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Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Educational Centre and Its Relation to Truth-Telling


The Aboriginal culture is unique compared to other communities in Australia. Various areas uphold the culture through educational facilities and maintaining indigenous values. Since truth-telling is a common virtue in the Aboriginal culture, Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Educational Centre is one of the areas that uphold the virtue in various ways. The center is focused on telling stories about the Darug people, the indigenous people in the area. The Centre involves various aspects of the Aboriginal culture, including Retail Art Centres, Native plants used by the natives who are showcased in a nature walk within the Centre, among other factors of the Native community. Visitors of the Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Education Centre experience and learn about the diversity of the Aboriginal culture, including the Darug community (Muru Mittigar, 2021). The Cultural Centre is essential to the Aboriginals. It allows visitors to learn their culture by viewing the Aboriginal arts and artifacts, including making didgeridoos, paintings, and weapons used by the ancient Aboriginal people. This paper focuses on Muru Muttigar Aboriginal Cultural and Educational Centre and its relation to truth-telling.

Muru Muttigar Aboriginal Cultural and Educational Centre and its Relation to Truth-telling

The Centre embraces truth-telling in various ways, including its operations and roles in society. To begin with, since the Centre is an educational center, it heavily depends on truth-telling to pass helpful knowledge on the diversity of Aboriginals to the visitors and the young community members. They have not yet experienced the ancient cultures—truth-telling based on the education aspect essential mainly to uphold peace. The community may not be happy if the information available in the Centre is not true; hence may lead to conflicts with the local community (MURU MITTIGAR, 2016). The Centre is located at Rouse Hill House and Farm, which is the ideal place that facilitates the close relationship with various stakeholders to provide education programs based on the Aboriginal culture. Through truth-telling, the educational aspect of the Centre is easily achieved, and visitors acquire a better understanding of the Aboriginal diversity, mainly the Darug traditional practices. Since the Centre focuses on the Aboriginal culture and the Darug community, all artifacts and art pieces are made by the community members, promoting a sense of belonging to the local community and offering honest experiences of the Aboriginals, as mentioned in the Centre’s description.

In line with truth-telling, the Centre has designed various platforms that help uphold the aboriginal culture while respecting and involving elders in the activities undertaken by the Centre. In remaining true to the Aboriginal culture, the Centre has developed the Arboriculture business by being honest and motivating works that promote and maintain native plants, which offer canopy cover, improve infrastructure within the community, and provide a safe environment for the public and indigenous fauna. The unique environment developed by the center embraces Aboriginal diversity. The Centre also remains honest in its mandate of upholding the Aboriginal culture through embracing technology to ensure the longevity of Aboriginal diversity (Big 4 Holiday parks, n.d.). The Centre also accepts that bushfires are a reality in the broader Australian region; hence embracing indigenous methods, which are unique to mitigate bushfires and their spread, proves to be a perfect move-in embracing the indigenous culture in problem-solving.

The Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Culture and Educational center highly value the elders of the Aboriginal community and qualified personnel as their staff. Elders help guide the staff in maintaining the native artifacts and plants since they have more knowledge of the indigenous products, which motivates the success of the Centre (Destination NSW, 2022). Employing qualified staff to work in the center promotes Truth-telling and compares with other cultures, making the Aboriginal culture different and unique. Through truth-telling, the elders can provide truthful information about the products and plants, which in return reflect the diversity of the lives of aboriginals. Honest information about the native plants in the community helps the employees to maintain the plants and give the best conditions for the development and survival of the plans due to their health and nutritional benefits. Muru Muttigar is also an enterprise concerned with changing how land is managed by embracing traditional ways while also considering the modern technology in the maintenance process hence becoming unique. Consultation services are also available in the Centre, especially regarding native plants. Truth-telling is essential in the consultation process because clients need truthful information to improve and embrace the Aboriginal culture.

Truth-telling and its Relation with the Project Management Career

Truth-telling is essential in most careers, including Project Management. Honesty in working with projects is essential, especially in creating good relations with clients. To create good customer service and trust, honesty is vital. Humans are highly controlled by emotions directly connected to our daily experiences and react to different situations. As a project manager, it is paramount to understand that facts about several projects are created through experiences that inspire different types of ideas during designing. Creativity is just an addition of the incidents which make project management an art. Truth-telling while in managing projects helps the project manager in promoting their authenticity. The clients will understand who I am genuinely and learn to relate with me in the best manner possible regarding my true self. Project managers also need to be honest with their clients to show they care and respect them. One trait of truth-telling people is that their character mostly becomes appealing (Elemental Wellness, 2013). In managing projects, truth-telling will create a mutual connection with the clients; hence working with the clients will become easier due to the positive notion. Interpersonal authenticity and closeness also boost when one interacts with others on a legitimate ground, providing love-based relationships.

Additionally, truth-telling motivates one to receive the same act in return (Elemental Wellness, 2013). Being honest in a project setting prompts the clients to be honest and tell the truth most of the time, improving the working experience since the clients will not be afraid to share their difficulties in understanding my ideas and get helped. Encouraging truth-telling as a project manager will help the clients understand the project and provide ideas to improve the different projects. Through honesty, I will connect deeply with the clients and fellow project managers, primarily through creating a safe space for interaction. The connection is essential since it can invite empowerment aspects that help work through several personal issues (Edjustice, 2022). Withholding information or honest feelings prompts one to create some form of emotional garbage.


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