customers at the right time. This is how such a communication website works. This will enable Augusta University Medical Center to take full advantage of its social media marketing strategy.


Conclusively, diverse social media platforms give different information meaningful to corporations when building effective advertising strategies. For instance, social media is the source of invaluable information for consumers searching for an organization to purchase from. Clients seek information on social media such as new product offers, promotions and discounts, extra materials, news releases, and client service. Consequently, the Augusta university medical center can ensure clients get every kind of information they desire or need by posting every new offer, discount, promotion, and news release on Facebook and Twitter pages. The Augusta university medical center utilizes Facebook to provide outstanding and remarkable services via addressing inquiries, tackling challenges, and dealing with client grievances. Such may establish immediate customer awareness, create trust, improve traffic to the primary website of the Augusta university medical center, and eventually lead to increase sales and higher profitability.


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