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How Technology Affects Human

Technology has aided in bridging the communication gap by linking many individuals through digital platform. It has shaped the way people behave, grow, and even advance both within individual lives and their relationships with others in the community (Massimini et al., 265). Specifically, mobile devices and the internet have fundamentally changed the method individuals interrelate with each other. One of the significant contributions of technology in the digital world is optimizing communication systems in the form of Facebook as means of communication and networking. Technology has brought revolutionary change to human beings through communication.

Due to the distinctive nature of being connected to the digital world over an easy-carry device such as smartphones (Massimini et al., 268). While technology has assisted an individual bridge a global gap by linking more individuals in the community with the digital world, it also has side effects on humans in all parts of the world. This paper seeks to look into both the positive and negative impacts of technology on human beings.

The positive effect of technology

Faster and ease of communication 

Interaction with other people in the community is faster than ever before. The advent of modern technology has made tasks faster and more effective (Massimini et al., 269). In ancient times, it should have taken a long time to move from one part of the country to another or connect with families and friends from the other part of the globe, but nowadays, such chores can be accomplished in one day or even inside the hour. Modern technology has made a living in the nations much more straightforward and even well-organized for people with a demanding lifestyle where saving time and cumulative task effectiveness is critical for them.

Advanced technology for Human life

Advanced technology in society has repeatedly helped to save people’s lives, and it has improved the excellence of people’s lives through progress in healthcare and medical examination. Technology has made it possible to research any medicine where the efficiently result from the study could be likened, examined, and retrieved by researchers using dedicated software programs available in modern equipment (Massimini et al., 267). Technology has also made the collected and examined information readily available by other research teams.

Medical research 

Cannabis is one of the new examples of how technology has progressed medical study. Take Parkinson’s sickness, for instance; technology has made it possible for doctors to treat the infection. Back in 2002, when the surgical procedure was first approved for treating Parkinson’s disease, deep brain inspiration was carried out. The process involved planting electrodes into the affected person’s brain and linking them to a minor electrical expedient in the upper body through technology (Jedetski et al., 73). The doves would motivate certain parts of the individual brain accountable for the signs of the diseases to help stop tremors. These are the recent advancements made in the medical study through modern technology. Yet, none of this research would be likely possible without some of the enormous current technological developments in medical research.

Data retrieval and information sharing 

The influence technology has made on people’s capacity to communicate to one another through phone, emails, and even telegrams; however, modern technology has also made it conceivable for users to share content with comparable ease (Jedetski et al., 76). Smartphones and even computers can store videos and any other types of important documents, and this means that to share the range, all the user needs to do is send the contents or paper. The receiver can receive all things they want them to be able to access through the cloud and any other means so long as the recipient can use their phone, computer, or tablet.

Modern software tools are being unrestricted frequently now that make usage of the cloud, which means that the software is more available for the user with any device that can enable content to be shared within the limitations of the available podium making it very easy to connect with everyone using the same venue within the same society (Jedetski et al., 79). It was also making it ample safer, faster, and safer.

Assisting people with disability 

Traditionally, persons with disabilities in the nation have been at a considerable drawback regarding employment opportunities (Konijn,

Elly A. et al., 17). Still, modern technology has helped to assist those people in the community to gain better employment since they can use the internet during their duties. For instance, people with a speech impediment can use apps like speak for Yourself to talk to such people (Konijn, Elly A., et al., 19). Persons who may not have the task in their hands can now navigate their phones menus and type on their phone keyboard through the use of voice control programs.

Increase in income generation 

As a direct outcome of the business owners being able to promote more efficiently with more efficiently through modern technology, income generation has improved drastically. People use Facebook and other social media to promote their products. Most young people currently use Facebook and the internet for their purchases, as we can see in the article by Stephen Marche, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely,” where most people depend on their Facebook site for everything, such as buying their household items and foods (Konijn, Elly A., et al., 19). Additionally, promoting automation solutions have made technology possible to eradicate the need for repetitive business advertisement, which is not time-consuming and will help reduce the staff needed for the activities. Abundant the modern technologies have come progressed over the past years and endure to come out, and made the daily operation of making purchases by clients more efficient, thereby reducing expenses and any other costs.

Impact on advertising 

The ability of clients and business owners to advertise their products and services online provides them with a massive benefit over the outmoded methods (Riva1-A,

Giuseppe, 37). With the right approach and technology, people can depict their brand and services to an international audience on social media such as Facebook, which was once impossible before the invention of modern technology. People can also use the available website to offer customers the content about the brands and engage them directly with the client on social media; this helps strengthen their product’s identity in the market and grow their brand’s reputation and awareness. The creation of video content is no longer cost-prohibitive (Riva1-A, Giuseppe, 39). Video apparatus has progressive in modern technology when it’s moderately cheap to acquire good gear. Video can currently be posted online on Facebook and even YouTube, which generally outdoes commercials on traditional TV.

Transportation and household

Enhancements in transport across the globe have made it calmer to get individuals from one region to another region safer (Marche, Stephen, 65). Transport technology keeps progressing as well. For instance, the modern train has been a dependable transport technique for over three eras. The current advancement controlled most countries to purchase the bullet train that transports people nearly five times as rapidly as the regular train (Riva1-A, Giuseppe, 47). These generations’ electronic self-driving carriages are not just a staple of the technology narrative, but they are real. Several household inventions have taken place due to modern technology, including washing machines, which have eradicated the need to do monotonous cleaning jobs by hand.

Virtual social lives 

The social life of an individual has changed due to the introduction of social media such as Facebook (Riva1-A, Giuseppe, 37). The industry has progressed so fast, and services such as Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram, and others now give people an insight into the waking lives of other people in real-time. Most leaders are currently using social media as a means of communion, which has been possible due to modern technology.

The negative effect of technology on human

Depression and other mental health issues

Most of the research has found that Facebook users worldwide have led to a decrease in happiness and even overall life satisfaction (Gaggioli, Andrea, et al. 477). Facebook has caused depression among users. A study from most universities worldwide has created the link between heavy mobile phone use in people and depressive signs; the condition is always known as Chronic Mobile phone stress. The condition is caused by constant anticipation of a massage and other social media notifications and the depression that might follow from the lack of the condition. The use of smartphones can also lead to psychological and even physical issues among the user, such as eyestrain and difficulty in focusing on the critical task. Sometimes it can cause severe health conditions (Gaggioli, Andrea, et al. 479). The overuse of modern technology can have a more significant influence on developing youths in the community.

Lack of sleep

Most young adults sleep with their mobile phones near them. Four out of five young adults in the community always sleep with their mobile phones in their room, and a third of them sleep with their smartphones on their beds (Gaggioli, Andrea, et al. 485). Unfortunately, the blue and red lights emitted by the screens of cell phone devices have been associated with poor and insufficient sleep. More research done found that cell phone devices can also cause emotional stimulation through mobile games or engaging in social media, which can also impair individual sleeping conditions. Lack of sleep impact people’s health and even personality.

Learning barriers

Most studies on the effect of technology show that many scholars and people, overall, are less suitable to remember any data since they are aware that they can get the necessary documents within flashes online (Gaggioli, Andrea et al. 487). The research also shows that learners are more likely to recollect where to get the critical data rather than recognize the document itself. Most students are currently using their internet devices to cheat on their exams and even send pictures of exams to other students using modern technology devices (Zhang, 465). Even though modern technology can be a better source of learning materials, the study shows that technology can also be one of the barriers to learners.

It decreased communication and intimacy

It is no surprise that modern technology can also hurt people’s relationships. Intimate relationships always have many challenges as a result of shifting technologies. It can result to stress in the association (Zhang, 469). The way individuals use technology can generate more problems between partners and even displeasure in the relationship. Modern technology can also change some of the most intimate relationships on the way couples connect; sometimes, sending someone a text message that contains sexual content has increased among young adults, which has increased tension in the families, which has resulted in distraction in the current future moment (Zhang, 475). Modern technology can also be an interruption when it is not in good use properly. The heavy use of social media by young people has hurt people’s mental health. There is an increased odds of depression among those people spending most time engaging on social media.


There is no denying that modern technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the lives of people across the world; however, for some people, the internet has become a vehicle for bullying and even sexual harassment (Marche, Stephen, 67). It offers a place where most user feels anonymous. The technology through the internet is currently a popular tool for bullies and mainly occurs when a bully use websites, emails, or text to harass other users. It can be done directly to people by sending those insults or even threats via instant messaging. Using these technologies, such as the internet and websites, bullies can send abusive massages to numerous users, affecting many people.

Loss of privacy 

The use of technology has outpaced people’s privacy protection, and as a result, individual digital footprints can be tracked by anybody in ways that were once unthinkable. With a few clicks, anybody can discover someone’s Facebook page and collect any critical information that they can use against the owner (Marche, Stephen, 67). The data can also be used for hacking and viruses. Everyone with emails knows very well that hackers are constantly scheming to get individuals to get critical data that can be used for a different purpose.


Technology has changed how people conduct themselves in education, business, and general human interaction. It has made communication and teaching much more manageable. Many people have free rein to make friends with similar interests. Technology users can express themselves by sharing their thoughts and even notions with like-minded people in the community. Today technologies save time and are instantly gratifying; there are no more waiting hours or days to get feedback since the feature is instantaneous with a low cost. Technology has made life easier, but it also has a side effect on the user that needs to be controlled.

Technology can lead to cyberbullying, which is especially dangerous to an individual’s life.

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