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Podcasts and their Creation

Podcasts are programs available on the Internet and are accessible for download in digital format. These can include a series of digital video or audio files in the form of episodes that users can download and store on a personal device and listen to at their convenience (Drew, 2017). Various podcasting services and streaming applications offer integrated and convenient techniques to manage the consumption queue through various playback devices and podcast sources. Additionally, these programs can be accessed through various search engines specifically for podcasts, helping users identify and share various podcast episodes.

Podcast series often involves one or more hosts discussing a particular topic or current events. The contents and discussions can be carefully scripted, preplanned, or even entirely improvised. Podcasts often combine artistic and elaborate sound production related to scientific research or journalism (McNamara & Drew, 2019). Most podcast series often offer associated websites containing links and notes, transcripts, commentary, guest biographies, community forums and additional resources that allow discussions related to the content. Also, the cost of podcasts to consumers is low, as most of them are often free to download. Some podcasts are sponsored or underwritten by companies and include commercial advertisements. On the other hand, some are operated as business ventures and are supported by coordinating paid subscriptions, products on sale or advertising. Since the content offered in podcasts are often free, in most cases, podcasting is always grouped as a disruptive medium. This type of media is often opposed to maintaining traditional revenue models.

Podcast Best Practices

Podcasting can seem straightforward to start and maintain. However, various quirks must be followed to generate a successful program. These peculiarities are defined as podcast best practices that everyone aiming to run a podcast should consider. Thus, the best practices include the following:

  1. It is essential to be practical about time. Developing and maintaining a successful podcast takes time and requires research and patience. However, time is considered the primary factor since any professional podcast requires time to be considered before launching to the consumers (McNamara & Drew, 2019). All the steps involved in creating a podcast, like preparing the content, recording studio, editing raw files and positing the final piece, might require more time. Therefore, it is essential to create test episodes to determine the appropriate time baseline, after which one can adjust effectively to determine the scope to make the podcast workable.
  2. One must establish a consistent publishing schedule. Publishing podcast content regularly has been important for building a listener base. One should develop a schedule that one can easily stick to and follow (Drew, 2017). The plan can be monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. At the same time, the schedule should be one that listeners can rely on easily. Most podcasts are usually offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Podcasts in Education

Podcasts can be utilized in education to promote learning in and out of the classrooms. As institutions adopt these new teaching and learning methods, educational podcasts are on the rise. While it does not provide an alternative to in-person teaching, it can be used to offer various resources used to complement in-person teaching (Drew, 2017). Podcasts are applicable at any level of education and can effectively promote learning to students of all ages. They offer great ways to make lessons accessible, informative and engaging to the students.

Formal Review and Recommendation

Institutions can use podcasts to promote learning wherever and whenever. Podcasts can easily fit the daily routines of both learners and instructors since they are downloadable to mobile devices. For this reason, the accessibility will allow the students to listen to different contents like lectures and reports while completing their assignments on time. Also, my school should avail podcast content to the students to help them learn in any spare time they can get within the day through their phones. As a result, podcasts will prove valuable to students with busy schedules and those unable to access constant Wi-Fi or the Internet.

In addition, my schools should implement podcasts to enable students to catch up quickly with missed lectures. Missing classes is common in institutions, and it can be demotivating and stressful to the students. At the same time, it affects the institutions’ progress, mainly due to bad performance. Therefore, the implementation of podcasts will enable students to access missed classes in their spare time. Also, it would help reduce the workload for the students who find themselves falling behind. Further, students can use podcasts as a revision tool. Creating podcast content for lectures and various courses is a meaningful way to document and have digital materials for revision (McNamara & Drew, 2019). Thus, podcasts allow students to learn at their own pace, having the option to pause and reply to various parts they need more time to comprehend.

In conclusion, a podcast is a powerful tool that can document videos and audio content in digital forms and published on various platforms for users to access. The nature and accessibility of podcasting make it a powerful tool that can be used to improve learning in various educational institutions. They can be used to complement the traditional in-person teaching in institutions. Therefore, my school should adopt podcasts as a revision tool while enabling the students to learn at their own pace.


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