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Statement of Goals and Intentions for the Master of Nursing – Advanced Practice Nursing Specialization Program

Starting the Master of Nursing – Advanced Practice Nursing (MN-APN) Specialization program is crucial to my nursing profession. With experience in emergency medicine, public health, and specialized care for children and youth, I want to use this degree to make a difference in advanced practice nursing. This detailed statement aligns my career aspirations with the MN-APN program and discusses how my broad academic and professional experiences have prepared me for this transformative educational pursuit.

Career Goals and Program Alignment

I want to become an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) in emergency medicine, education, and women’s health, focusing on BIPOC maternal and child health disparities. The customized MN-APN curriculum will help me improve my skills and adapt to advanced nursing. According to Wheeler et al. (2022), APNs with master’s degrees have advanced knowledge, decision-making skills, and clinical competencies for complex advanced nursing practice. MN-APN thrives in providing advanced clinical training for Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) jobs. APNs are crucial to addressing the World Health Organization’s forecasted worldwide healthcare provider shortfall (Wheeler et al., 2022). In emergency care, advanced decision-making is vital for quick and efficient responses. The program’s emphasis on nurse leaders matches my desire to mentor future healthcare workers.

Previous Academic and Work Experience

My emergency and specialty care experience prepared me for MN-APN. BLS/AED Level HCP, PALS & ACLS, and CTAS certificates demonstrate my commitment to continuing education and advanced nursing skills. As a Travel Registered Nurse, I have provided emergency room care at all acuity levels. Daily interaction with doctors and healthcare teams has improved my interpersonal and communication skills. My intravenous therapy and wound care skills meet MN-APN’s advanced clinical competencies. Beyond the emergency department, my Public Health Nurse and Registered Nurse experience in Kinark Children and Youth and Maple Hurst Correctional Complex has improved my holistic care, crisis intervention, and infection prevention and control. My broad background makes me a good fit for the MN-APN program’s challenging curriculum.

The Transformative Journey Ahead

I want to experience the MN-APN program’s transformation, not just attend graduate school. This program’s unique blend of academic knowledge, clinical skills development, and leadership development matches my goal of becoming an influential and adaptable APN. Through this education, I plan to improve healthcare systems with advanced clinical and leadership skills. As an aspiring APN, I’m interested in emergency care because I know how timely and effective treatments affect patient outcomes. The MN-APN program’s advanced decision-making will help me handle complex emergencies and provide the best patient care. I also like the program’s focus on nursing leaders because I want to improve my practice and mentor young healthcare workers.

Educational Preparedness: A Foundation for Excellence

My BLS/AED Level HCP, PALS & ACLS certifications, and CTAS certificate have prepared me for the MN-APN program’s intellectual rigor. These qualifications and my emergency department experience have improved my clinical skills and inspired a desire to keep up with medical advances. My Travel Registered Nurse career has been marked by adaptability and proficiency, from emergency departments to specialty care. As illustrated by Wheeler et al. (2022), daily collaboration with physicians and healthcare teams improves my communication and interpersonal skills, which are crucial for advanced practice nursing. These experiences have enhanced my clinical skills and emphasized collaborative, patient-centered care, which the MN-APN program values. I have expanded my skills as a Public Health Nurse and Registered Nurse in specialized settings in addition to emergency medicine. Holistic care, crisis intervention, and infection prevention and control have been used in these encounters.

A Glimpse into My Professional Odyssey

My diverse professional background has improved my emergency medicine skills. As a Travel Registered Nurse, I assessed patient needs, modified care plans, and implemented interventions in emergency departments. Chau et al. (2022) emphasize a master’s degree, positive traits, effective communication, and managerial support for advanced practice. I monitored drainage devices, administered intravenous therapy, and managed complex wounds in this dynamic environment. Working with doctors and healthcare teams, I demonstrated patient care expertise. Besides clinical tasks, I mentored and built cohesive teams to promote collaboration. I learned pain assessment, intravenous drug administration, and patient and family advocacy in subsequent roles.

My critical care skills improved at William Osler’s Emergency Department, including cardiac monitoring and ventilator assistance. Beyond emergency medicine, my time as a Peel Public Health Nurse showed my dedication to community health and preventive care, improved immunization rates, and management consultation on implementation. I adapted to triaging diverse healthcare needs, working with interdisciplinary teams, and responding to emergencies and crises as a Kinark Children and Youth RN. I was committed to privacy and healthcare ethics. At Maple Hurst Correctional Complex, I tailored treatment programs, provided clinical care, and collaborated with correctional officials, demonstrating adaptability in diverse healthcare settings. As an Ontario Ministry of Health Covid Case Manager, I advised on COVID cases and contact management and researched outbreak data while following ministry instructions.

Throughout my career, I have prioritized safety, customized treatment, and patient diversity. My experience in advanced medical techniques, complex interventions, and interdisciplinary teamwork makes me a good advanced practice nurse candidate.

Building Bridges in Public Health

As a Peel Public Health Nurse, I developed new immunization strategies to improve community health. I helped management and stakeholders create and implement solutions to fulfill the district’s varied age groups’ healthcare needs. My knowledge of COVID-19 protocols, Covax, and cold chain management demonstrated my adaptability to changing healthcare concerns. My experience administering mass vaccination clinics for public and school settings, focusing on COVID-19 vaccine distribution, shows my ability to manage complicated public health efforts. I offered direct nursing services to individuals and families in clinics using the Nursing Process, following CNO guidelines. Reporting promptly and accurately, working with emergency professionals, and participating in multidisciplinary care planning demonstrated my dedication to holistic and collaborative treatment.

Caring for Vulnerable Populations

I learned child-specific care while working as a Kinark Children and Youth Registered Nurse. Assessing child health, generating specific care plans, and triaging healthcare needs demonstrated my patient-centered care. Collaboration with interdisciplinary teams and professional standards has shown my dedication to high-quality care in varied healthcare settings. In emergency treatment, crisis intervention, health teaching/counseling, and infection prevention and control, I have adapted to fulfill the complex healthcare demands of vulnerable populations.

Navigating Correctional Healthcare Challenges

In Maple Hurst Correctional Complex, I experienced correctional health concerns. I demonstrated my adaptability to varied healthcare environments by creating treatment programs, administering clinical and technical care components, and tracking and reporting inmate symptoms and changes. My commitment to precise and complete healthcare records was reinforced by documenting nursing encounters, inmate replies, and supervisory and physician collaboration. I demonstrated my capacity to work in a multidisciplinary healthcare environment by communicating with interdisciplinary teams.

Reflections on Leadership and Collaboration

My career strengths include leadership and interdisciplinary teamwork. Doctors, healthcare teams, and unlicensed workers must operate in emergency medicine. My mentoring and coaching have built trust and expertise in a supportive environment. Management and I designed immunization clinics in public health. Kinark Children & Youth and Maple Hurst Correctional Complex showed how to communicate and collaborate for exceptional care in varied contexts. As Wheeler et al. (2022) illustrated, a nurse’s experiences demonstrate their commitment to collaborative, patient-centered advanced practice nursing.


My career path leads to the MN-APN program. I want to improve BIPOC’s maternal and child health through emergency medicine, education, and women’s health. My academic and work experience and the MN-APN program’s comprehensive curriculum make me a motivated and well-prepared candidate. I want to become a skilled and compassionate advanced practice nurse to help fill the global healthcare provider gap.


Chau, J. P., Lo, S. H., Lam, S. K., Saran, R., & Thompson, D. R. (2022). Critical elements in nursing graduates’ transition to advanced practice roles and their perceived impact on patient care: an exploratory, descriptive study of graduates’ and their managers’ perceptions. BMC nursing21(1), 122.

Wheeler, K. J., Miller, M., Pulcini, J., Gray, D., Ladd, E., & Rayens, M. K. (2022). Advanced practice nursing roles, regulation, education, and practice: A global study. Annals of Global Health88(1).


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