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Research Locating and Appraising

Locating and Appraising Research

This essay will discuss how to search electronic databases effectively while identifying, assessing, and tracking down potential sources of reliable data for our investigation. An electronic database is crucial as it offers peer-reviewed, scholarly materials authored by reputable writers, including reporters, scholars, and subject-matter experts (EBSCO, 2021). Because databases can offer effective search capabilities for limiting a user’s search queries, the database can easily find the required material.


The interview revealed useful details on identifying and evaluating study material and search techniques for electronic databases. The interviewee directed the learner to the library’s modules page and advised the learner to begin by studying the CRAAV memorizing acronym. The acronym has five elements: authority, relevancy, currency, valuable and accurate sources. When looking for reliable research sources, each acronym element is crucial, especially when looking for the most recent data publications, the data effectiveness, understanding the writers, the validity of the source, and the goal.

The interviewee also stressed the value of going over and carefully perusing all of the lectures listed under the program section. The interviewee also outlined how, to begin with, the first session of the research process and then move on to generating a topic afterward. Generate questions related to the chosen topic so that when someone searches for resources, they can locate trustworthy ones using the issue’s keywords. From this point on, a person successfully identifies and evaluates research literature.

Locating Sources

Searching and discovering sources is pretty simple; the hard part is figuring out which articles are the finest to employ. It all relies on what the person is specifically searching for when evaluating resources, such as the on-study research question or the kind of study that is best relevant to that issue under study (HK,2017). It is critical to realize that articles carry many data sets, including treatment protocols, case reports, clinical tests, or qualitative studies.

A consultation with print publications, co-workers, the press, the library, and other sites on the internet must be done for an individual to access information. It is crucial to pay attention to two guidelines when assessing various resources, for instance, “is the material applicable to the subject or issue of research?” or if the proof for the research is valid enough to support it (ECU, 2021). A sophisticated procedure, including knowledge of techniques, dependability, and applicability, involves identifying a credible resource during the process of research.

Finding and analyzing materials for Evidence-Based Practice is done to gather, evaluate, and apply study results to medical care, the workplace, and patient experience. Clinical practitioners have access to the biomedical investigation sufficient to create informed decisions, a great benefit the Evidence-Based Practice offers (Davis, 2021). Finding and analyzing materials is obviously among the most crucial aspects in someone’s pursuit of an answer to a particular issue.

Electronic Databases

The finest electronic resources to start thorough research, for instance, when conducting a study on promoting the psychological well-being of expectant ladies in remote regions, will be CINAHL or PubMed. The two databases will produce a distinct set of search outcomes depending on the data that must be identified. Journal articles related to evidence-based practice are mostly related to CINAHL, while a wide spectrum of clinical and medical results is mostly in PubMed (DPL, 2021). In order to choose how to look for the issue above, it is helpful to review and collect data on every database and the data it contains.

Based on the materials or publications offered, the user might be required to explore particular key terms to discover more details on the subject. The person would begin by searching the “psychological state of expectant ladies in remote regions” to determine what will appear (DPL, 2021). By dissecting the sentence, research and look for important words like ‘expectancy and psychological wellbeing’ or ‘expectancy and remote regions.’

Strengths and Weaknesses

When evaluating a publication’s validity, particular features, and comprehensive data, an excellent technique is identifying its strengths and drawbacks (Davis, 2019). The fact that the material is authentic, up-to-date, and extremely tailored to the author’s demands is its biggest strength. The drawback in this situation would be the lengthy process, which could take many months to collect all the necessary information. Miller (2021) claims that assessing shortcomings and strengths is a practical strategy when identifying probable resources. He continues by noting that a study question must be described as “the group to be researched, procedures, exposures, and results” to strategically narrow a researcher’s resources.

Consider employing a historical primary source as another useful device when constructing substantial resources. According to Davis (2019), using historical primary resources can assist people to gain information, capabilities, and advanced analytics that can be used to analyze and discuss problems when conducting a study. Identifying the resources’ weaknesses and strengths is crucial when developing resources like those mentioned above since it will enable the researcher to focus their search on the most recent, trustworthy, and reliable data.


The stated electronic databases will offer reliable resources for the study necessary to find a solution, so the resources are sufficient. To choose the greatest source to utilize when conducting the study, it is crucial to identify the flaws and strengths of every resource (Nazir, 2015). The database that is used will affect how appropriate a resource is, however it is crucial to obtain material for study from scientific or peer-reviewed publications rather than merely browsing on the Internet since these resources will yield more accurate outcomes.

The way a person searches for information on a subject, for instance the “key” terms they use, is another essential consideration when determining the suitability of a resource. The initiative of assessing a study source typically entails self-questioning more about the reliability of an item and its components (USC, 2021). This is why assessing publication articles is so important in determining their suitability.


Finally, finding and assessing electronic databases is the starting point for finding and assessing high-quality evidence-based study outcomes. One may be sure to find recent, pertinent, author-relevant, factual, and helpful resources throughout their study by using effective search techniques. Gathering, analyzing, and utilizing study outcomes to enhance clinical practice, the workplace, and patient experience, it is the process that involves identifying and evaluating resources for evidence-based practice (Davis, 2021). When researching a problem that needs to be solved, each of the subsequent procedures is crucial.


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