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Smoking Habits Bad for Health

Smoking is the practice of breathing in and exhaling smoke from burning plant material. Although several plant materials are smoked, such as hashish, opium, and marijuana, tobacco is most frequently connected to the act when smoked in a cigarette, cigar, or pipe. Over 8,000 years of tobacco use are known. The advent of maize-based agriculture in Central Mexico around 5000 BC is thought to have marked the beginning of tobacco growth. The High Rolls Cave in New Mexico contains farmed and wild tobacco remnants that date from 1400 BC to 1000 BC, according to radiocarbon dating techniques. These drugs have greatly affected the users and have caused poor health to those people. Some of the health issues are described below.

Tobacco smoking has led to death as it causes coronary heart disease, upper respiratory and lung cancer, chronic obstruction, pulmonary illness, congenital disabilities, and fetal underdevelopment. Avoiding tobacco smoking is essential because if cessation starts in early adulthood, it is prevented, and the danger rise is subsequently avoided. The other importance of avoiding smoking is avoiding the risk of giving birth at any point. (West,2017)

The lungs’ tiny air sacs and airways are damaged by smoking. As soon as a person starts smoking, harm is done, and their lungs only worsen. Even so, it could take some time before the issue manifests itself to the point where lung illness can identify an illness. Smoke damage can result in life-threatening long-term lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Along with worsening already-existing lung conditions like asthma, smoking can also increase the risk of lung infections like pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Effects of passive smoking on children that have been scientifically proven as a pregnant mother come into contact with people smoking tobacco. It can lead to the reduced head circumference at birth, increasing incidences of middle ear diseases. The benefit of pregnant women staying away from smoking tobacco is that they protect the unborn child’s health. Tobacco smoking can also cause high blood pressure in the unborn. (Chelchowska et al.,2018)

Cannabis is a psychoactive substance derived from the Cannabis plant, widely known as marijuana and under various names. It has widely spread among many countries worldwide, and many people have been greatly affected by their health status. The cannabis plant, indigenous to Central and South Asia, has been used for ages in traditional remedies and as a narcotic for recreational and entheogenic uses. Marijuana smoking has caused many diseases like; periodontal disease, dental caries, oral soft tissues, and head and neck cancers. (Keboa et al. 2020).

Cannabis smoke immediately enters the bloodstream when inhaled into the lungs, and the chemical components quickly go to the brain and other organs. The effects could start to take effect in a matter of seconds to minutes, which is very dangerous to the body of a human being.

Smoking marijuana affects how patients are treated throughout dentist offices. Clinical difficulties have been noted in three sections of the literature: history taking and treatment planning routine follow-up. As an illustration, certain dentists in the United States reported having trouble getting a cannabis license. Patients’ histories and the difficulty of referring cannabis smokers who require further assistance in areas where Cannabis used recreationally is forbidden. According to the research, smoking frequently and continuously of cannabis damages the supporting structures and gums within the teeth (periodontium). (Keboa et al., 2020)

Both your body and brain are affected by the mind-altering substances in marijuana. It might impair some people’s health and be addicted. When a person becomes addicted, they can quickly become mad. You may experience frequent feelings of anxiety, fear, panic, or paranoia. The use of marijuana may increase your risk of developing clinical depression or exacerbate the signs of any existing mental problems.

Smoking marijuana can cause instability: particularly junctional tachycardia and angina, in a patient who smokes many cigarettes. A significant risk factor for cannabis-induced acute myocardial infarction was excessive cigarette use. Pass phenomena and unstable angina alternative methods for junctional tachycardia. ( Elsayed, 2020)

Hashish and marijuana have comparable mechanisms of action regarding the main psychoactive compounds involved. THC attaches to specific cannabinoid receptors in the brain, causing pleasure, well-being, and sedation sensations. Additionally, THC impacts cognitive abilities like memory, focus, and motor coordination.

Men who smoke have less sperm with the typical shape, worse sperm motility (how they swim), and more DNA damage to their sperm. In this condition, men cannot impregnate women due to this harmful condition.


Smoking causes damage to almost all of the body’s organs, several diseases, and an overall decline in health among smokers. Both short-term and long-term advantages come from quitting smoking, which lowers the risk of smoking-related illnesses and enhances overall health.


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