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Short Story of Julio Cortazar’s ‘’Transiton and Obession’’


In this case, I will narrow down and discuss Julio Cortazar’s, focusing more on his short stories such as Blow-Up and Swinging London. The Film Generation focuses more on themes such as Transition and Obsession. From the previous research. Julio Cortazar is well known as the Argentine Novelist and short storyteller who wrote different stories and poems. Some of the stories which are well said to be written him include Los Premios ‘’ The winner, 1960’’, A manual for Manuel, and also the story of Dragomans Committing Suicide which will be used more to bring out the theme of Transition and Obsession hence bring up some moral lessons in our lives. Still, on the exact other, we are also going to see more of the themes, such as A common theme across several of Cortázar’s stories in Blow-Up and Other Stories concerns pivotal moments of Transition or a climactic “switch” that reframes the narrative and forces the reader to revise their first impressions of the plot and characters of the story in question. Where some authors, when introducing a “switch” or “twist,” rush the actual moment of Transition, Cortázar thrives in these moments and dwells there, tending not to shy away from describing the psychological and metaphysical character of the switch. That is not all about Julio Cortazar. History clearly shows that he was born on August 26, 1914, hence coming in to inspire more people through his stories and poems, which made many people change their lives forever. The parents of Julio Cortazar were Argentine, and he was more educated in an idea which caused him to be more successful in his work. It is well brought out that he was schooled in Argentina and is in a good position teaching a secondary school hence performing his duties as a translator. Since we all know about the Latin American Boom, it is confirmed that Julio was the founder, greatly influencing the entire generation of Spanish-speaking readers and writers in Europe and America. In this case, I will focus more on the Transition and Obsession, which are well seen to be introduced by Julio. I decided to focus on this theme because it influenced more people in Europe and America, making many people change their lives forever. Other articles which are well associated with him include the Blow-up, climatic moment of Transition. Based on the story of Julio, he narrows down. He brings out Transition as the process which involves changing from one state to another, which will be well seen in how the events of Julio were being changed at different times hence doing his work to be more successful. On the other hand, Julio is also well associated with Obsession, the idea of or thoughts that come in a person’s mind during activities.

Another more interesting of the Julio Cortazar’s is the ‘’ End of the game’’. This story narrows down to bring some themes such as hence accomplished of mission bring to our artesian that after everything, they must be an end. It is also well associated with the music of transaction because it shows how Julio Cortazar changed the people of America. Other stories include” Overcoming the Monster ” which had a very significant impact on the people who were in an excellent position to interact with Julio Cortazar. In this story of Julio Cortazar, the hero is being brought out to be in good work of doing away with evil of some kind. Based on this story of Julio Cortazar, it was a way of encouraging all people to be well encouraged and overcome strength.

Since we are discussing Julio Cortazar, it is also suitable for us to focus more on some of their accomplishments which were done by him hence coming in to change the entire life of the whole of the American people. Based on the history of Julio Cortazar, it is well brought out that on August 26- 1914, to February 12 -1984 was introduced as the most experimental Author in South American magic realism due to his best Novels and short stories. Still, under the accomplishments of Julio Cortazar, it is also well seen that he won the highest literary award, making him more popular and talented in his work. The research also brings to our attention that Julio Cortazar was well known for the ‘Boom’ of the Latin America Novels of the 1960s to gain international.

Like any other author, for Julio Cortazar to be in an excellent position to accomplish his goals, he was also well accompanied by some challenges, which in some ways were making his life not to be smooth in his work. Some of the challenges include the challenge of cyber–literature. This occurred in 1963 when the Novel Rayuela by Julio Cortazar was published in Argentina and sold without his permission. Julio Cortazar was also challenged by illnesses such as Schizophrenia, a mental disorder that affects many people in the world, hence putting him not in an excellent position to do his work as he had planned before. The Author has also made us understand more about the theme of Repression, which is very important at the End of each game.

Though Julio Cortazar faced more challenges during his work, it is also well seen that he is more critical to the entire world because of reasons such as being a great writer who inspired many people and making them become good writers in the future. Even today, the history of Julio Cortazar is still well celebrated as an essential member of the Latin boom of the 1950s and 60s. This Author’s work is also seen to be more critical to the other authors because he gives them a chance to understand their own words, making comparisons with Julio Cortazar’s. That is not all about Julio Cortazar. His works are also well seen to be associated with different kinds of themes that are more important to human life. The theme of dependence versus independence is well seen in all of Julio Cortazar’s stories, significantly impacting the lives of different peoples in the world. This theme is well supported by the more than 40 siblings in his story who well seen to be still depending on their parents by inheriting a house from their parents.

After Julio Cortazar’s significant impact on the people, inspiring many to become authors, on February 12, 1984, he finally faced his death caused by a heart attack. He was hospitalized ten days before his death.


In conclusion, the case has made us understand more about Julio Cortazar as the great Author. The issue has fully agreed that Julio Cortazar is an Argentine Novelist and short storyteller who wrote different stories and poems. Some of the stories well said to be written by him include Los Premios,” the winner, 1960’’, A manual for Manuel, Transition and Obsession. That was not enough for the case. We have also narrowed down and discussed more the Obsession and Transition as they are well seen to be some of the themes in novels of Julio. Other well-discussed pieces include the selection of depended, by the siblings depending on their parents by inheriting their houses. Julio’s challenges, accomplishments, and importance are well discussed in our case. Some of the difficulties we have discussed include his book being published in cyber without his awareness.

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