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Motivational Strategy Assignment

Pet sitting is an activity that involves looking after people’s pets for a specific period. The activities involved include pet walking, training, boarding, feeding and visiting the veterinary for checkups. Statistics show that about 70% of Americans have a pet and when they are not available in their homes for long periods, they encounter a problem where they have no place to leave their pets or no one to cater to their needs (Missoni et al., 2015). However, with a pet-sitting business that provides caring services for pets when their owners are away, the pet owners can get peace of mind. I want to start a pet-sitting business that cares for pets within the next four weeks. I am passionate about animals and will do an excellent job handling other people’s pets. The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, a non-profit organization for professional pet sitters, will help me progress in my venture. I plan to join the NAPPS group and enjoy the benefits they offer their members (NAPPS, 2023). These benefits include certification, education and resources to manage successful businesses.

The morning routine I will use to stay focused on the venture is as follows; I plan to wake up at 5.30 am and start the day with a prayer. At 6 am, I plan to engage in physical activity for an hour, such as cardio or walking, to help activate my mind and keep my body. At 7 .30, read a book for thirty minutes, preferably one that details some of the best ways to care for animals and pets. At 8, I check my work schedule, identify the tasks for the day, and leave at 8.30 to care for my client’s pets. Hobbies and passions are crucial in one’s life as they enable one to relax. My hobbies include dancing, swimming and shopping. Dancing will help me focus, boost my mood and sharpen my mind (Millman et al., 2021). Also, swimming will help ease tension, boost my mood, and refresh my mind. When my pet-sitting business meets its objective, I will go out shopping. This is an excellent way to reward me for a good job. With new clothes and shoes, I will feel fulfilled and motivated to keep working hard and growing my business.

As is strive to remain focused and motivated to run my new business venture using various approaches, I will also rely on the tips provided by my mentor. The group I idolize in the pet business world is Pet Boss Mentors. These business professionals offer advice and assistance when tackling problems. The most interesting thing about Pet Boss Mentors is that they will help me gain control over my pet-sitting business. This means I will be well placed to operate a successful business where operations run smoothly and clients are satisfied with the services offered.

Motivating Others

Successful businesses are the ones that have robust relationships with their employees, customers and suppliers. For my business, I expect my employees to act ethically and morally when dealing with clients and caring for pets. One standard I want my workers to uphold is respect, integrity and honesty. The nature of the work will involve visiting the client’s homes and caring for their pets in their residences. As such, my workers respect the client’s houses and work honestly, so they do not steal from them. One business goal is to create a trustworthy relationship with my customers. The best way to do this is to offer quality caring services to their pets, which involves meeting their demands and preferences when caring for their animals. Since my business will care for pets, I plan to partner with various suppliers dealing with pet food. I expect the supplies to deliver my orders on time so that I can offer my services accordingly.

It is widely known that people follow the steps of others such that they emulate the behaviors of their superiors. As a business owner and manager, I will uphold various values such as respect, honesty, integrity, punctuality and patience in the workplace. I will demonstrate respect by treating all workers fairly, listening to them and valuing their time. In line with patience, I will give employees enough time to learn the organization’s culture to become comfortable and perform accordingly. I will also act honestly and be frank with employees by addressing conflict respectfully and honestly. The nature of the business is very critical where theft claims may arise. I must learn how to handle such cases with respect, integrity and honesty so that employees can learn the value of performing their work diligently. Customers enjoy services that are provided on a timely basis. For this reason, punctuality is necessary for the workplace, and I will demonstrate this virtue to my employees by starting work early and stressing the importance of meeting deadlines.


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NAPPS. (2023). About Us. Retrieved from National Association of Professional Pet Sitters:


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