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My Philosophy of Education

Teaching is a career not only built through academic qualifications but also one’s instincts and intuitions. My primary objective as a teacher is to help children learn from all levels, behavior, knowledge, and attitude. My teaching will entail active learning for elementary pupils. Active learning allows students to actively participate in class other than just sitting and listening to lectures. My primary purpose is for my pupils to explain what they learned by explaining it to others, relating it in past and present situations, and applying it in everyday lives.

The active learning would be possible by asking pupils to explain what they are learning about something happening in their lives. Additionally, it is my obligation as a teacher to set up problem-solving activities in groups. Group problem solving is a form of active learning and a way to encourage students to behave. When working in groups, students will take turns when speaking, listen attentively, and offer constructive criticism. Solutions from teamwork activities would be presented in the classroom for further evaluation.

Another way to instill and assess active learning is through encouraging students to challenge ideas presented in books or other learning resources. Additionally, as their teacher, I would encourage my pupils to challenge my views respectfully. By challenging other peoples’ points of view, pupils formulate other means of problem-solving, thereby improving their action and reaction skills. Further, the learner can engage in active learning through simulating “what if” scenarios. “What if” scenarios encourage learners to ask the right questions to get the correct answers. Additionally, students can actively participate in learning through structured journal writing. As a teacher, I would illustrate the structure of the Journal whereby the first section would focus on the important points to remember, while the other part entails the application of the content read into students’ real-life and observations.

Besides, learning is something students do for themselves rather than what is done to them. Another way to emphasize active learning is encouraging role-playing. Young learners are observant and can easily understand something they see or do more than what they hear (Nodding, 2018). For instance, I would ask pupils to collect simple interview questions to ask their parents at home. Afterward, students need to challenge the answers that they get better to understand the other person’s point of view. Later, the answers received should be used to formulate “what if” case scenarios presented in the next class. They would also act in place of other characters to build on their confidence, eliminate social anxiety, and improve social interactions.

Giving prompt feedback is as important as teaching. Pupils will become more motivated when they receive positive criticism from their teachers. Therefore, it would be essential to hand over follow-up presentations for pupils to note down what they have learned. In addition, I would offer informative comments to indicate errors and suggestions to correct them. Time is also a very critical factor when it comes to teaching and learning. With realistic amounts of time, students and teachers can perform tasks at their best level. However, time management should be highly emphasized in students. As a teacher, I would set clear deadlines for tasks, encourage pupils to complete their tasks promptly, and offer realistic expectations from students. By so doing, students will work confidently with humble time allocated to attain the best results. Lastly, as a teacher, I need to respect diverse talents and other ways of learning. Understanding that students learn differently or excel in others studies better help the teacher meet the students’ expectations instead of turning a blind eye to one student who does not excel in your subjects.

The main factor that has motivated my quest in teaching as a profession is altruism. Altruism is the willingness to effect the changes you want to see in society (Dewey, 2010). For instance, I have always thought that the teacher-centered learning approach to be ineffective. In this approach, teachers pass on knowledge through lectures and direct instructions. At the end of the lecture or end of the term, these teachers want to test how much students have learned through tests and assessments. This has been the form of education in Howard country for over eight decades (imig & Imig, 2006). I believe this type of learning does not ‘help’ students learn but rather ‘asks/ instructs’ them. Therefore, in an attempt to bring about change, I decided to become a teacher who will raise holistic learners and be a part of their learning and growing experiences.

Thus, I had to ensure that I became a certified and effective teacher who can apply instincts and intuitions to make learning fun and effective. I believe that students learn better when their teacher enjoys what he is teaching. Teachers tend to be motivated by the subjects they teach. As a result, when a teacher is motivated, so is the student, which makes learning seamless (Han & Yin, 2016). It is my utmost pride to see my students soaring higher in life and becoming better individuals due to my teaching.


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