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Insights From “Redeeming Capitalism”


In the book “Redeeming Capitalism,” Barnes talks about the 2008 money problem. He thinks it happened because people were not being good and didn’t follow Christian duties when managing money (Barnes, 2018). This essay will look at what Barnes says companies and people did wrong, see what he suggests to improve capitalism, talk about sphere sovereignty, and what the Bible says about the government’s job in money management. Lastly, we’ll check what the Bible says about helping the poor, jobs, and why work is important.

Behaviors in Question and Solutions

Barnes talks about what companies and people did wrong that caused the 2008 money problem. He says they took big risks, didn’t say what they were doing clearly, and cared more about making quick money than ensuring things stayed stable for a long time (Barnes, 2018). Barnes thinks the solution to a better money system is for everyone to start honestly doing business, take responsibility for what they do, and focus on making money in a way that lasts for a long time. He wants businesses to be honest and ensure their actions benefit everyone, not just themselves. Barnes also says it’s important to make smart decisions and not take big risks that can mess up the money system. He wants businesses to think about success in the long run, not just making quick money, to create a money system that lasts and is strong. Barnes hopes this will improve capitalism and help communities and the economy (Grome, 2021).

Barnes thinks that to fix money problems, both companies and people should be good and honest. Companies should care about everyone involved, like workers and customers, and help the local community. If businesses think about everyone, it can be good for society. On a personal level, Barnes says it’s important to be smart with money, not borrowing too much or taking big risks. He believes managing money well is important for personal stability and stopping big money problems for everyone. Barnes says it’s crucial to base economic choices on a moral code from Christian values. This helps make good decisions, creates a culture of honesty, and stops the same problems in the 2008 money issue (Barnes, 2018). In the end, Barnes wants a mix of good business practices and people being responsible with money to make a stronger and fairer money system.

Bible and What it Says on Sphere Sovereignty

Barnes thinks much like the Bible’s idea of “sphere sovereignty.” This means different parts of society, like the government and the economy, have jobs and duties. The Bible says it’s okay for the government to be part of money matters, but it also rules how much they should do. According to the Bible, the government should ensure things are fair, care for people who need help, and do good things for everyone. But it shouldn’t get too involved and take away the freedom of other parts of society (Culture, 2018).

The Bible says it’s good to have a balance between the government helping out and people taking care of things themselves. It doesn’t like it when the economy is unfair or poor people are treated badly, but it also doesn’t say everything should be left completely alone (Masbury, 2007). The Bible imagines a nice mix where the government and people work together, following what’s fair and right.

Biblical Obligations about the Poor, Vocations, and Work

The Bible has many lessons about treating poor people, the importance of jobs, and why work matters. It says we should care for those who don’t have much, ensure everyone is treated fairly in the economy, and create a kind and caring community. People are encouraged to share what they have, and companies and governments are told to make rules that help those struggling (SNU, 2019).

The Bible sees vocations as ways people can help everyone and do what they are meant to do. Work is important for making money, being creative, helping others, and being part of what God is doing (SNU, 2019). So, the Bible says work is about more than just making and spending money; it’s about being a part of something bigger.


Barnes looks at the 2008 money problem by thinking about what’s right and what Christians should do. He points out the bad things that caused the problem and suggests good ways to fix it. Barnes wants a better kind of capitalism that follows Christian values. The Bible’s ideas about different parts of society, the government’s job, and how we should help poor people and work also give us more thoughts on making a fair and responsible money system. Thinking about these principles helps us figure out how to create a good and lasting money system.


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