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Strategic Entrepreneurship Report: Revolutionizing Education Subscription in Greece


Living in an era that is typically defined by consumer preferences that are dynamic and focusing on overall child development, this business proposal will specifically discuss in detail an innovative business and venture that is aiming at reshaping the education subscription landscape in Greece. The proposed subscription that is based on book and toy services does amalgamate the success of different international models like Lovevery and KiwiCo with a special and unique addition of curated book boxes and this is important as it addresses a gap that has not been explored in the Greece market. This business proposal paper will specifically discuss and carry out a comprehensive analysis, exploring market dynamics, pestle factors, SWOT considerations, growth strategies, and competitor landscape. The business proposal will be crafted to ensure that it does meet the dynamic expectations of the industry and this is strategically positioned to become a trailblazer, offering educational experiences that are unparalleled for children who are aged between 0-12.


Agkou which is a business venture in Greece brings about a distinctive subscription-based toy and book service and this is strategic as it addresses a gap that is there in this industry for children aged between 0-12. Learning from the success of subscription toy services such as Lovevery and KiwiCo, Agkou will in a unique way integrate the experience of reading through curated book boxes. The target market demographic, in this case, will include suburban and urban families in Greece who prioritize a holistic developmental appearance for their children. By therefore ensuring that one combines age-appropriate books with high-quality educational toys, the business will aim at ensuring that it does revolutionize how different families approach their children’s learning and playtime. Closely looking at the Greece market, the research has noticed that it does lack services that are comparable and this serves as an opportunity that the business can use to establish itself as a pioneer in this unexplored niche. With a very small supply and competition, the curated subscription services that the venture will provide will position the business as a leader in the market which will come with the advantage of offering innovation and convenience to parents who are seeking educational and engaging services for their children.


As an experienced entrepreneur who is seeking to explore this new venture, my strengths lie in the combination of adaptability, strategic vision, and a foundation that is very solid in the business management field. With the ability to understand customer behavior and a background in marketing, I will bring the ability to understand and identify different market trends and turn them to be actionable strategies. My organizing abilities in project management help me execute company strategies and activities. I can adjust to market developments and handle the changing entrepreneurial environment thanks to my flexibility. This trait enables fast decision-making and seizing chances.

In as much as I know my strengths, acknowledging weaknesses is very important when it comes to both professional and personal growth. Management of time can be a challenge and I do recognize the need to ensure that I do come up with systems that will help in ensuring that I do boost my productivity. In addition to my solid background in marketing which is an asset, I do understand the importance of continuous learning about the developmental and educational aspects of children as I may lack experience and expertise in this area. Despite these weaknesses, the commitment that I have to ensure that I continuously learn and surround myself with a diverse team is a strength that will help in tackling these weaknesses. I am therefore confident that my effort to address these weaknesses and my combined strength will help in ensuring that there will be success and sustainability in the business venture in Greece.


3.1 SWOT Analysis:

Strengths (S): Agkou as the business venture will benefit from a unique combination of curated book boxes and educational services and this will help in providing a holistic learning experience. The absence of stiff competition in Greece helps in positioning Agkou as an innovator and at the same time offering an untapped and fresh concept. In addition, the increasing trend of parents prioritizing developmental and educational activities for their children does agree with the business model of the company.

Weaknesses (W): One of the weaknesses that can be seen in this case is the learning curve that is associated with understanding the diverse needs that children have. The need for continuous market adaptation and time constraints also pose challenges.

Opportunities (O): Looking at the market in Greece, one can see that it does pose huge opportunities due to the absence of comprehensive subscription services that combine both books and toys. The recent increased focus on early childhood education and the continuous demand that has been there on curated solutions create an environment that is favorable for the business (Dradi, 2020). Collaboration with influencers and local educators could also enhance Agkou company’s reach and credibility.

Threats (T): Some of the external threats that the company might experience include economic hardships that will in the process affect spending on non-essential services. Regulatory changes in the general education sector may also be seen as a threat to the growth of the business.

3.2 PESTEL Analysis:

Political: The political conditions in Greece are stable and this is important as it does provide an environment that is favorable for the general business operations. The different initiatives that support early childhood education could positively also influence the general venture. However, the potential changes in the regulations that are related to the different educational products may need very close monitoring.

Economic: The economic revival in Greece offers prospects for indulging in educational and leisure pursuits via discretionary expenditure. The buying power of our target market is significantly influenced by two important economic indicators: disposable income levels and consumer confidence (YAZICI, 2020).

Sociocultural: The prevailing societal patterns in Greece prioritize education and comprehensive growth, which is in line with our company approach. It is essential to have a comprehension of the specific cultural subtleties in the area to customize our products and services to align with the expectations of families.

Technological: The continuous change and advancements in digital platforms and e-commerce do offer effective and efficient channels that help in reaching our target market. According to research done by Yadav & Tripathi, (2022), using technology therefore for personalized recommendations and engaging content could in the process promote customer engagement.

Environmental: Greece’s increasing environmental awareness might influence packaging decisions and sustainable practices. Using eco-friendly packaging is in line with changing customer demands.

Legal: The deliberate compliance with the safety standards for the products of the children is very important. Adhering to and continuously monitoring any advancements and changes in policies that are related to educational services will be very essential in ensuring that the operations of the business are sustained (Chen et al. 2016).

3.3 Competitor Analysis:

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) focuses on the direct fusion of curated book boxes and educational toys and this differentiates the venture from bookshops or traditional toy stores (Liang et al., 2023). The curated approach taken by the venture does help in providing a one-stop solution for parents who are seeking age-appropriate reading books and developmental toys.

Competitor Comparison:

  • Lovevery and KiwiCo:

In as much as these international competitors do have working and successful subscription models, the venture that we are presenting here does differentiate itself by ensuring that it incorporates curated book boxes and this is important as it offers a diverse and comprehensive learning experience as discussed by Sakellariou & Banou, (2020) in their research.

  • Local Toy Stores and Bookshops:

Our subscription service offers convenience and curation that traditional brick-and-mortar solutions do not. Our goal is to profit from the transformation in customer behavior brought about by digital.

Value Proposition: The venture’s main differentiating factors include curation, convenience, and comprehensiveness. The curated book boxes that are coupled with the toys do create and provide a well-rounded approach to help in child development. The fact that the business does door deliveries promotes a positive customer experience (Chauhan, 2023).

Positioning Strategy: The business venture positions itself as a pioneer in the Greece market, it emphasis on innovation, quality, and the convenience of curated subscription services. The collaborations with local parenting communities and influences will increase the business’s strength position.

Basis of Competition: Holistic and innovative offering is the basis of competition for the venture. As mentioned by Marzuki et al., (2021), by continuously and consistently delivering products that are of high quality, interactive online platforms, and personalized recommendations, the venture will be successful in creating a loyal customer base.


The new venture, Agkou, which is a subscription-based toy and book service in Greece, combines innovation, fills market gaps, and adapts to changing customer tastes—all of which are characteristics of the perfect business model. According to Albastroiu et al. (2021), a company that can be considered perfect will not only address the current requirements but also foresee the trends that are emerging. The business has the potential to grow significantly and become profitable in this situation.


In conclusion, the envisioned subscription-based books and toy service stands as an entrepreneurial response to the need that is unmet in the Greek market, by incorporating a desire and commitment to childhood development and innovation. Equipped with a solid SWOT analysis, a comprehensive PESTEL evaluation, and a deep comprehension of competitors, the venture, Agkou, is positioned to capitalize on the unique value proposition. The thoughtful preparation that went into this project is further shown by the strategic split of start-up cash and possible financing sources (Chan, 2022). Being leaders in Greece’s educational subscription market when we set out on this path is not just a dream, but a real objective. A groundbreaking project that balances education and play will take place, inspiring a new generation of inquisitive thinkers.


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Appendix 1

Expense Category Estimated Cost (€)
Product Development and Sourcing 50,000
Marketing and Branding 30,000
Technology Infrastructure 20,000
Operational Costs 30,000
Contingency 20,000
Total Start-up Capital 150,000


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