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Romeo and Juliet, Who To Blame

In Romeo and Juliet, there are many explanations for the deaths of the two teens, but there is one important one that stands out above all the rest. In this tragic story, two young people from opposite families fall in love and marry secretly, without the knowledge of their parents or guardians. Things, however, do not turn out as planned, and the youths are forced to take responsibility for their actions. In William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet,” the Friar Lawrence and the Nurse are both judged responsible in the murders of the young lovers and they are both executed as a result of their actions.

Despite the fact that the children’s parents were not there, Friar Lawrence and the Nurse approved to the marriage of the two youngsters. “Good heart, and I’m confident I will tell her as much” “Come, come with me, and we will get to work right away, since, by your leaves, you will not be forgotten. Someone would raise an objection because Friar Lawrence and the Nurse may have been pursuing a peaceful solution to the matter without taking into mind the possibility that anything could have gone wrong in the course of their efforts.

Neither the Nurse nor Lawrence, on the other hand, were blind to the fact that Romeo and Juliet were children, and neither the Nurse nor Friar Lawrence thought or discussed communicating with their parents about the matter at hand. In their inability to realize how the children were not thinking logically, Friar Lawrence and the Nurse made a critical error, which is crucial because Friar Lawrence and the Nurse should have taken a more mature approach and discussed the situation with the parents. The deeds of Romeo and Juliet were beyond the comprehension and contemplation of Friar Lawrence, despite the fact that he was putting together plans for the couple to be together who believed that as long as the sky is shining upon their pious conduct, they will not be chastised by the after-hours with anguish.

This is important because, if Friar Lawrence had given it more consideration and considered the ramifications, things may have turned out better and the young adults might have been able to spend more time together in a more favorable setting. Even though Friar Lawrence was well aware of the consequences, he believed and held to a notion that everything would turn out the way he had intended, and he did not believe that anything could have gone wrong as a result of his actions. The alternative possibility is that, if Friar Lawrence had understood that his actions would have serious consequences, he would have rethought his actions and Romeo and Juliet may have lived happily ever after.

At long last, the Nurse concluded that Romeo and Juliet should continue their wedding act, and he supported Romeo in slipping into the castle by supplying ropes for him to climb up, all while keeping it a secret from her master’s-parents-parents and their parents. Juliet’s etymology “Thank you for accepting my greetings and for welcoming me to your bedroom. I believe it is Romeo who will soothe you”, “Aye aye the chords”, and the loveliest thing of all, “O, what a great thing learning is!” It is my pleasure to advise your wife that you will be in attendance.”

However, the Nurse was only concerned with following out Juliet’s-her ladyship’s-wishes, and as a result, she was acting without accepting responsibility. Because she was much older and wiser than Juliet, the Nurse should have responded with greater maturity, and she shouldn’t have completely sided with them, particularly when Romeo was exiled from the town, as she ought to have done. Due to the Nurse’s intervention and plotting the completion of a wedding act in order to make things legal, the parents were not informed of her activities or intentions, which made this information critical. The interfering of Friar Lawrence and the Nurse in the lives of Romeo and Juliet is a significant cause in their deaths.

During their time together, Romeo and Juliet were formulating a plan for coping with their own fate. However, despite the fact that they were fully aware that their relationship was not likely to end as pleasantly as it would be if they married someone else, they opted to remain together due to their undying love for one another. When the characters die, the major theme of the play – the forcefulness of love – is brought to mind because it illustrates how deeply they were in love with each other and how their love stopped them from being able to think properly when they were together.

We may deduce from their story that things should not be rushed and that a couple should consider the ramifications of their choices as well as the reactions of others around them. Then there’s the fact that, via his story, William Shakespeare is aiming to make a point about the ridiculousness of family feuds between the Montague and Capulet families, which end up enveloping not just the two lovers but also other characters like as Mercutio, Paris, and Tybalt.


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