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Impact of Technology

Technology is a system of scientific knowledge used for practical purposes. Culture is a way of life that is beliefs, religion, language, and rituals passed from one generation to another. Technology impacts culture via media globalization, for media technology is the most significant influence worldwide. People can get all kinds of information through computers and cellphone quickly. With the help of the internet, people connect to various social media and groups with a particular worldview. The essay discusses how technology impacts socio-culture and how human culture has impacted technology.

Different cultures use technology differently; people consume goods and technology manufactured beyond their own culture. Cultural difference between human beings has been at the core of social anthropology since it became a discipline. According to (Sibani 2018), the study of western culture has a very significant impact on our society. People have continued to embrace the culture in most things done from food, dressing, religion, traditions, and even the government. The anthropological concept helps understand who was talking, and it consists of a wide range of knowledge detailed by all populations whose content varies from group to group. The role of technology in society shows the relationship that brings together community and individuals using information technology. Technology is not all about the machine but the relationship between human beings, utensils, and the field of knowledge. The anthropological theory defines culture as a set of communicative acts. Communication allows groups and individuals to interact and represent themselves with the world through norms and values, for it is easier, quicker, and more effective.

Indigenous people are using tools Such as video conferencing, digitized documents, and radio over the internet. The majority of technologies promote and preserve culture, tradition, and human rights. People are separated from technology in western unlike in the indigenous, where technology depends on the circumstance that forms the settings for an idea. Indigenous technology is communal and has a holistic approach, which means it provides support considering physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Technology informs of science is measured in the western concept, unlike in indigenous where it is inclusive of all information, its cooperative and peaceful. According to (Pramuda et al., 2019), science technology applies scientific knowledge, which includes observations and experimentation of physical and natural worlds. Western technology has brought about the exploitation of resources since it is materialistic. Also, it has a selected group of people that are superior in terms of quality to the rest of the society, unlike the indigenous technology, which is based on sustainable ways of living and is collective. Traditional technology emphasizes the practical application of skills and knowledge, while western technology emphasizes understanding how a machine works. Even with the differences, the universal is unified, the body of technology is stable but subject to modification, whereas, with every century, there will be new upcoming technology.

Technology has changed over time; many changes have improved communication, work, travel, and play. With the internet, there is ready access to information. According to (Lee et al., 2020), internet connectivity allows doing things online such as shopping, banking, and staying intact to communication. Through technology, payment has been made easier and safer by validating the process via fingerprint. A decade years ago was a time for phenomenal innovation, which led to the transition to mobile and the rise of data, which contributed to the growth of media and biotechnology. With time, additional changes will take place as algorithms improve. Technology has brought about innovations. For example, with the use of GPS, traveling has become much easier since it gives step-by-step voice directions, making it safer for every driver. Therefore, it helps by telling you when to arrive, which road to avoid, and the fastest possible road. Technology has brought about innovation and apps that help people monitor pulse blood sugar levels in the healthcare sector and improve the laboratory system. Patients can report data remotely to specific doctors without traveling long distances for treatment.

In conclusion, technology came to meet the need of humans, and it has changed the lives and behaviors in today’s society. People use technology to survive by providing excellent resources that bring a difference in everyday life. Technology is everywhere and is in control for access of information is a few clicks on a device. Indigenous technology should complement western technology to make life simpler and more accommodative. Good and controlled use of technology produces good results, while destructive and uncontrolled use of technology is devastating. People should use technology to better their life and maintain their culture.


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