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McGrath’s Book Summary and Reflection

Chapter 1 Summary

According to McGrath (2015 pp. 4), Christians believe it is essential to place their faith in Jesus besides emulating his teachings. Jesus of Nazareth is a crucial figure in Christianity and Christians perceive him as a source of hope. Currently, people perceive Jesus as a familiar force that they constantly quote during prayers and personal devotions. However, they sometimes use Christ as an alternative, but the term is usually formal and common when worshipping publicly. Understanding Jesus requires individuals to identify how his story fits into the historical context and learn to interpret the documentaries they have about him. Jesus’ teachings enabled believers to live authentic Christian lives and learn more about Jesus’ actions which are essential in shaping their values. The New Testament letters focus on belief issues and give Jesus’ example to emphasize why people should emulate his actions (pp. 6). The New Testament writers also highlighted the comprehension of the old testament’s prophecies. The continuity between Judaism and Christianity enables the comprehension of early Christian history by revealing that Christians must not always adhere to the Judaism laws. Most of the information about Jesus of Nazareth is in the four gospel books: Matthew, mark, Luke, and john (McGrath, 2015, pp. 9). The books also emphasize the humility manifested in Jesus’ birth. The gospel books further highlight Jesus’ ministry on earth and explain why John the Baptist was highly popular among the populations.

John played a significant role in Christianity by baptizing Jesus. After the baptism, Jesus went to a secluded place to pray for 40 days and nights, and Christians refer to this period as that of Christ’s temptation (McGrath, 2015, pp. 13). Chapter 1 also highlights Jesus’ crucifixion by revealing Christianity as the only faith which encourages individuals to focus on their founder’s death. One of Paul’s letters greatly emphasizes how Jesus was crucified and presents the punishment as a ruthless way to enable Christians to understand that Jesus was willing to undergo many kinds of suffering for their sake. For Romans, Jesus was a nobody, and that is why they chose crucifixion, which was usually reserved for insignificant criminals. The significance of Jesus is highlighted in his resurrection from the dead because it represents Christians’ ability to gain new life in Christ. Most western readers use Messiah as Jesus’ surname despite Jesus not approving of others referring to him as the Messiah. Mark chapter 8 verses 29-30 reveal that when Peter called Jesus the Messiah, he told Peter to remain silent about it.


Chapter 1 of McGrath’s book talks about various activities Jesus participated in during his life on earth. These events are crucial to human lives because they encourage people to emulate Jesus’ ways. For instance, Jesus’ birth indicated the need to accept him into our lives and practice his ways. It is also important to honor him with what we have like the wise men did when visiting him. As Christians, we can glorify God through offerings, praises, or other actions that encourage people to change their ways. The account of Jesus’ crucifixion also encourages individuals to exercise humility in their lives. Although Jesus knew that he could request God, the father, to stop his suffering, he accepted the suffering for the sake of others. As God’s son, Jesus was an angelic and supernatural person who could order or command his transgressors to stop (McGrath, 2015, pp. 24). Therefore, sacrificing ourselves for everyone’s wellbeing is a good practice in Cristian life. Jesus focused on numerous activities, including encouraging women to join the ministry because he felt that they were wiser to faith. This act should be an eye-opener to all Christian faithful to enable them to remain steadfast in faith and not relent in their faith.

Jesus’ resurrection was also essential in Christianity because it revealed the disbelief and doubts people experience upon receiving the news they do not expect. Although Jesus had indicated that he would resurrect on the third day, most people, including believers and his disciples thought it was impossible. McGrath (2015, pp. 19) reveals that after discovering that the tomb was empty, people were frightened, and no one took their reports seriously. similarly, Christians tend to doubt God’s ways, and it is crucial to always believe God’s teachings. Christianity rapidly spread to various parts, including the Greek-speaking countries, despite originating in Palestine. Disciples like Paul of Tarsus took significant roles in spreading the gospel and ensuring that it reached many people. I take this as a challenge for Christians to ensure that they win more souls to Christ through their words, actions, and other necessary means. It is also a challenge to people within the communities to accept the gospel and appreciate those who take the initiative to become missionaries regardless of the challenges they face. Christianity is all about selfless giving and commitment to Christ and this can be achieved through emulating his ways.


McGrath, A. E. (2015). Christianity: an introduction. John Wiley & Sons.


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