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Mental Health Challenges Post COVID-19


A serious threat to mental health was posed to the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a changing and yet significant increase in issues of mental health among the vulnerable groups and the general population as suggested by multiple lines of evidence.

The consequences are a result of speculative and obscure economic, social, public and individual perspectives of mental health. Recent research conducted by the World Health Organization suggests that there is an increased burden of issues of mental health among the people in this era of post-pandemic.

Moreover, further research indicates that a significant number of people in the world have developed serious mental health issues and serious intervention is needed as soon as possible.

For that reason, there is a need for urgent re-organization of existing mental health service providers to attend to the now more deserving and urgent needs for mental health for society. In addition, this re-organization is also supposed to address the future gaps that may occur as a result of such occurrences.


Description of the Challenge

This piece of work intends to indicate the burden which has been brought as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. There is overwhelming evidence from various organizations such as the World Health Organization suggesting an increase in mental health problems among people all over the world post the pandemic.

The research suggests an increase in prevalence, especially in the vulnerable groups and those people who face risk factors in society. Such groups include the marginalized people (poor people) and the minority groups in the community.

In addition, the same research indicates there is an underlying risk. The increased levels of mental health may be untreated for a while. This is due to the interruption of the mental health services in the world as countries re-organize for a comeback in their economies and other challenges that face services of mental health in this era of post-pandemic.

The proposition of political actions

For any government issue proposed by the government to succeed, then it must be backed up by a willing political force. Nothing can succeed in any government formation unless there is enough political goodwill from the political class.

For that reason, much as politics might be disturbing and might not be a cup of coffee for everyone in the community, it’s needed. Statistics suggest that politics can be harmful to the health of especially those people suffering from mental health problems.

The political class should come up with proper legislation that will be implemented by the government to help aid in the provision of accessible, efficient and effective services to the members of the community.

For instance, Congress should legislate for more allocation of funds to address the issue of mental health and especially now after the pandemic since it’s a challenge for any country. There is surprising evidence from the World Health Organization that suggests that mental health issues are going to increase by a significant percentage.

Moreover, the political class especially the members of the congress should also legislate for prioritizing these services to the vulnerable groups of people in the community. In addition, they should also prioritize those people who are likely to have risk factors.

Such initiatives will only serve to promote of provision of mental health services to the people. This will save the government a lot of money in the long run. This is because most mental health problems are long term.

Most of these problems according to the same statistics by the World Health Organization indicate they can damage the economy of a country if not tackled in good time. This is especially true for the Low and middle-income countries.

Economic actions

Poor mental practices heavily affect the economic output of a country. Unemployment and absenteeism at work are all caused by mental health problems resulting in poor organizational output and ultimately poor output of a country.

For the stated reasons, then the government of any country should place policies that economically empower mental health service providers. Such actions include the provision of funds for the operation through cheaper loans.

Provision of those funds to those mental health providers especially those in the grass-roots goes a long way in making sure that the members of the community are safe and healthy. When they are healthy, then there is a guaranteed increase in the economic output of the particular country.

Commercial actions

Through the intervention of the government, investors should be allowed to invest in organizations that provide mental health services to the members of the public. A significant number of people were affected post the pandemic and for that reason, this presents a good investment opportunity to the investor all over the world.

Community actions

Every member of the community is encouraged to participate in creating awareness of mental health. Creating awareness will go a long way in providing the members of the community with adequate knowledge of the signs and symptoms of the mental health issues they might be having.

Through the assistance of the local administration, the members of the community should be able to participate in sensitization programs and assist the vulnerable members of the community. The most vulnerable members of the community should be allowed to have priority in all the services provided by the community members.


Personal actions

In summary, in collaboration with the members of the community, I will participate in creating awareness of mental health problems and how people can identify the signs and symptoms once they feel they might be affected by one of these issues.

In addition, through my influence, I will lobby for support from the local administration to have some of the issues such as the special provision of care provided to vulnerable groups of people implemented.

I string feel that these people should be given priority in addressing mental health problems in the community and the society at large. Surprisingly, evidence supported by research from the World Health Organization indicates that these people access these services last even though they have pre-existing conditions. And hence my urge and dedication to have them access these services first.


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