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Organizational Analysis: Baptist Health

Organizational analysis is the process of analyzing an institution’s growth, personnel, activities, and work environment. It is helpful for management to analyze the company to pinpoint problem areas and devise solutions. This paper will cover a detailed organizational analysis of Baptist health fort smith based on its culture, price transparency, recognition, the public reported information concerning the facility, CMS complaints, leapfrog scores, and the leadership setting of the institution.

Introduction of the organization

The Baptist Health-Fort Smith facility opened in 1887 and was the state’s first hospital. The hospital now has 492 beds and is recognized by the Joint Commission. The hospital has one of the busiest emergency rooms in the state and numerous other medical specialties covered by its staff of doctors and nurses. These include cardiology, cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, interventional radiology and stroke care, orthopedics, general and trauma surgery, labor and delivery, pediatrics, and many more. Its first location in Little Rock had less than a hundred beds in a modest facility. Still, its mission to improve the local population’s health through Christian charity and progressive care was far from insignificant. Even if a lot has changed in the last century, our ultimate aim has not. This has been the impetus for all of our success.

Baptist Health is the largest healthcare provider in Arkansas, having more than two hundred locations across the state. This includes eleven hospitals, an urgent care center, a senior living community, and more than one hundred general and specialized care clinics. A graduate residency program, a smartphone app for remote medical assistance, and a nursing and allied health college are all part of the system’s offerings. As the most prominent non-profit health care organization in Arkansas, Baptist Health serves patients throughout the state with the help of its 11,000 staff, innovative medical practices, world-famous doctors, and many community service initiatives.


Schein defines culture as A set of commonly held beliefs developed as a community worked through its challenges of social adaptation and cohesion: Consequence of combining knowledge. What makes a society or community successful over time is its culture. Based on Edgar’s model, the institution’s culture is on a Christian basis. Baptist Health is dedicated to providing a place of employment free from physical or emotional hazards. All workers are encouraged to work together, take responsibility for their job, and are given the resources they need to develop personally and professionally. By providing health care that is both professional and compassionate, in line with our Christian beliefs, we have been serving the local community for many generations.

One of the hospital’s artifacts that aims to foster collaboration among its multiethnic staff is using a common language and employees’ participation in decision-making. The ethos of the hospital revolves around the use of cutting-edge nursing technologies. To provide high-quality treatment at a reasonable cost, upgrading to newer, more efficient machines is necessary. The hospital’s espoused ideals are reflected in the nurses’ education.

Managers and other nurses are encouraged by the vice president of patient care and chief nursing officer to leave a lasting legacy of excellence by working hard to realize the organization’s mission. One of the most fundamental presumptions is that all patients should receive care that meets the same high level every time. Because of this, the nurses have fully embraced and incorporated the values of excellence and stewardship into their daily practice. Therefore, the hospital is best described by its high quality of treatment and the importance it places on its patients.

This involves covering a person’s medical needs throughout their whole lifespan. This is why we place equal value on medical advancements and preventative measures. Moreover, that happens when we give equal weight to our patients and their loved ones’ emotional and spiritual well-being alongside medical diagnosis and care. Baptist Health’s benefits package includes more than just medical, dental, life, and disability insurance on human resources. Access to all hospital facilities, discounts at local businesses, paid time off, and more are all yours free of charge. So that you can Keep On Amazing, we hope that you are at your happiest and healthiest.

Price Transparency

The Baptist Health System recognizes the value of openness regarding healthcare prices (Baptist Health-Fort Smith, 2021). To help patients better comprehend and compare prices, we have included several helpful resources on our site. Medications, surgical procedures, medical supplies, and other items have prices and negotiated discounts that Baptist Health lists. The final price may differ depending on a person’s insurance coverage (Baptist Health-Fort Smith, 2021). Your insurance provider is the best source of information on your coverage and its benefits.

What do others say about the organization?


The organization is not listed as the Malcolm Baldridge Award recipient. However, it has received the American Heart Association’s award and recognition of Gold plus and target type 2 diabetes honor roll. It has also received the chest pain-MI registry silver performance achievement award. The organization also lists stroke gold plus recognition and hears failure patients’ safety and quality delivery. An organization should apply for a Malcolm Baldridge Award as it is an award proving that an organization has upheld quality in service delivery (, 2019). The award proves that one has achieved visionary leadership, systems perspective, and customer-focused excellence. In 1987, the United States Congress created the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) to honor American businesses that have successfully adopted quality management systems and to promote the advancement of quality management. This is the highest accolade bestowed by a sitting president to a citizen (, 2019).

The organization is not yet a magnet recognition but is working towards it. Magnet designation is critical in organizations. Patients and their loved ones have a standard to judge the quality of treatment they will get at hospitals that have earned the Magnet designation. Patients may use the “Magnet” moniker to quickly locate facilities where they are more likely to encounter contented nurses and obtain optimal treatment.

The public reported information about the facility

CMS complaints

On January 22, 2009, the ALJ issued nine distinct rulings concerning hospital care provided to nine recipients. Hospitalizations for cardiac-related services were provided to two beneficiaries from May 2, 2003, through September 15, 2003, and hospitalizations for the replacement of automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillators (AICD) were provided to seven beneficiaries from February 3, 2005, through October 6, 2006. 1 The Administrative Law Judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence in each case to conclude that the hospital stays were medically required. In addition, the ALJ decided that the appellant knew that Medicare would not cover inpatient costs for such procedures. Thus, the appellant was held responsible for the unreimbursed work in each instance. The beneficiary appealed this decision to the Medicare Appeals Council (Council).

At Baptist Health, we understand your worries about exposing information online. All personal health information given via this website is handled per our privacy rules and is purely for use by Baptist Health to optimize your online experience. This data may also be used for market research into customer preferences, to understand better how our site’s traffic flows, and to compile broad statistics on usage and time frame to determine whether and when to modernize our system (Medical Appeals Council, 2010).

Baptist Health favors the anti-spam legislation being considered by Congress at this time. You will only get mail from Baptist Health if you specifically ask for it or provide your consent. We value our customers’ trust and will always do our best to secure their personal information. Visitors may rest easy knowing that we will not track them individually without their consent. Your authorization is provided when you fill out a form on our site or send us an e-mail. When you submit information to us, you may expect us to utilize the information to reply to your query. Your details will not be shared or sold by us. A digital copy of this information is kept for the use of Baptist Health.

Leapfrog scores

Hospitals should give patients easy access to detailed billing information and a person who can help them address any billing concerns they may have. Additionally, hospitals should not initiate legal proceedings against patients for nonpayment of bills; hence on billing, the leapfrog score was a limited achievement(Baptist health, 2022). Ineffective leadership to prevent errors, a hospital’s leadership should be held accountable for eliminating harmful behaviors, resources should be made available to implement a patient safety program, and procedures and structures should be developed to enable action to enhance patient safety.

Additionally, the institution achieved the standard on leapfrog cores in staff working together to prevent errors. The hospital administration should evaluate the safety of its working environment and be held responsible for enforcing safety measures and educating the workforce. Additionally, a hospital’s nursing workforce and core competencies should be evaluated, and nurses should be encouraged to take on leadership roles (Baptist health, 2022). Generally, the organization seems to achieve the standard in most competencies and standards.

Leadership role

At Baptist Hospital, we practice a collaborative management approach. Subordinates, managers, and superiors are all considered in this leadership style’s decision-making process. This is in contrast to the autocratic leadership style when the manager or leader takes all decisions without consulting subordinates. The following are the tenets upon which participatory leadership rests. As a first step, including all relevant parties in the decision-making process, improves everyone’s familiarity with the issues at hand. Second, if workers are included in the decision-making process, they are more likely to be invested in the outcomes. In the end, it helps teams work together better by lowering levels of competitiveness.

Baptist Health’s attitude on nursing is that “nursing is a profession whose members have the right and obligation to engage in collaborative choices impacting their practice,” which is the foundation for the hospital’s usage of participatory leadership. Under this idea, the administration encourages nurses to engage in decision-making across all practice areas actively. The shared governance councils are a means through which the nurses’ choices may be communicated to the administration.

These committees were established to improve the delivery of patient-centered care by utilizing a strategy that is both economical and well-informed. Nurses’ involvement in the councils facilitates coordination and cooperation across the healthcare system, ultimately benefiting patients. Managers, direct care nurses, directors, and officers in charge of nursing education are all represented on these councils.

Interprofessional collaboration

Baptist Health has 11 hospitals, an urgent care center, a senior living complex, and more than 100 primary and specialized care clinics across Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma, making it the largest comprehensive health care company in the state. There is also a graduate residency program, virtual care around the clock, and a college where students may major in nursing and allied health. With the help of its around 11,000 staff, innovative therapies, world-famous doctors, and community outreach initiatives, Baptist Health, the biggest not-for-profit health care company in Arkansas, delivers care to patients no matter where they happen to be. Please visit, call Baptist Health HealthLine at 1-888-BAPTIST, or install the myBaptistHealth app for further details about Baptist Health. Connect with us on the web! We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


This research set out to do just that — examine Baptist Hospital’s structure for how it operates. The hospital’s goal is to deliver high-quality care at a reasonable price. The hospital aims to be the community’s first choice for health care, and its mission is designed to help them get there. To realize this goal, the hospital employs a participatory leadership strategy that promotes open lines of communication and teamwork among its nursing staff. It also has training and development initiatives to encourage and facilitate education within its workforce. However, the organization has not been as successful as it may be because of its unwillingness to adapt to new circumstances. The hospital’s training programs prioritize skill development above change management. Consequently, a group’s adaptability is founded on its leaders’ capacity to identify and foster members’ dedication to learning.


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