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Reflective Writing: The Buena Vista Social Club

Watching “The Buena Vista Social Club” music film documentary was an eye-opening and exciting experience as the film introduced me to the world of vibrant Cuban music and the energetic Cuban musicians behind the highly spirited music. The documentary left a lasting inspiration and impression on me as it offered me an intimate glimpse of the music and the lives of these spirited and talented artists.

One of the most exciting aspects that inspired me the most was the sheer passion and talent these lively Cuban musicians displayed. In the documentary, it is evident that these musicians were very dedicated to the crafts they played and the lyrics they sang (Al Grano). Moreover, the film showcases their incredible and moving skills and ability to perform with various instruments, like the trumpet, piano, and guitar, not forgetting their mesmerizing vocals (Al Grano). Learning about their musical mastery and musical efforts honed by many dedicated to creating and performing music is fascinating.

Furthermore, the stories of each artist deeply moved me. I learned about their perseverance, struggles, and undying love for music, making me recognize and appreciate their mastery of music art even more (Al Grano). Although most musicians were looked down upon for many years, they did not give up but continued creating and sharing vibrant music with lots of dedication and unwavering passion. Their commitment and resilience to their music art were very inspiring, and they reminded me about musical power that transcends every challenge and unites people of all races.

Moreover, the music and artists in “The Buena Vista Social Club” profoundly influenced and impacted me in many ways. For instance, blending traditional Cuban styles, like that in ‘Son and Bolero’ with some elements of Afro-Cuban and jazz rhythms created a cultivating and unique sound (Al Grano). The heartfelt lyrics, soulful melodies, and infectious rhythms greatly touched me and raised my emotions. Although I had no prior interaction with Cuban music, I found myself flowing with the music, feeling nostalgia, joy, and longing for more Cuban music. Watching the film was an immersive experience that teleported me to Cuba, particularly Havana’s streets, which evoked a strong sense of cultural history and richness.

Encountering the music in “The Buena Vista Social Club” has influenced and changed my perspectives about music. In essence, watching the film has broadened my comprehension of diverse musical genres and traditions that transcend the mainstream. Watching the documentary reminded me of the need to celebrate and preserve cultural and national heritage through music. As such, music is not only for entertainment purposes but plays a special role in connection and storytelling.

Comparing the music in “The Buena Vista Social Club” with the African diasporic I heard in season one, episodes one and two of “Hear in Alabama,” I recognized some potential similarities and differences. Although both musical styles have a common shared African root and incorporate rich elements of rhythmic styles, the music in “The Buena Vista Social Club” has distinct Cuban flavors (SoundCloud). In addition, the Afro-Cuban fusion and influences on other musical genres give Cuban music a unique and distinct identity. Moreover, it fascinated me to witness and understand the influences of the African diaspora in shaping various musical traditions worldwide.

As I conclude, the music in “The Buena Vista Social Club” is enlightening and cultivating encounter that allowed me to have a taste of vibrant music and the incredible musicians behind it. Cuban musicians’ passion, resilience, and talent left an impressive mark on me. Watching the documentary has deepened my appreciation and recognition of diverse musical genres and has expanded my musical scope, thus allowing me to understand music as a powerful universal language. In addition, the film reminds me of the necessity of preserving and celebrating cultural heritage and embracing diverse artistic expressions. Overall, watching the documentary was an exciting encounter and a meaningful journey that enlightened me about the significance and beauty of musical arts.

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