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LVMH Strategy and the Environmental Metrics


LVMH sees environmental protection as more than a responsibility; it’s a need and a reason for its success. It is critical since LVMH Missions’ sustainable success is strongly anchored on preserving and appreciating the natural resources they utilize to manufacture their goods. Taking environmental considerations into account in their manufacturing processes renders them more trustworthy and refines their leadership, while at the same time, this approach increases competitiveness. Using innovative materials to enhance the environmental impact of businesses is also a highly effective approach to do it. The Maisons are supported by LVMH, which offers ecological design education courses at its Environment Academy and develops specialized technologies.


The operations of LVMH Group are inextricably related to the natural world. Their activities would be impossible to achieve without the cultivation of grapes and other plants. The Group plans to take steps to return to nature what it has taken from it. After calculating the actual magnitude of its impact, the Group must now work to reduce it. LVMH wants 100 percent of its essential raw resources certified to the best standard, ensuring the conservation of environments and zero sourcing in places with a very serious danger of deforestation. LVMH plant to fund sustainable agriculture, to preserve or restore 50,000 square kilometers of animals and plants ecosystem by 2030 aligns with their strategic plan. Because water is so important to biodiversity, LVMH is now developing a policy to protect water systems. The organization has never been more devoted to animal welfare than it is now, as it works to implement the steps outlined in the 2019 manifesto (Environment – LVMH Commitment, 2021).

The LVMH Company’s total carbon emissions are 4.8 million tons of Carbon dioxide equivalents, with acquisition of raw materials and processing and downstream and upstream products transportation being the most major contributor. The Group’s tiny footprint does not absolve its responsibility to lead by example in this field. It seeks to cut scope three greenhouse gas emissions per unit of value added by 55 percent by 2030 and prevent them entirely energy consumption emissions in half by 2026. LVMH is adopting a greenhouse gas reduction strategy by the Paris Agreement and aiming at the EU goal of decarbonization by 2050, having embraced the Scientifically Driven Goals program (Carreras Gamarra et al., 2018). The goal is to utilize solely renewable energy at workplaces and in shops, launch a green e-commerce project, and engage animal suppliers in minimizing methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, by 2026.


In conclusion, according to the analyses presented above, LVMH’s strategic goal is aligned with most of the Environmental accounting metrics. The Group aims to set apart about five hectares of natural habitat for different plant and animal species on biodiversity. So far, the company has registered a reduced carbon emission footprint to about 4.8 tons, and it is continually operating under the Paris agreement that seeks to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. I can therefore say that LVMH is working with a clear aim of realizing its mission of environmental protection.


Carreras Gamarra, M. J., Lassoie, J. P., & Milder, J. (2018). Accounting for no net loss: A critical assessment of biodiversity offsetting metrics and methods. Journal of Environmental Management220, 36–43.

Environment – LVMH Commitment. (2021). LVMH.


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