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Self-Evaluation Results

To begin with Personal skills, I am a goal-oriented person with exclusive abilities in project management. I also possess intrinsic prowess in undertaking personal responsibility such as setting goals, creating a plan to improve, improving based on mistakes, honesty, and proper communication skills. Besides, I am a fair negotiator and possess exclusive interpersonal skills. Generally, my skills complement the natural qualities that make me a good project manager.

Similarly, I have particular strengths that enable me to approach issues strangely. Frist can easily foretell likely challenges in a process which is key in suggesting robust solutions. This strength is essential for the success of the activities that I undertake. Another strength is my capability to guide others in painting explicit pictures for others to follow. This makes me a good leader in any system since I can encourage others to work confidently. I can rally others toward achieving great results in such an interaction system. I make processes efficient through an unending need to learn more and obtain new skills. I highly value teamwork with a great taste for good quality.

My primary drives vary, whereas I can describe them with four major ones. Typically, I am a receptive person driven by new ideas, methods, and opportunities that fall outside a particular system for a living. Besides, I have an altruistic drive with a strong belief in other people’s abilities and exclusive talents. I am always ready to support colleagues, friends, and close allies in achieving their dream. I also believe in making decisions based on proven facts and tested methodologies.

For this reason, I have an intellectual drive that tunes me to learn, acquire knowledge and discover the truth. My final drive is based on the contemporary objectives derived from the surrounding. Having evaluated my behaviors, I can define myself as having behaviors pegged on dominance, steadiness, and compliance. I can decide independently how I feel, which is a key element in my problem-solving abilities.

Small Business Management Development.

Being a good manager of a business of any kind requires one to possess skills that can help to help team members to meet certain performance metrics (Hoffman & Tadelis, 2021). The manager should create an atmosphere where employees are accountable and focused. The report states that I can seek opportunities to enhance my ever-changing living system. ( Uuuu) Managing a small business demands a lot to survive in a competitive environment. Taking the role recommends that I must be consistent in my good areas and develop in areas of my weakness.

Based on the self-evaluation results, I have a strong foundation of personal skills and strengths essential to my development as a small business manager. I have natural leadership abilities and am adept at project management, negotiation, and Communication. Accordingly, being a good manager also depends on my ability to anticipate challenges and guide others toward achieving common goals. One of my driving characteristics includes seeking new methods to solve problems. The indigo report profiles my driving characters, stating, ” He will usually have the information to support his convictions. The brain will look for faults in a process before blaming an individual. He has the desire to ensure policies are fair for everyone. He is seeking new methods and ways to expand his future opportunities.” I would use such qualities to set proactive policies aimed at bypassing challenges. I would focus on establishing high competency levels because I am highly motivated by new ideas and intellectual pursuits and helping others achieve my goals.

To further develop as a small business manager, I could consider setting two main goals as follows;

First, I would develop a strategic plan for the business. With my project management skills, I could create a well-thought-out plan with a clear vision, mission statement, and goals. The Indigo report states, “Brain is somewhat conservative in his problem-solving approach. He will accept challenges by being quite calculating in his response to the problem or challenge.” This plan could be used to guide the growth of the business and could be revised as needed to adapt to changing circumstances.

Also, I would improve my marketing and sales skills. Having strong communication skills, I would utilize them to develop further my marketing and sales abilities to promote my business effectively. As one of the adapted charters, the report states on page 6, “Brain sees no need to change his approach to influencing others to his way of thinking. He sees his natural style to be what the environment calls for”. This poses a setback for the need to persuade others to buy my products. My capability to Achieve such skills may require seeking out training or mentorship in this area or exploring different marketing and sales strategies to identify what works best for my business.

Small Business Manager Success

As a developing manager in a small business, there are several steps I can take to obtain results. Here are three essential steps:

First, I would prioritize tasks. As a manager, I prioritize tasks to ensure that the most important tasks are completed first. This means identifying which tasks are critical to achieving the desired results and which can be postponed or delegated (Hoffman & Tadelis, 2021). Prioritizing tasks can help me to stay focused on what is important and ensure that I am making the best use of my time and resources.

I also prioritize effective Communication. As a manager, I must communicate effectively with my team to ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them. This means I must clearly articulate the goals, expectations, and deadlines and provide regular feedback and guidance to my team (Guzmán et al., 2020). Effective Communication can help build trust, improve collaboration, and ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

The third step would involve monitoring progress and adjusting the course. Once I have set clear goals and communicated them effectively, it would be important to evaluate progress and regularly adjust the course as necessary. (Adu et al., 2019) This means I need to track performance against the established goals, identify any obstacles or challenges, and adjust the strategy as needed. By monitoring progress and adjusting the course, I can ensure that I am on track to achieve the desired results and make necessary corrections before it’s too late


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