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Literary Analysis Essay About “This Blessed House”

The novel, ‘This Blessed house,’ was written by Jhumpa Lahiri, an American author. She wrote a wonderful story that mainly focuses on two people: Twinkle and Sanjeev. The two characters in the story live together as husband and wife despite their unique and different personalities. They are both Indians, and Christianity is not their theme. Twinkle seems more interested in Christianity as she defends the Christian symbols and the Virgin Mary statue in the compound, in which Sanjeev, her Husband, seems to have no interest. The two had only met four months before deciding to live together. Sanjeev’s parents, who lived in California, and Twinkle’s parents, in Calcutta city, were good old friends who had organized the introduction of the two to both sides of the family. Conflicts that arose in the ‘This blessed house’ were about the Christians’ object they found in their new home, which, despite being Indians, Twinkle could always be positive whenever conflicts about them arise (Hymnics, 11.).

In the story of Jhumpa Lahiri, this blessed house narrates the story of two characters living together as husband and wife. One of the elements of the fiction in the story is character. The main characters are Twinkle and Sanjeev. Disagreements are arises in the small family about religion. Sanjeev seems to have no interest in anything to do with Christianity. They moved to a new place where they found a collection of Christian paraphernalia objects, including St Francis’s card. Sanjeev seems to have no interest in them as he Questions, ‘or perhaps it’s an attempt to covert people from their religion.’ Twinkle disregards his idea of throwing the items away as she responds to him clearly, ‘we are not Christians, and perhaps the ones who were here before us beer Christians. This thought of Christianity brings about conflict in the blessed house. Twinkle keeps the Virgin Mary statue in the compound, which her husband is against, as he tells her he will dump it in the garage nearby. Apart from having a different view of Christianity, the charters in the story have a very good and welcoming interaction with their friends as they hold a housewarming party.

There is another element of fiction that is mainly discussed in this story is family. It’s between Twinkle and Sanjeev, as discussed in the story. A family is said to be complete if it has two or more people who are mainly brought together by birth or marriage. In the story, Twinkle and Sanjeev are brought together by marriage as they are said to live together. They both work, making raising a living for the small family easier. Twinkle, the wife, prepare a nice meal for the family, which Sanjeev seems to enjoy. The family held a housewarming party and invited about thirty people, mainly Sanjeev’s friends at the workplace and some Indian people. The family enjoys time with guests as they socialize and talk about politics. Sanjeev, the wife, interacts nicely with the quest compared to Twinkle, his workmate. It creates good friend and family time together mainly for interaction and social life. The party strengthens the relationship between the blessed family and friends. This blessed family lives a good simple life which brings about unity and reduces misunderstanding between the two(Zhang, Sifan, 489-495.)

Sanjeev and Twinkle play a significant role in describing what a family entails. Despite their unique and different personalities, they live together happily. The conflicts that arise between them are the issues of the Christian religious objects that they find in their newly moved house. The objects symbolize the Christian life, which doesn’t change their religion. Twinkle, the wife, seems to have more interest in Christianity as she always protects the statue of the Virgin Mary though this doesn’t change the view of their religion. The blessed family creates a good social life with friends from the housewarming party hosted. For a family to be complete, friends must be considered part of the family, and ‘The blessed house ‘seems to welcome this thought.

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