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Psychological Disorders and Their Treatment: Antisocial Personality Disorder

1. Summary 

An antisocial personality disorder is also referred to as sociopathy. This is a mental disorder in which an individual might constantly illustrate no affection for honesty and erroneously and overlook the rights and approaches of other people. Patients who have been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder have the tendency to manipulate, antagonize and treat others punitively or heartlessly with insignificance (Azevedo et al., 2020). The antisocial disorder makes individuals express neither guilt nor being remorseful for their conduct and behavior, and this increases the probability for them to frequently violate the bylaw and eventually fetching into criminal activities. It makes people often tell lies, act aggressively, impulsively, and brutally and have difficulties with drug and substance abuse (Fisher & Hany, 2019). Due to the above-mentioned physiognomies, it is supposed that individuals with antisocial disorder characteristically are not able to accomplish their core responsibilities linked to the school, workplace, or family roles.

The main indications of antisocial personality disorder include symptoms and signs such as indifference, contempt and irrespective of the wrong or right, obstinate in deceit or lying in order to adventure other people, being insensitive, pessimistic and insolent to others, applying charisma and wittiness to influence others for private advantage or individual desire and arrogance (Azevedo et al., 2020). It also involves the intellect of dominance, superiority, tremendously hidebound, recurrent difficulties with the decree, counting unlawful conduct, and recurrently blasphemous to the privileges of others via the pressure and deceitfulness (Fisher & Hany, 2019). While, some individuals might experience impulsiveness, failure to see into the future, aggression, momentous bad temper, anxiety, violence, strength, lack of responsiveness to others, and lack of compunction virtually to hurting others.

Antisocial personality disorder also involves the superfluous adventuresome or hazardous conduct with no respect for the security of other and self, poor and unmannerly relationships, the catastrophe to deliberate the undesirable concerns of comportment and pick up from other individuals. This disorder comes along with constantly reckless and recurrent behaviors of deteriorating to achieve effort or pecuniary of responsibilities. For most cases, the adults with inconsiderate character sickness typically show indications of conduct disorder, prior to performing the symbols and indications of comportment disorder with thoughtful and tenacious conduct difficulties, of antagonism to others, the devastation of property, treachery, stealing, vulgarly, and violation of laws (Fisher & Hany, 2019). The antisocial personality ailment is well-thought-out as a long-term disorder that predominantly has some destructive symptoms and felonious behavior. The deterrence to prevent antisocial personality disorder is mainly applied to the individuals at the risk of developing it (Brochures and Fact Sheets, 2021). For that reason, antisocial behavior is thought to be founded on factors, for example, parenthood, childhood, and pediatricians possibly will be competent to predicament primary cautionary emblems.

2. Diagnostic Criteria

The DSM-5 is the criteria necessary for diagnosis for people with antisocial personality disorder, bearing in mind that they are unlikely to consider that they need basic assistance. For this disorder, the list of DSM-5 criteria has presented a set of problem-solving standards specifying that the indications that are obligate to be obtainable, plus for how extensive and other signs, syndromes discounted to meet the necessities for an exacting analysis (Lynam & Vachon, 2012). In diagnosing antisocial personality disorder, the DSM-5 criteria are capable of helping to intensify the analytic dependability. With these diagnostic criteria, there is a higher probability to crop up with a similar diagnosis through the application of DSM-5 criteria to evaluate the patients with symptoms of antisocial personality disorder (Topics, 2021). It is significant to bear in mind that these criteria are preordained to be offered by qualified mental health specialists by means of medical findings.

These criteria work in the analysis and treatment of antisocial personality disorder signs such as sadness, nervousness, and irritated eruptions, and substance abuse. The key factor in the DSM-5 diagnosis criteria is the approach in which the affected individuals recount to others (Lynam & Vachon, 2012). The antisocial personality disorder diagnosis is characteristically founded on the psychological assessment that determines an individual’s feelings, thoughts, relations, and some behavior configurations of the medical history and personal signs and symptoms scheduled in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) (Lynam & Vachon, 2012). Although antisocial personality disorder cannot be typically diagnosed at early ages, habitually, there are confirmations of some behavioral symptoms.

3. Causes

The previous researches points out that causes of antisocial personality disorder are the mixture of behaviors, emotions, and thoughts, which makes an individual exceptional and inconsiderate (Azevedo et al., 2020). Antisocial personality disorders form during young ages and can be formed through the relations of congenital predispositions and environmentally friendly influences. The precise cause of this disorder is not identified, but genetic factors might make an individual susceptible to emergent antisocial personality disorder (Fisher & Hany, 2019). In some cases, life circumstances might prompt the development of this disorder and vary the way the brain utilities may have occasioned throughout the brain growth.

4. Treatment 

The treatment of antisocial personality disorder involves close continuation, and follow-up done for the long term might be beneficial. It also comprises the mental and medical health specialists with the knowledge and understanding in treating the disorder because it depends on the individual’s specific situation, the readiness to partake in management, and the relentlessness of the symptoms (Mayo Clinic – Mayo Clinic, 2021). The use of psychotherapy as a means of treating this disorder is effective because it includes therapy treatment of antagonism and ferocity management, management for substance and drug abuse, and handling for other psychological health conditions (Fisher & Hany, 2019). The other means of treatment for this disorder is the use of medications that are prescribed by doctors for the symptoms and conditions often linked with an antisocial personality disorder.

5. Resource for Help 

The website that can offer help to someone who is suffering from an antisocial personality disorder and that can be conducted whenever help is needed is the from the Mayo Clinic.


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