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Portrayal of King Arthur

King Arthur is a heroic British king who was responsible for preventing Saxon’s invasion into Britain in the late 5th and early 6th centuries, according to medieval romances and histories (Proctor, 2017). Arthur’s historical background is sparse and gleaned from various sources, including the writings of Gilda, the Historia Brittonum, and the Annales Cambriae, each presenting a different concept of him, his reign, and his army. Some of these sources portray him as a god-like hero who won many battles for Camelot. However, some describe him as not the hero he seemed to be but might have been a helpless and weak king. Due to this contradicting information and lack of enough evidence, it is impossible to narrate the actual history of king Arthur and determine if he was a great warrior or just a king occupying a throne.

People need to believe in legends even if there is little evidence to corroborate them, such as King Arthur. These legends can convey realistic lessons that may help guide people of all eras. Legends stories teach universal, timeless, and genuine (Farzana, 2016). This implies that although there is small pieces of evidence to back up the tales, the lessons that can and are gained from the actions of legends such as King Arthur prove to be of so much value in in different situations and eras. Despite Arthur’s short-lived leadership, he archived many accomplishments which seemed impossible. The Saxons had invaded Camelot, but through his leadership, they were routed. He also conquered the Scots and Irish, among others. His bravely is also seen when he defeated and killed 960 of his enemies through a single charge. These accomplishments were indeed impossible, and by achieving them, Arthur set an excellent example to his subjects and today’s modern society. Although the story may not be true, his achievement motivates individuals faced with challenges to preserver and be brave. It gives them hope of overcoming their daily challenges. Legendary stories like this are inspiring, and thus they should not be dismissed even if they are uncredible. The moral lessons present in them may be useful in shaping the lives of those reading it and society in general. Although King Arthur died ages ago, his accomplishments are still known to date and contributed a lot in shaping England into the noble country it is today. The legend is part of England’s history and culture, and thus it is a crucial part of its society (Proctor, 2017). Due to this, people should focus not only on the contradictions or unpredictability of a legend but also on what theme is being portrayed through it. Readers should be open-minded when reading legends and be keen to understand their deeper meaning and use their understanding to contribute to society and make it a better place.

Therefore, people need to believe in legends like king Arthur even if the evidence supporting them is contestable and scarce. This is because these legends can teach realistic lessons helpful in guiding people from different generations. As seen in king Arthur’s story and achievements, legends instill universal, timeless, and genuine lessons. They inspire people struggling in their lives. Legends help shape society, and thus, they are important and should not be dismissed.


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