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Injustices for the Transgender


Society today has still not yet embraced gender diversities as they stand out in the contemporary world. The transgender and gender-conforming groups have faced ridicule, been socially and economically marginalized, and discriminated against in society. Besides, there are just a few, if any, policies that advocate for the rights and freedom of the transgender community. However, recently advocates have been working with transgender people to help them get assimilated and accepted in society concerning religion, education, and employment. Among the woes of the transgender include loss of jobs, harassment at school, physical and sexual assaults, house evictions, denial of medical services, hate crimes, unhealthy relationships with partners, and unfair incarceration based on gender identity (Grant et al., 2011). The survey carried out highlights such injustices towards confronting the transgender bias in all social settings.

Within the survey’s key findings, most of the respondents have less income than the general population, hence living in extreme poverty (Grant et al., 2011). Over the years, living standards have been rising, and poverty is guaranteed with the transgender being discriminated against. It is human nature to despise entities that do not identify with them and hence fewer opportunities and consideration for such entities. Therefore, it is trivial that with fewer opportunities and recognition, the transgender lack resources to lead a comfortable life.

Furthermore, the survey highlights 41% of the respondents have suicidal thoughts (Grant et al., 2011). Stigma is fatal and the stigma of emotion where people have to stay ‘tough’ tackling life as it unfolds. The negative energy the transgender get from society is overwhelming and adds stigma of emotion; people lose the meaning of life. Such a group of people ends up in depression and extensive stress from lost jobs, sexual and physical assaults, low incomes, house evictions, and harassment in school. Besides, 57% reported family rejections (Grant et al., 2011). It is not unusual for parents to ditch their children after their gender identity or what they turn out to be. Family rejection is such a critical aspect that many prefer to go rogue or die. For instance, among the respondents, one confessed to being disowned by their mother. There are many such cases of family rejection as more transgender people come out. Until society fully embraces the transgender community, human nature will overwhelm many leading to more fatalities.

In addition, there is discrimination in public amenities and at workplaces. According to the survey, 53% of transgender are verbally harassed in public settings such as airports, hotels, and government agencies (Grant et al., 2011). Also, from the respondents, 90% of them are harassed at their workplaces. It is humiliating and depressing to be called out for their gender identity in public. To avoid being called out, some conceal their identity, resulting in isolation and more stress. 16% of respondents confessed to selling drugs or sex work for income to avoid public harassment and workplace discrimination (Grant et al., 2011). Besides, in job applications, employers are more likely to overlook them despite their qualifications. Employment and public discrimination are far from over, and the sooner, the better for such groups.

The survey further revealed that access to health services has been challenging for the transgender. Following the low income resulting in the underground economy, many abuse drugs, and with sex work, HIV infections rise. Consequently, 19% were denied medical care, and 50% educated the medical practitioners on transgender care (Grant et al., 2011). This shows how society has neglected the transgender group to the extent that there is limited education on transgender care in medical school. Besides, even with medical care available, some don’t want to be discriminated against or cannot afford it since government agencies refuse medical insurance and covers services.

The transgender community has been harassed at the workplace, discriminated against in schools, and ridiculed by society, haunting their careers. Career development entails evolving to occupational status, and the transgender group has had little evolution. Career development is characterized by many goals such as promotions, new skills, teamwork, professional degrees towards a high productivity, and financial stability. Such goals will not be achieved by the subject group as long as the society relaxes its conservatism. With the denial of promotion opportunities, career stagnates, and even with proportion, without the staff support, it is trivial. Also, bullying in school isn’t a conducive environment for optimal knowledge acquisition and skill development. For society to progress, economic growth is crucial, but without labor due to discrimination, limited growth is imminent. According to the survey, many transgender people are laid off, denied promotions, and generally not comfortable at their workplace. They endure discrimination for income, thereby neglecting any career advancements. It is a pressing issue, and without policies and social acceptance, society also stands to miss out on the productivity of these individuals. Transgender people are yet to fully develop their careers following the discrimination and limited opportunities set out for them in society.

Transgender injustices are very evident to society today. With social media, discrimination cases have been globalized, and the world is in sync on all atrocities such a community face. Society has brought people up believing that there is either a man or a woman in human existence. Therefore, with coming out of people who can’t identify with society’s teachings, then disregard arises. As a normal human, it is weird to interact with such people and end up discriminating. They are ignored in school, nobody wants to pair with them in classwork, at work in team-building, they are ignored, and even the church has limited their leadership. For instance, in my career choice, deciding to be a teacher would come with its share of neglect for transgender colleagues or transgender students. As a teacher is not able to introduce yourself to the students is not a good first-day impression, and respect and confidence towards the teacher are lost. Also, as a student without proper gender identity, the teacher, however ethical they may be, would be some degree of discrimination. Therefore, as a teacher, the career stagnates or ends as little progress is noticed following the discrimination and low self-esteem.

At workplaces as a business owner or investor, there are second thoughts in engaging with transgender clients or employees. Based on what society has branded transgender people, no enterprise wants to be on the negative side of society; otherwise, they will fail. The transgender people are not many based on the ones who have come out, and hence denying them opportunities as an employer has not much effect on the business returns. Therefore, as a transgender person looking for employment opportunities, it is hard to get employment even with all qualifications. The challenge is how to address transgender people. In an economic crisis such as the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the transgender would be of preference in firing. Also, in promotions, enterprises consider the staff’s perception, and as humans, there would be limited support. People are yet to embrace transgender people fully, and it’s driving their careers down the drain. In the long run, career choices for such groups become limited, and in the case of successful assimilation, their careers are challenged more than the general population.

Following the discrimination against the transgender community, policies have to be implemented to allow for normal relations with such people. Workplaces can be stressful, and adding emotional burdens based on gender identity can be overwhelming, and hence It is important to create a trans-inclusive workplace. First of all, acknowledge their presence and their contributions and achievements within the enterprise. However, this depends on how comfortable the individual is. Therefore, the idea is to respect and treat them like any other employee. Also, a policy allowing dress code to be gender-neutral. Some companies have strict policies for dress codes. For transgender employees, I would revise such policies and allow a dress code by choice as long as it is official and decent. In addition, is the concept of how to address the transgender since enterprises are official settings. They should be addressed as they would prefer using pronouns like “they” and “them”. A major issue is bathroom usage. No man or woman wants intrusion at the bathroom, and therefore designating gender-neutral bathrooms would minimize office fights and discomforts. Besides, instead of waiting for the transgender to be covered under law, I would introduce a policy burning any form of discrimination against transgender employees. Such includes offering them the same opportunities based on their skill to propel the enterprise to profits. All the policies and changes are not easy to implement fully, but they help minimize transgender injustices.


In the United States, it is a social aspect to ridicule, abuse, and discriminate against transgender and gender non-conforming people. Such discriminations are evident in schools, healthcare institutions, the workplace, and even families. Society has been reluctant to acknowledge and embrace the transgender community. They have been blamed for all the violence and discrimination towards them. Society has to implement policies that allow transgender people to be assimilated into society to curb all such injustices. Such embrace would allow for smooth career development for the transgender and ensure their productivity in the contemporary world.


Grant et al. (2011) Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey


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