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Impacting Change Using Career

Policy evaluation is the determined, systematic, and collection and analysis of information to discern the effectiveness and impact (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, [CDC] 2019). According to Rahman Khan, Mizanur, and Rahman (n.d.), policy evaluation measures the efficiency of a program. The main purpose of policy evaluation is to determine a policy’s effectiveness and efficiency. It analyzes to what extent a policy has been generated, the effects it aims o achieve, how and why it has produced the intended impacts. However, there has to be a policy put in place and adopted following a specific agenda for a policy evaluation. As a policy evaluation officer, one is expected to research, analyze and give advice on issues concerned with the organization both internally and externally.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is one of the leading interracial organizations aiming to eliminate barriers to racial discrimination. NAACP aims to end racism and build Black political, social, and economic supremacy (NAACP, n.d.). Policy evaluation helps the NAACP make decisions and concentrate on the problem area. As a policy evaluation officer in the NAACP, the most important thing is to ensure policies effectively accomplish the organization’s objectives. The minority racial groups for centuries have been discriminated against and been left out of society by the racial majority. The NAACP is among the organization working towards changing society’s attitude towards the racial minority. For the NAACP to effectively impact a change peacefully, policies must be evaluated.

The biggest driver in the NAACP is to end racial discrimination in all aspects African Americans face. Discrimination has caused the African American community to feel insecure in their own country and face a lot of injustices de to prejudiced beliefs by some of their white counterparts. Among the problems faced by the black community include being criminalized by the law enforcers and the judiciary even when innocent, and some had died at the hands of law enforcers when they did not deserve it, in hospitals the white community gets the government and the blacks neglect the first privilege, most hospitals in the African American communities get poor medical treatment. To change discrimination attitudes in the community, policies have to be sensitively evaluated to serve the intended purpose.

It takes a combined effort to improve the community and leave it better than future generations. Although everyone has a different place where they wish to work, I should be upon you o try to make a difference in your organization. Everyone ought to think in a diversified manner of equality and see the other person as a human who deserves the best in their lives. It can be very good to create a change in the careers you choose for yourself and the organization you intend to work in, especially in situations where people of color are racially discriminated against. Everyone can develop policies that may help improve their organization and help put a smile on other people’s faces without working in a social movement organization. The injustices of racial discrimination should be brought to an end in work areas.

With the involvement of the NAACP in education which is a part of our policies, we take the initiative to employ graduates and students to give them a chance to make a change in the lives of others. Anti-racism policy is directed to employees and students so all can be advocates. Moreover, by recruiting more people in our organization, we can work better and more effectively towards achieving equality. Your job applications to the NAACP are welcome. However, qualifications will be considered based on an individual’s employability skills. According to Indeed Editorial Team (2020), employability skills help improve workplace performance and improve one’s career.

As you work in the NAACP, you meet new people from different backgrounds and workmates. We all have to cope with each other despite our differences. To cope with each other, you must have good communication skills and a willingness to work with your teammates. Employability skills are very important because not all people fit for all jobs, and people best work in their most conducive environments, which individuals feel comfortable working in. In NAACP, the most important employability skills include being a team player, good communication skills, willingness to learn, possessing problem-solving and decision-making skills, and the ability to resolve conflicts.

Making change does not necessarily mean that you ought to be working in an organization; rather, it has to come from the heart and the willingness to help others. Although not everyone may get the opportunity to be recruited at the NAACP, I highly encourage you to join us in making a difference in society by becoming a member in a local NAACP unit or a partner.

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