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Is the Bible an Inspiration of God?

Many people today wonder why Christians bother to read the Bible and how they can regard it as authoritative. The Bible is made to appear as if it were a made-up book or a fairy tale in our society. To prove that the Bible is not a fairy tale, you must take into account the Bible’s overall authority, inspiration, and inerrancy. I believe the Bible to be God’s Word for a variety of reasons. This paper has highlighted texts supporting the argument that the bible is an inspiration of God. The paper has also highlighted some common reasons why individuals argue that the bible is not an inspiration of God.

The scientific accuracy of God’s Word is the first reason (Sharp et al., 2021). According to Job 26:7,”He stretches forth the north over empty space, and hangs the world on naught” (NASB, 1971/2020) Because the Holy Spirit told him, Job was able to know this even though there was no modern era of space travel or astronomy.

Secondly, the Bible has no mistakes. “If he called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and the Scripture cannot be broken),” writes John in John 10:35 (King James Version, 2020). This implies that God’s word can’t be erroneous. It’s true what it says. Real history is what is recorded as history (Paisley, 1997). The processes are scientifically correct, even though the explanations of nature and its operations are not stated in a scientific fashion. This then implies that the Bible has no mistakes since God was involved in the writing process.

Thirdly, from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible reads as a single volume. It still has an astonishing cohesiveness, despite having many distinct authors and various works produced by these authors over a 1600-year period, in 13 separate countries, and on three different continents (Gabriel and Small, 2016). In order the bible to read as one book, these different authors must have been inspired by some higher being

In addition, there are numerous assertions and phrases in the Old Testament Scriptures that claim to be God’s Word. There are 418 mentions of “Thus says the Lord” in the NASB and 413 mentions in the KJV, while “God said” occurs 46 times in both of them (Slick, 2008). As these examples demonstrate, the Old Testament is chock-full of statements that demonstrate God’s inspiration via the writers; assuming and speaking from the standpoint of divine inspiration.

On the contrary, there are people who are convinced that the Bible was not inspired by God. There will be believers and detractors, just as there will be with every book. Listed here are a few of common Bible objections.

Firstly, they argue that inspiration is an affront to one’s freedom of choice. This is a false statement. Is it not free will if the individual through whom God is speaking or working has been refreshed by the Holy Spirit and wishes for the Lord to speak through him? Is this to say that we don’t use our free will when we deliberately commit ourselves to God?

Secondly, they argue that inspiration applies to the scriptures and not to the authors of the Bible. Wrong. God inspired the word of God in a sovereign way via His people. If divine inspiration solely applied to the Scriptures and not to the authors, the Scriptures would still be God-breathed and infallible.

As seen above, there is concrete evidence that the Bible was inspired by God. The Bible is a doctrine that has long lasting support. This paper has highlighted texts that support the claim that the Bible is a divinely inspired book. The paper also discusses some of the most common reasons why people argue that the Bible is not God’s inspiration.


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