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Setting Credibility and Effective Research Ways in Nursing Documentation

In the dynamic career of nursing, technical communication through the application of reading and writing skills plays an unrestrained role in enhancing patient care and unambiguous communication within hospital facilities. This paper delves into my Reading and Writing Technical Documents essay, with a particular focus on purposeful measures undertaken in ascertaining credibility, utilizing authoritative sources, structuring an intended thesis, conducting careful research, and fostering source explorations. Considering these aspects, this reflection makes clear the critical position of the practices in shaping the nursing documentation world and, hence, enhancing aptitude in patient care standards.

Build Credibility

Credibility is initiated from the very start of the essay with the inclusion of personal experiences into the ideas expressed, thereby connecting readers with challenges and success within real-world nursing practice. Through such relatable anecdote inclusion, as well as maintaining a professional tone at all times, the author remains ideally friendly to his intended readership. Furthermore, the provision of examples from within nursing strengthens this link, alongside an understanding of the challenges faced within daily practice (Tsang, 2020). This is a consistency across the essay to ensure that the writer maintains the right level of genuineness viewed by the reader, considering that the background of the writer is in nursing and engaged in practical works aimed at advancing nursing as a profession.

Relevant Information from the Sources

Most of the peer-reviewed sources are highly valuable in the essay and should be referred to every time there is a need for valid and reliable information. In doing so, the indication of the author, year of publication, and even the perspective that the sources used have been peer-reviewed enhances the credibility of the writer (Hirschey et al., 2019). The significance of currency in research in the area of nursing underlines that information, being a vital tool in practice towards improved patient outcomes, has to be drawn from current sources.

Developing and Revising the Thesis

The earlier thesis is rightly presented to reflect the significance of information in improving practice through efficient communication in nursing documentation. Whereas this stance is informed by both evolving research and natural progression, one thing that readily comes to mind from evolving research is the place of technology within modern nursing documentation (Waltz et al., 2020). This shift in the thesis has been brought about by a change in course after reading literature and natural progression, as the author is inclined to focus her future career on health informatics (Waltz et al., 2020). The revised thesis not only underscores the importance of clear communication but also discusses the integration of technological advancement with nursing documentation, in line with ongoing change that characterizes the nature of the healthcare industry.

Research Methods in Nursing

A research methodology is extensive for the nursing profession, given the responsive nature of the field and an associated need for evidence-based practice (Waltz et al., 2020). The paper highlights systematic approaches in research that include accessing databases such as PubMed, using nursing journals, and using authoritative nursing bodies. It specifies the importance of a detailed literature review and critical analysis of the research studies to ensure that the information collected holds relevance towards real-world nursing.

Research Guidance in Locating and Evaluating Sources

The paper highlights the need for appropriate, accurate information that is consistent during the process of research in nursing documentation. The essay reveals the importance of the alignment of goals set during research with some elements of practice in professional nursing. The research process involves identifying the significance of evidence-based application in the area of nursing practice and the choice of sources that contribute to improved patient care and effective communication (Hirschey et al., 2019). The same can be applied to the workplace/career subjects or nursing, whereby the focus is on documentation and resources that are required to be evidence-based.

In conclusion, this essay has enhanced the importance of focusing on building credibility while using trusted sources, developing a well-revised thesis, having systematic approaches to research, and focusing research on the improvement of nursing doc practices. Through caring for things like the above, nursing professionals can help in creating quality workplace documents that will enhance patient care and improve communication in healthcare.


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