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Insights on the Journey of Israelites in Exodus and Deuteronomy

One of the most mysterious books of all time is the Bible and the Koran. Accounts narrated in these books are surprisingly similar except for slight variations, which does not change the purpose of these narrations. Having studied the books of the Old Testament, particularly Exodus and Deuteronomy, the accounts therein seem to have multiple lessons to learn from and apply in our day-to-day lives despite having been written many generations in the past. The stories reveal that even things that appear to be impossibilities can turn into reality for those who believe. Many characters in these stories arose from grass to grace or from insignificant beginnings to profound success due to God’s transcending power (Begg et al., 2022). The parting of the red sea to create a dry path for the Israelites to cross from Egypt to Canaan as they were being pursued by pharaohs men is a classic example of how the impossible becomes possible with God’s unfailing love transcending power.

Positions of leadership in society are desired by many who are attracted by the privileges and power that come with them. However, the story of Moses teaches us that leadership is God-given and comes with heavy responsibility. Another observation from the story of Moses is that he chose Moses despite having a major weakness. Moses stammered, but that didn’t deter God from making him the overall leader of the Israelites. Therefore, as Christians, we should restrain ourselves from criticizing the leaders due to their perceived weaknesses. We should be aware that God has a way of navigating every weakness and manifesting his will amid obstacles that may seem impossible to man. Bible demonstrates God’s closeness with humankind in the statement“So the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.” (Begg et al., 2022) (Exodus 33:11). It should be appreciated that Moses held a special place in God’s heart since it is written …“But since then there has not arisen in Israel a prophet like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face.” (Deuteronomy 34:10) (Begg et al., 2022). Exodus contains accounts where God spoke with Moses just like humans converse with each other. This demonstrates that God can communicate with man, although the mode of communication may vary from time to time. Sometimes it happens through dreams, visions, and thoughts or through what we encounter daily. Toward the end of the story, we learn about God’s severe consequences when we disobey (Begg et al., 2022). When Moses disobeyed, God assured him that he would never set foot on the Promised Land that came to pass. As Christians, we should avoid all temptations that may lead us to disobey God, including times of anger.

Deuteronomy has authored about 1406 BC, after the forty years of Israelites wandering in the desert. They were just about to reach the promised land of milk and honey. At this time, God renewed his covenant with the Israelites. Life in the desert revealed the forgiving nature of God. Despite their grumbling and regrets, He tolerated them and provided manna for them while in the desert. This demonstrates that once God decides to embark on a mission, He will ensure He completes it. He promised Israelites the Promised Land, delivered them from the oppression of Egyptians, and guided them through the desert into the Promised Land. Therefore, God will fulfill all his promises to humanity since that is his character, as demonstrated by the story of Moses and the Israelites. However, any disobedience may trigger His raging Wrath, and the consequences will be regrettable.


Begg, C. T., Meldrum, B. J., & Taylor, R. A. (2022). Exodus–Deuteronomy. Old Testament Abstracts45(2), 489-496.


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