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Research Paper: Climate Change

Executive Summary

Climate change is a term referring to significant and long-term shifts and changes in temperatures and weather patterns. These changes and shifts may be natural, but human activities have altered with the natural, predictable pattern (Ahmed, M. 2020). These alterations are brought by daily human activities, including the emission of gas, oil fossils, and other gases producing heat-trapping gases that are not climate-friendly. More everyday emissions of these fossils are the main catalysts of climate change. According to (Whitley et al.,2020), climate change is observed when changes fall from natural predictions and patterns, altering the already established weather patterns. These changes can be lower, higher, or extreme weather events like drought, floods, or excess heat waves. As a result of these climate transformations, the future of humankind, earth sustainability, and the planet’s ecosystem are under threat.

Temperatures and oceans are warming every day, rising sea levels, and glaciers and ice sheets decrease in size every day. These drastic climate changes have brought about unpredictable changes resulting in droughts in most areas. These climate-related changes are expected to continue while new ones develop because they primarily depend on heat-trapping gases emissions caused by human activities. Therefore, our future will be ruined unless we all come together and work towards this threat. It is critically essential to work with relevant authorities that deal with climate and ensure measures are put which are necessary to curb these drastic changes that will continue affecting our economy and environment if left unsolved.


Earth’s climate has drastically changed over the past century and is still changing. Scientific research evidence recently shows how these climate changes are occurring with a dramatic change (Barbier, E et al.,.2018). Climate change is already an established problem that needs to be attended to with immediate effects to save ourselves and the planet from all the impacts of these changes. Organizations dealing with climatic changes should be creating ways to deal with this disaster, although there’s difficulty in developing and implementing management to deal with these changes. Data is there on how to respond to climate change but is not accessible and requires expertise to chip in too in these efforts.

Everybody should implement and practice measures that will see this threat decrease as it is everyone’s duty. These rising emissions from human activities have contributed to global warming, rising sea levels, increment in ocean acidic, extreme weather patterns, storms and droughts that are frequently occurring, and alteration of normal temperatures, which is very extreme. The research study will focus on droughts as an effect of climate change and its effects on crop production.


Climate change shifts in weather patterns are impacting our planet negatively, posing a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Food insecurity, extinction of aquatic animals and wild animals, extremes heatwaves, increase in forest fires. Deforestation is just a few of the impacts these climate changes have on our planet. Climate changes have brought about many problems. Still, this research study focuses on the decrease in crop production, which is the main factor of food security (Jansson, J. et al., 2020). This is a problem that, if left unresolved, will lead to more deaths all over the world and mostly in third-world countries.

Over the past few years, food production has drastically decreased, and there is a shortage of enough food to feed the growing population. Crops yields are decreasing rapidly, and the ratio of the available food to the population is unrealistic and unachievable. Hunger strikes arise every day, and people die due to a lack of this basic need. This is a result of an increase in heatwaves and shortages of rains worldwide. Due to these climate-occurring changes that are repeating and constant, extreme events such as droughts have been experienced greatly and, in the end, affect crop growth and yields. Food security is an existence of a situation where all people, every time, can physically, socially, and economically have access to food that is safe to consume and nutritious in meeting all the dietary needs for healthy living life that is active.

Looking deeply at how these effects have affected every living thing on the planet, there is an urgent call for everyone to put more extra care to reduce these climatic changes effects. Crop production, on the other hand, is the term referring to the maximum production of a certain crop that can be accomplished in one year (Ghosh, A. 2018). Before all these climate changes, farmers could easily predict when is the right season to plant that resulted in maximum yields. There were high recordings of yields increase in production, which hugely impacted food security globally.


This research study aims to show how climate change has greatly affected our planet. It shows more concern on the continuing threatening climate change and how badly its effects are. The research is a call to everybody to come up together and work towards this climate change that is posing a risk to our planet. Concentrating more on focusing on the reality of climate change, the reason why we should care, while highlighting some of the noticeable effects it has on our planet, and in specific crop growth and yields. Showing the need to work on this problem while putting actions into practice is another. Emphasizing people to put more actions and efforts to solve this risk that climate change poses is crucial without any political affiliations. Research on crop production potential under the background of climate change is of great help to fully use the land and other resources to ensure food production is optimized.


Climate change is an urgent issue posing a threat if left unattended. The changing weather patterns that threaten food production, rising sea levels that increase the dangers of disastrous flooding, fires damaging our natural forests, killing our wild animals, and extreme heatwaves and drought are threats and disasters. These climate changes are creating mass extinction and ecosystem loss that threaten all living things on the planet. Without dire and serious actions, adapting to these changes shortly will be hard and expensive.

Climate change is lessening crop yields, the quality of nutrients in most cereals essential for living a dietary life. More effort and investments in adapting these changes will be required to maintain current yields and ensure an achievement in food production and quality to meet the demand.


Climate change has dramatic changes that will continue to erupt until something is done. Different climate changes and effects require different management, response, and solving. An analysis is based on comparing climate change over the years or a time period or observing climatic trends over a given period of interest. In previous years crop yields and production maintained a constant level. Sometimes the production could increase. Farmers could easily predict the production due to climate change patterns that have been established for the longest time. Climate changes were predictable, and the effects on the planet were not as threatening and damaging as nowadays.

Comparison analysis, whereby changes over the past few years and the current climate changes show impacts on our planet. Comparing these changes will help analyze how these changes have occurred, the rate at which the occurrence has occurred, and what triggered the changes. Due to these alterations, animals’ extinction, rising sea levels, hot temperatures, and drought, there are irreversible damages to our natural resources. Observing the changes in climate over the past few years and what caused those changes could help in future predictions. These effects have negatively impacted every sector, economic, social, or political. Knowing what causes these impacts on our planet and working towards implementing solutions will see a decrease overall. This will aid in breaking the already continuing trend and make it reversible to where we were before these drastic climate changes occurred.

Country analysis whereby climate change is historically traced, changes over the years are noted down with its effects on the planet. By doing so, countries can easily get to know the root of these climate changes and concentrate more on its core with resources required working towards achieving a climate change conducive to living under. This will also help each continent know what it requires, where to work on most, where to seek help, and measures to achieve the standard climate change that is predictable and favorable to every living thing.

On-trend analysis observing trends that constantly happen on climate changes will help predict what happens where and when and the impacts it has on the planet. Manufacturing more tools to fit for climate change efforts, making data accessible to the relevant experts, creating more global campaigns on this climate change risk will greatly reduce the most life-threatening threats.


Climate change will continue to pose a threat until we do something about it. These climate changes will continue harming us due to our own mistakes. Risks and dangers will continue to arise every day, affecting us the most and making the planet hard to live on. Hunger strikes will increase, causing more deaths as crop yields and food quality decrease. Heat temperatures will become hot, affecting human health. Oceans will rise, causing floods that can lead to diseases and damage properties. Drought will constantly hit us every time, harming food production and human health if we continue with this negligence as humankind.

These impacts brought by climate changes will see us lagging behind economically as countries due to poor and limited worker productivity. Recovering from threats and risks already caused and those that continue to happen will be costly and expensive to maintain. This is because the tools required for this work are expensive, and only a few experts can come up with measures necessary to fit the job due to the inaccessibility of the data. Lifestyle diseases will be on the rise, hard and expensive to manage. This is due to environmental factors playing a big role and the consumption of low-quality food that does not promote health and actively living life.

Climate change should not be politically debated as it affects every living thing under the sun. It calls for every individual effort and measures all over the world. The government and other bodies that deal with climate and weather should be on the front line leading others to end this disastrous threat. Creating more advanced tools to predict these climate changes and providing them to every continent over the world as an effort to work together. Industries should have chimneys that sieve harmful gases before emitting them into the air. Recycling materials should be at the forefront to reduce the effects on our water systems and maintain clean water and sanitation for our survival.


There are so many recommendations to be put into practice. Climate change is manageable when all the necessary practices are put into place and strictly observed. It is recommended to practice agricultural practices that are prone to changes globally, and agriculture practices contribute to ten percent greenhouse gas emissions. This will reduce the emission of gases that are not climate-friendly.

There should be existing institutions and organizations to research withstanding greater risks caused by abruptly climate change. Such organizations World Water Council could be dealing with managing water systems and sanitization to maintain clear water flow resulting in saving the aquatic life when this climate change hits.

Funding and improving our forecasting and weather-related events organizations such National Weather Service. Forecasting weather and its related events can have huge impacts too. Due to the uncertainties that scientists have on this, climate change can lead to an increase in the effects on the frequency and occurrence of severe storms. This will result in loss of lives as well as property damages. To reduce these tragic events, forecasting can help mitigate what to happen and put all the required measures to reduce the risk.

Campaigns creating awareness globally is another recommendation. More of these awareness campaigns should be running more often, reminding people of the need to take care of our planet. Providing people with the right information on what’s happening globally on the issue of climate change, having updated factual data on climate change, and offering measures on how to deal with climate-related risks will play a big role in this climate change effects reduction that is harmful to our planet.

Encouraging recycling of plastic papers and recyclable materials to ensure a clean environment. This will see the reduction of dirt in our system areas that interfere with aquatic life’s environment. Maintaining clean water areas will increase the lives of aquatic animals and offer clean water that is favorable and conducive for humankind’s survival as water is life.


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