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International Health Care Systems Compare to the United States


The international health care system is an s system of institutions that provides health services to individuals from different regions, continents, and countries worldwide. The main function of the international health care system is to provide people with good health care for the individual in member countries. The United States is the only developed country that does not have proper Health care coverage for all citizens. There is a different view than the health system can manage and ensure that people are well covered. The U.S. has attempted to improve its living states by implementing various health care acts. This paper will show and illustrate various ways to compare the health systems of other countries and the US.

Dimensions of Health Care

Access to care is a specific health domain associated with two subdomains, namely affordability, and timeliness. The affordability contains several health measures, including the ability of the patients to produce a report of medical health care. At the same time, the timeliness subdomain has measures that summarize the ability of the patient to obtain information. The care process domain is a process that entails four subdomains that are relevant to the overall population health care. They are safe to care, self-engagement and patient favorites, coordinated care, and preventive care subdomains. Administrative Efficiency is a domain that includes five main measures. Of the five health measures, four assess the patients’ and primary care reports from the clinicians concerning time; also deal with paperwork documentation for administration issues.

Equity domains compare the enactment for lower and higher-income people within the country, applying eleven selected study forms from the care access and process to care domains. This analysis shows the stratification of the surveyed population based on the reported returns and calculates the percentage presentation between two different sets in the country. Health care outcomes domains have ten different measures of the population health, which are selected to focus on the results that health care systems can modify. It reflects on chronic diseases and the mortality rate burden of the selected populations. The health care outcome domain is the important dimension because it deals with the changes in the health status, usually due to its interventions. It helps achieve better patients’ health outcomes and has a fundamental purpose in health care.

Rank Comparison of Health Care Systems

This domain had a high ranking because it was discovered early when there were attempts of having a routine measuring of the outcomes, done by Florence Nightingale in the 1850s. The discovery of the domain occurred during the Crimean wars, which popularly involved the study of death (Papanicolas et al., 2018). It was the time when there was a high mortality rate in London, UK, because of many statistical errors that were frequently made. Australia was the country that received the overall highest ranking in the health care outcomes domain based on the statistical data provided.

The United States was the country that had the lowest ranking in the Health care outcomes domain because it was ranked last in the ranking of eleven countries. Several inequities are associated with poor health outcomes among the marginalized or low income groups (Scott et al., 2020). Since the US has many people, there are high levels of child mortality rates and lesser life expectancy at the age of 60 years.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a law dependable with the rule that healthiness is a mortal right. It has transformed health care access to many people in the US. It has user shields that have removed many of the poorest practices in the US health cover firm. The introduction of PPACA led to the prohibition of denying coverage to some people because of some pre-existing health conditions (Chu et al., 2021). The system has also prohibited the healthiness plans from hitting lifetime or annual limits on various health benefits. It complies with the situation that parents can cover their children until they reach the age of 26 years old. The agency has resulted the country towards a better health delivery system grounded on the primary care of people. It has increased the wages rates for the primary care general practitioner entitled to Medicaid or labor in rural places. It has invested in the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program that supports the teaching for more medical practitioners. It has endorsed better and harmonized care by progressing the principles associated with a Patient-Centered Medical Home.

The PPACA system is a watershed element in the U.S. public health policies and implementation. It has gone through a series of revisions and extensions of numerous laws that include the federal outline for the U.S health care system. The act has proven basic legal protection that has been frequently reinforced in the U. S system focusing on health development. A near-universal assurance gives access to reasonable health insurance cover that runs from birth throughout retirement. The implemented care act willfully cut the number of uninsured people to provide a good cover.

The PPACA believes that there is a good primary care program. It is a US-based healthcare system established in many areas, and people have affordable and appropriate health coverage. It has set a right to have a system that will benefit over 52 million Americans with existing conditions like asthma, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It covers the people at risk because they have not benefited from other programs in the country. With the new system, people can enjoy being covered and gain other benefits.


The United States will attain and enjoy better health results by introducing new health care acts. There is a higher rate of patient satisfaction and it has given rise to a more effectual use of resources. It gives a result to a primary care-based system that will be achieved by a health policy positioned on family medicine. The legal and political view of PPACA shows there is urgency for a good system. There is a good model that will be helpful to the country and its shows that the program is working effectively.


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